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Rookie Mistakes to Avoid When Finding a Job in 2022

Job search Jul 27, 2022

The ease of finding a job easily has never been constant, especially with all the changes that have happened in the past century regarding hiring and work culture. Many people are noticing a certain incongruence between the number of jobs seemingly available on the market versus the number of callbacks they are getting in reality.

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Currently, according to U.S. statistics, there are more jobs available than unemployed people, yet potential employees aren’t showing up to volunteer themselves. The reason for that is simple: thousands of jobs just aren’t offering workable or livable circumstances to workers.

Things such as adequate worker benefits, healthy work hours, adequate pay, predictability, and stability are all factors most workers find the standard for their well-being. In addition to this statement, employee well-being is the critical factor in sustainable business practices, since they’re the cogs in the wheel we call work.

There are numerous things to consider when searching for a job, which can be made easier by finding jobs through Lensa or other such platforms. Let’s take a look at all the mistakes you could make while considering a job.

Define your goals

By defining your goals, we mean being certain of the kind of work progress you want to make during your time at a certain workplace. Giving your applications out to as many job opportunities as possible is an inefficient approach to finding yourself employment.

You should also consider what type of company you want to be a part of. This means establishing how flexible your work will be, how friendly coworkers seem, and so on. You should also set boundaries for what responsibilities you are willing to take on when applying for a job, since biting off more than you can chew can backfire quite quickly.

To establish clear goals, you can create a list of the standards you have regarding the positions you are applying for. You should mainly focus on the traits mentioned above, what work environment you wish to have, long-term goals, work satisfaction and benefits, and so on.

Once you’ve created these ideals, it will diminish your job search into more precise finds, making your search easier and your likely success stronger.

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Background check of the company

Just like companies do background checks on you before hiring you, you should also be reciprocating the favor towards the company you applied for, especially before the interview. After you’ve established your goals, start searching through the company history.

To search thoroughly, try first reading reviews about the company on websites that allow employers, both current and former, to write about the company you are applying for. You should also check out the company’s social media platforms to get a more personal idea of what you are about to work in.

You will have different criteria depending on your personal circumstances, which means a workplace for remote writing will function differently from a real estate company. Check company histories such as their expansion and growth, their turnover rates, any troubles they may have been in, and a few press releases.

You should be following the news about the job market because of the current fluctuating circumstances. As an example, current tech companies are laying off an increasing amount of workers thanks to the economy diminishing.

Watch out for a lack of social media

There are moments when you may come across as absent if you lack a social media presence, since it is a tool a company will most often use nowadays to do background checks on candidates. If you are searching for a position that involves a more social approach to work, a lack of a social media presence will likely turn a company away from you.

Having an extremely vulgar social page also proves to be a setback since your employers can find that too. Even if you use your page for personal reasons, make sure to keep it PG-13. There have even been cases of bosses checking work messages, which is also an invasion of privacy you should watch out for.

Double-check your resume

Sometimes it isn’t the companies that are the problem but the resume you send it. Writing a resume might seem like the easiest thing in the world but there are fine tweaks that need to be paid attention to depending on the company you are applying for.

There are benefits to choosing Lensa and other job searching platforms to help you fine-tune your resume with work style games and other such services. The first thing employers see about you is your resume, so make sure to use adequate language, proofread for any grammatical errors, and also add some details that are specifically likable for the company.

Don’t miss out on growth opportunities

If you’re someone who is only starting out in your field of choice, your only option may be to gain experience first. This doesn’t have to be done by solely being an intern, though, it just means you will not get the highest salary in the field. After some experience, you should be provided with opportunities for higher salaries and better roles, something not all companies can ensure.

There are companies that also offer free classes or training for their employees, opening them up to new experiences and opportunities for growth within the company. The knowledge gained through things such as classes or seminars can also be used simply to find other jobs, and can also be added to resumes to polish them up more.

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Use your social circle

Cronyism is a disease that has been rampaging work culture for the longest time now, with people only hiring individuals they know more personally. Not only is this homogenous approach to employees inefficient, but it also is discriminative. That being said, networking is still a crucial step in landing yourself a likable job somewhere.

Asking for favors can take some bravery, but can also land you a career that you are able to fulfill to its entire potential and to grow in. There are also opportunities for social networking for certain industries, allowing you to find individuals you are able to make a more personal connection to land yourself in the role you choose to pursue.

Consider your colleagues

Your work isn’t solely made up of your tasks and responsibilities but also of other people surrounding you in your office. The people you work with may not become super close to you, but they still take up a good chunk of your time during your days.

This means that joining a team you like and also engaging in trying to make connections with them are important steps to making your work experience healthier.

If you have anyone you know already working at your current new workplace, it doesn’t hurt to ask them about the levels of stress the team is usually under, what type of work culture has evolved at the company, and what atmosphere the days usually provide.

Consider your ideal work environment

Similar to the importance of colleagues, you should also pinpoint what work environment you can imagine yourself working in the easiest. Start with whether you prefer large or smaller companies, and move on to what locations you would be happiest in and what kind of physical environment you could excel in the most.

It doesn’t hurt to also visit the place you are soon to be working at to have a feel for the place. The reason employee satisfaction is so crucial for companies to maintain is for long-run profits reached through efficient and persistent work outputs, meaning if you are unhappy on the job you are likely to not excel at it either.

Watch what you say

You should prepare for your interview to give yourself an air of knowledgeability and confidence, but you should also be wary of speaking ill of former employers. Complaining about past jobs or speaking ill of former colleagues or bosses may come off as overly personal or downright unprofessional to some employers.

It may also serve as an indication to potential employers that they are to suffer the same fate as those you are criticizing, an unideal outcome from both sides.

Keep organized no matter what

When you’re applying for various jobs, it is important to keep a chart or a tally of all the jobs, roles, places, and companies you applied for. Saving phone numbers according to company names and keeping a calendar on upcoming interviews is extremely important, not to mention details on specific companies and dress codes ideal for specific interviews.

Pay attention to the promised work-life balance

Your health, both mental and physical, should be your number one priority no matter what, especially since in order to keep working you must also remain as healthy as possible. If a place you applied to seem to promise a high load of working hours, it is a good idea to ask about time off, paid sick leave, and policies on doing some work from home.


As hard as it may seem to land yourself a job at first, it is still important to remember that working is within your interest, and you are doing it for yourself. Remember to follow the above-mentioned guidelines and persist in finding an opportunity you are happy with or can compromise a healthy amount on.


Zoi Kotsou

Copywriter - Content writer - Content Strategist

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