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How to announce your new job on LinkedIn (Examples)

LinkedIn Mar 26, 2022

If you are a job seeker, congrats! You've just gotten the job of your dreams at a new company. One of the things you need to do once you have your shiny, pristine new job is to order business cards. But what I bet is not on your list of things to do is ‘announce your new job' . I'm going to get all self-helpy for a second and say that no one can put you in the spotlight but yourself — not even the CEO at your new company. You will be judged by how high up the corporate ladder no one else is allowed and that's on you. And if you do announce your new position, it's good for both LinkedIn, who get to show their awesome ad targeting and data usage off their platform; and you, who gets more exposure in front of potential employers.

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Why you should announce your new job on LinkedIn

You may have noticed from your connections, notifications coming to your tab, stating that a person you are connected with has landed a new job. And it gives you the option to react to their post, either by commenting or by liking it. Also, you may have wondered why people are announcing that they are landing new jobs and letting all of us know on this platform that they did so? Good question. And perhaps psychologists would like to be involved in the answer as well. Though, we will give an answer on why it's good that they are doing it. And why should you also apply this move!

First of all, conceive it as a recognition and reward to your own self. The fact that you achieved to make the change you wanted. Either if this is a change in your job title or a new company. Sharing your career happiness with the platform that is created for that specific reason (labor market etc) is a normal thing to do. And it was happening before you announcing it and will keep happening for a long time. So don't be afraid to show to the world your achievement! Secondly, just think that LinkedIn is now the number one professional social media platform. Huge amount of people are finding their job through it.

Thousands of recruiters are trying to find the best candidate through it. So, announcing that you are getting a new position can catch an employer's or recruiter's attention. Lastly, except the fact that with the announcement of your new job you'll keep your LinkedIn updated. It will be super beneficial for your professional network. If your announcement gets a lot of exposure then be sure that people in your target group (likewise companies and employers or employees) will mark you. Also, it's an opportunity for you to thank your previous job, show gratitude and optimism and excitement for the new beginning. Values that are important to be seen.

Though many people don't know how to announce their new job on LinkedIn. That's why we are here to show you some ways to make it happen!

3 simple ways to announce your new job on LinkedIn

1. The best way to start your post is by thanking your previous boss, CEO, manager or generally your company and your co-workers. Your gratitude for the months or years you were working there. The help & support you were given. And the development you gained. To be 100% sure that they will notice it, tag their names on your post!
2. Write your new responsibilites in few words, explaining what your new role will be about. Also, you can share publicly how you found your new job. And if someone helped either that was LinkedIn or a person, thank them as well. That shows your respect and gratefulness towards others!
3. Thank the hiring manager and everyone else involved in your recruting process. State that you are thankful for the clear and fast process. For the help and the opportunity given to show your worth and help to the company. Don't forget to tag their names!

Keep in mind that this post should be small in length and clear on what you are writing. We have seen people writing huge posts, even 1000 words, announcing their new job. Thanking every single one person they know. Bragging a lot about their achievements. Being over and super excited for their new job and describing how they landed it. These are examples of bad cases as they seem not honest. So, please avoid them!

3 Examples of how to announce your new job on LinkedIn

  1. Today is the last day with (name of the company). It was an exciting journey, full of learning for (period of time). I was excited to be part of this team as (job title). Thank you for the continued support (name of manager, CEO, leader) and the rest of the team. I am excited to announce that I am joining the (name of the company) and contributing to their team as the (job title). I can't wait to grow and learn in this new chapter of my life!
  2. I am in the happy position to announce that I am joining the (name of the company) family as the latest recruited employee for the (job title). I have learned (skills & duties) while in my [previous job]. Thanks to (tag their names) support and help. I can't wait to see where this new chapter in my career will take me and continue to grow professionally!
  3. There's some exciting news! I am thrilled to announce that I've accepted a new position as (job title) for (name of the company), and I would like to thank everyone involved in my hiring process for giving me this opportunity. It wouldn't have been possible without the support of my colleagues. It was a long process, but with the best ending. I am very excited to start this new journey!

They are kind of the same templates, but you can try any variations which will be the ideal one for your case!


Before you announce your new job on LinkedIn, make sure that you understand the motivation behind it. LinkedIn is a great place to announce your new job, but it isn't a place to just say "Hi, I got a new job and wanted to let everyone know." Use it to get in touch with old connections, establish new connections, and most importantly, show your support. If you aren't interested in developing a network around your industry, or establishing yourself as an expert on a certain topic through your writing, there may be other sites better suited for your particular need.

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How to announce your new job on LinkedIn-Example


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