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Will I get paid if I Resign with Immediate Effect?

Jul 9, 2022

Have you ever considered quitting your job and starting over somewhere else? It's a daunting prospect, but there are ways to minimize the financial risks of quitting. In this article, we'll take a look at whether or not you will get paid if you resign with immediate effect.

This post will also guide you about the implications of Immediate Resignation, the compensation policy and how to end on a good note if you intend to quit your job soon.

Why and when to resign from a job?

Job resignation is not always a bad thing. There are many good reasons to leave a job, including:

  1. Stress in the workplace,
  2. Frustration with the job or income,
  3. Little opportunity for professional growth,
  4. Lack of appreciation at work,
  5. Loss of enthusiasm for work,
  6. Underutilization of skills and upcoming layoffs.

Leaving your current job and hunting for better chances elsewhere might be in your best interest if you see any of these symptoms.

Most companies expect a specific amount of notice period, as mentioned in the joining agreement. It is considered ethical and professional to inform your employer of your intention to leave the company.

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What is the Notice period?

It is the time frame an employee specifies between announcing their resignation to their employer and their last day. When letting your manager know that you intend to quit, specify your last day to establish the length of your notice period.

Similarly, an employer must provide workers with a fair amount of written notice alerting them of the contract's termination. The terms and conditions can vary for different organizations.

Importance of Due Notice

Giving your company enough notice to prepare for your departure is necessary if you need to leave your current position and want to keep a strong working relationship with your employer.

A notice helps you maintain the professional relationship and end on a good note if you intend to use your employer as a reference in the future.

Can an employee leave the organization prior notice period?

If employees believe there has been a violation on the organization's side, they are free to submit their resignation without giving previous notice.

Similarly, an employer has the right to terminate an employee's employment if they have engaged in substantial misconduct. If you work in a region with at-will employment regulations, you may also resign or be fired without prior notice.

Will you get paid if you resign with immediate effect?

Since your resignation with immediate effect implies a breach of contract, your employer may take legal action against you to recover any damages they may have incurred. They may delay payment of what is owed to you (including leave) or deduct payments from your salary.

The only days of your notice period for which the employer must pay you are the ones you worked. Of course, it would be great if you and your employer could reach an understanding regarding your ability to leave immediately or make a settlement by working only a portion of your notice time. Never choose conflict as your first option.

Key Points To Consider Before Resigning-

Legally, most organizations follow a standard procedure for the termination or resignation process. Before signing your resignation letter, make sure not to ignore the following points:

  1. Review your work agreement- Review the terms of resigning if you have a formal written agreement. A condition in some contracts may prevent employees from leaving before the conclusion of the contract period specified during recruitment, even though most contracts permit employees to depart after serving a notice period.
  2. Consult with your employer- It is a great way to communicate with your reporting boss before quitting your job. May be the manager can offer you a better offer than your new employment or perhaps assist you in overcoming your reasons for leaving.

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Tips to gracefully resign from a job-

Giving your resignation notice requires tact, especially if you're leaving the company due to a conflict with management or another issue.

Here are some simple tips to follow to resign gracefully and professionally in any firm:

  1. Inform your immediate boss in person if you are planning to resign in the future rather than disclosing to any colleague.
  2. Discuss and finalize the new job agreement's terms and conditions before accepting the final offer letter.
  3. Showcase your gratitude and professional attitude by writing a formal resignation letter explaining how grateful you are for the opportunity to work with your present employer.
  4. Specify the main details in your resignation letter, like your last day on the job, and keep the tone professional and neutral.
  5. Serve the mentioned notice period specified in the contract at the joining time and complete your pending work.  This is ideal and whenever possible, do ensure to serve the Notice period.
  6. Cooperate with the new joiner before resigning if your team has found a replacement for you with all the necessary ongoing tasks. Ensure to give a formal handover if possible to the person taking over your responsibilities.
  7. Return any company property that you have in your possession.
  8. Ask for references from your manager if you are resigning from your job on good terms.
  9. Explain the learning opportunities you had in the current position and how thankful you are for the experience at the exit interview with your manager.

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Good Personal relations are investments for the future

We should be humble and grateful to our current company and colleagues for all the good and bad experiences that made us learn new skills and gain knowledge.

Great colleagues and bosses could be very beneficial for your career growth as follows-

  1. Helpful for guidance or suggestions in any new task.
  2. Beneficial for references and contacts in case of any emergency.
  3. Good terms with the management team could also lead you to additional perks in the future, like promotions, good CR (Character Report), and joining MNC !!!

Always keep in mind that if you get paid on immediate resignation completely depends on the situation and the company. It's up to individual employers and companies to decide whether or not they will pay you upon immediate termination or resignation without serving the notice period. So, before resigning do check your companies policy.

George Lambdus

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