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Impact of AI Detection on Content Integrity: Ensuring Originality and Authenticity in CV Writing Description

AI May 25, 2024

After the development of AI-language models, creating eye-catching and outstanding resumes has become much easier than ever. People from all fields and backgrounds use such tools to write compelling resumes.

For instance, they use them to write personal bios, responsibilities, skills, etc.

Although such tools are developed to help netizens, many people have started misusing them. They use them to deceive others. That's why professionals from multiple fields have started disliking them.

Even many recruiters and hiring managers hate AI content in CVs and cover letters. That's why, whenever you write a CV, make sure to avoid using AI-language models. Instead, write everything yourself.

In this short but informative blog, we will briefly discuss why recruiters don't like AI-written CVs and enlighten you on the best strategies for ensuring originality in CV writing.

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Why Don't Hire Managers Like AI-Written Resumes?

Lack of personal touch

Unlike popular belief, resumes are not just documents to showcase your skills and experience in a particular field. Instead, they reflect a person's overall personality, show how they perfectly fit into a company's environment, and efficiently fulfill the specified responsibilities.

AI content writers cannot create a perfect resume for each person, as everyone has a unique combination of personality traits, skills, and experiences. Additionally, the lack of a human element in AI-generated content can make it seem robotic and generic. And when recruiters review such resumes, they dislike them greatly.


AI content creators generally create content based on the provided prompts. They just analyze those prompts and write personal bios, descriptions, and skills accordingly. Sometimes, they even mention the personality traits and skills that candidates don't possess at all.

This leads to inauthenticity, ultimately creating integrity issues. It creates more problems when hiring authorities call candidates for interviews, ask them questions about what they have mentioned in their resumes, and fail to answer their queries accordingly.

It's one of the leading reasons why most recruiters check if the resume or cover letter was created by the original person or by an AI tool.

Reflect Unprofessional Behavior

Writing CVs and cover letters with AI content creators and sending them also reflects unprofessional behavior and a lack of effort and seriousness.

Hiring authorities don't like unprofessional behavior, and if they find out a person has lied to them, they reject their resumes and don't bother considering them for future opportunities.

If you want to join a company, you should avoid providing inaccurate details or using deceptive tactics.

Tips to Ensure Originality in Resumes

Get ideas from others' CVs.

If you go online and check multiple resume generator tools or blogs, you can easily find tons of original resumes and templates related to your fields. Analyze them thoroughly. It can help you get tons of ideas for your resume.

For instance, you can find out how to structure your resume, which keywords to add to your CV, and how to write a compelling personal bio or description to stand out in the crowd. This practice can eventually help you get hired by your favorite organization.

Add a personal touch.

Remember to add a personalized touch when writing a bio, description, or responsibilities for your current or previous companies.

In the competitive job market, authorities get tons of resumes for each position. Only a few of those resumes caught their attention. Most of them have one thing in common: personalization.

Remember to add a personal touch to ensure your resume stands out. A generic resume reduces your chances of getting an interview.

Never rely on AI-language models.

In the previous section, we briefly discussed how AI-language models affect the authenticity of resumes and leave a wrong impression on recruiters. Consider those things before using an AI content creation tool to write different sections for your CV.

Instead of using AI-language models, you can get assistance from the resume templates shared by different platforms. They can help you more than such tools.

Eliminate AI content

Even when you write everything yourself, you should always check your resume for AI. Whenever some recruiters receive a resume and find a robotic touch in it, they check it for AI content using modern AI detector tools. If they see instances of AI content in it, they reject the resume immediately.

If you don't want your resume to get rejected by HR at your favorite company, you should also use a trusted AI detector. The AI content detector can help you find an AI touch in your CV. If you find a few of your sentences detected as AI, rewrite them, and that's how you can enhance the chances of getting a call.


Writing impressive resumes is not a big issue. There are numerous online platforms that can provide us with ideas on what to write and which sections to include in a resume. Utilizing these platforms can assist us in creating compelling resumes and securing interview opportunities.

While we can use AI language models for CV writing, it is advisable to avoid them at all costs. Otherwise, we may fail to add a personalized touch to our resumes and capture the attention of recruiters.


Zoi Kotsou

Copywriter - Content writer - Content Strategist

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