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resume Oct 19, 2023

In this technological world, people make use of advanced tools to quickly perform their routine tasks efficiently.

The same is the case with resume profile creation. Jobseekers are making use of different online tools to create a perfect resume and increase their chances of getting hired.

A text summarizer tool is one of those that is helping candidates to create an attractive resume in a number of ways.

For instance, this tool will quickly convert your long resume profile description in a concise and short manner, so that job recruiters can easily go through it.

In this article, I am going to discuss how you can use a summarizing tool to create an attractive resume profile.

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Different Ways Through Which You Can Use Summarizer to Create an Attractive Resume Profile

Below, are some of the ways through which a summarizer can help in creating a good-looking resume.

By making your resume description short and concise

Description is an essential part of your resume profile. In the description, you will have to describe your previous jobs, projects, and other related working experience.

But keep this in mind that, you have to explain all the information in only two to three sentences. The shorter your description will be, the more it will be attractive for recruiters.

However, keeping the description short and effective can be a hassle for most jobseekers because not everyone has the skill to describe bulk information in a few sentences. So, in this scenario, you can make use of a summarizer tool.

The summarizing tool will efficiently understand your given resume description, and then generate a short and concise version of it without damaging the original meaning. The version will contain some of the best sentences or points from the given description. Let me explain this with a real-time example.

I have given a detailed resume description of a “Content writer” to a text summarizing tool. So that you can see how it will make it short and concise. Check the attached picture below for the results:

As you can see in the picture, the input resume description was about 200 words long, and the tool has generated a short and concise version in the best possible way.

So, by summarizing your resume description, you can make it attractive yet easier for recruiters to go through it.

Giving an attractive and professional touch

This is something that most of you will find interesting. You will have to write all of your resume sections including the job description in a way professional and attractive way.

So that, it can leave a good impression on the hiring manager that you are the candidate they are looking for.

However, giving a professional or attractive touch will surely require good writing skills. Because you have to write all the information using attractive words and phrases while keeping the overall tone professional, and this will not be possible for everyone.

If you are also one of those, don’t worry, just utilize a summarizing tool. It will summarize your given text by using more appropriate words and phrases, and then provide an improved version of the input text. Let’s understand this with a proper example as well.

I have provided a piece of text to the summarizing tool to show you how it will make use of appropriate words to give a professional touch to the generated summary. Check out the picture below:

As the above picture tells, the generated summary contains more appropriate words and phrases as compared to the input text. By making use of professional words in resume profile, you can definitely make it attractive for others.

But keep this in mind, summarizing tool that operates on abstractive summarization can only make this kind of changes (like shown in the above picture) while summarizing. In the abstractive summarization technique, the summary is created by using new words and terms that the original text does not contain.

Highlight key points from the resume

In order to create an attractive resume profile, you have to explain all the information by only mentioning key points. This can be especially true if you are planning to attach a cover letter with your resume.

You can provide detailed information about yourself and also about your professional background to a summarizing tool. It will quickly scan the given information including its context, and then come up with a concise version that only contains key points from the input text.

You can make use of these points in your resume profile, and make it attractive for hiring managers. One of the amazing things is that most summarizing tools on the internet allows users to get the summarized results either in bullet points or paragraph.

To illustrate this, I have provided a detailed text (discussing the journey of a content writer) to the summarizing tool to see how it only highlights key points from it.

As the above picture tells, the tool has quickly come up with most important points from the input text. You can the points into your resume profile and make it attractive for the hiring managers.

By eliminating repetitive words or phrases

Sometimes while creating a resume profile, you may make use of repetitive words due to a lack of knowledge or vocabulary. The repetitive words will make your resume look boring and unattractive, resulting in lowering the chances of getting hired.

In this case, you can utilize a summarizing tool. It will efficiently analyze the context of the given and the summary generates a short version of it eliminating or ignoring all the repetitive or even unnecessary words. To provide you with a better understanding of this, let me explain this with a real-time example.

I have given a resume description containing repetitive words like “content”, “creating”, “goals” etc. So that, I can show how the tool will eliminate repetitive terms from it and generate a concise version. Check out the picture below:

So, in the output you can see, the tool has generated a concise version that does not contain any repetitive words.

This way, you can make the information in your resume profile clear and straightforward, which will further result in an attractive Resume profile.

So, these are some of the ways through which you can make use of a summarizer tool in order to create a good resume profile.

Final Thoughts

Summarizers are online tools that allow users to condense long pieces of text into a short and concise manner without damaging the original meaning. These tools are being used for several purposes, and assistance in creating a resume profile is one of those purposes.


Zoi Kotsou

Copywriter - Content writer - Content Strategist

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