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Tips For Creating A Video Resume (And When You Need One)

Best Practices Apr 13, 2022

When candidates seek employment, they create a short video to send to the employer or upload the video to the internet. This video is called a "video resume". A video resume has detailed information about the candidate, stating their experience and skills.

A video resume is typically utilised as a supplement to a paper resume. The video can be general or tailored to a specific opportunity or company. You can create the video or outsource it to a professional. You will also find specific networking sites that offer candidates the ability to incorporate their video resumes into their profiles.

Benefits Of Video Resume

You can use a video resume as a supplement to a job application. A video resume offers numerous benefits to the candidate; however, it is not enough to secure a job. The video can help you market your profile to various companies, especially if the video is made well.

Should You Make a Video Resume?

Every jobseeker does not create a video resume, but it is definitely an option. Most companies do not ask the candidate for a video resume, and most of the time, a paper resume serves the purpose.

If they are from the creative field, they prefer to add a video resume as it helps to highlight that they have valuable skills. For example, suppose a candidate wants to showcase their performance-based work. A video resume can be highly beneficial, especially if the work involves acting, presentation, or teaching.

But, if a candidate's work is not visually represented in a performance space, then a paper resume will suffice. It would help if you also considered the crucial fact that a video resume could be miscalculated. There is a chance that the location, filming style, and script can be inappropriate.

If you do not have sufficient filming experience, the video resume will be unprofessional. So, consider that anyone can share a video file posted on the internet, and you would not have control of it.

Certain hiring managers do not view video resumes as they fear discrimination claims being made during the hiring process. A video resume is an excellent way to get an employer's attention, but you must also consider specific important options very carefully before creating one. The video must fit your profile, and you are investing your time wisely.

A Few Tips to Create a Video Resume

If you are looking forward to making a video resume and utilising it to search for a job, we have a few tips to help you with it:

Keep it professional

While creating the video, dress as you mean it for a face-to-face interview, maintaining professionalism. Keep away from slang and cuss words. You must also be cautious while sharing a joke because it may not be funny for the interviewer.

Appropriate background

While making the video, make sure that the background is appropriate. Avoid making a video in places with a lot of noise to maintain the clarity of the video. The location should also be tidy and clutter-free. Good lighting is equally important. Avoid having shadows cast over your face, as it could be very distracting.

Write a script

Prepare in advance for what you want to present. The video should seem natural and should also clarify what you are saying. Avoid reading from the script; it would show a lack of confidence in making the video. While making the video, remember it is a pitch to the employer as to why they should hire you. So, make sure your primary objective is to show the company the countless benefits you can offer and highlight your accomplishments, various skills, and goals.

Recognise your audience

While writing and planning the location, you must consider your audience. This will help you calibrate accordingly. For example, a video resume created for a banking position will be different from a start-up.


Try and utilise visuals to illustrate your point. Use visuals to showcase your skills and talents. For example, if you are applying for a position requiring good presentation skills, you could create a video displaying how you successfully assemble a PowerPoint. If your presentations are recorded, you can use those clips with the video.

To the point

Keep your video to the point and avoid unwanted content. Ideally, the video should be under 90 seconds. It has been noticed that videos that last more than 90 seconds are rarely viewed.

Share the video with family and friends

Once you've completed your video, you must solicit feedback before sending it to the employer. It is advisable to seek input from a few people and make the necessary edits based on the comments received.

Once the video is posted on the internet, you can no longer control who shares it. Therefore, it is imperative to seek feedback from loved ones.

There are a few things that you must avoid while making a video resume they are

Avoid mixing your professional and personal lives: do not link your video resume to your social media accounts, such as Twitter and Facebook, if your social media pages contain employer-inappropriate content.

A video resume will not replace a paper resume; most employers prefer the traditional paper resume over the video resume. This is mainly because they want to keep away from rumours of discrimination issues. But a well-made video will boost your candidacy.


Keep it professional

Make sure the video you create is kept professional and short, and this will keep the employer interested and enhance your application.


A video resume is optional and depends on the industry, the company, and the job you're applying for.

Seek feedback

Once you've made your videos, seek feedback from family, trusted friends, and colleagues. This feedback could be highly beneficial and help you enhance the video accordingly.

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Zoi Kotsou

Copywriter - Content writer - Content Strategist

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