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How To Find the Email Address of a Hiring Manager [Guide]

Hiring manager Apr 30, 2021

The hiring manager is the person who makes the final decision and could choose you for the job.

By sending your CV directly to the hiring manager, you can have a significant payback rather than sending applications to a generic email that you found from the job listings.

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To increase the chances you might get called in for an interview is important to locate a hiring manager's email address.

This will contribute to succeeding a personal connection after submitting your online application and make your application stand out by showcasing your ambition, interest, and eligibility.

But how could you find the email address of a hiring manager.There are some simple tips you can follow and get a hiring manager's contact information.

Finding a Hiring Manager's Email Tip #1: Check The Company's Website

The first "obvious" choice is to go on a website's Careers section (Source: Cloudflare)

Finding the hiring manager's contact information isn't always laborious.

Many companies provide detailed instructions on who to contact in sections like "Employment," "About Us," or "Career" on their website.

Taking a look at the company's website will help you recognize the key staff members and focus on the specific person who is likely in need of your services.

Reading the biographies and checking the team profiles on the company's website, you may be able to identify the name of the person you're looking for and his/ her email address.

This information is crucial to contact properly the person responsible for hiring and make a big difference after applying.

Finding a Hiring Manager's Email Tip #2: Crack The Email Code

Even if the hiring manager's email isn't listed on the website, you could assume his/ her email by combining their first and last name with the domain name of the company.

Browse through the company's website and look for other employee's email addresses.

This would be your first clue about how the company structures names in email addresses. Study the email format of any other person at the company.

The structure could be something like or For example, suppose someone in the "XYZ" company is named James Getz, and his company email address is

In that case, you can easily guess that it'll be the same structure for your contact.

Most of the time, companies use the same format for everyone at staff, and that's an easy way to assume anyone's email address, including the hiring manager's.

Finding a Hiring Manager's Email Tip #3: Google Is Your Friend

Sometimes a hiring manager will share their email freely on purpose
Sometimes a hiring manager will share their email freely on purpose

Google can give thousands of valuable information.

Just by performing a basic search on Google, typing "[First and last name] email" or "[First and last name] [company name] email," you could locate the hiring manager's email address.

Use keywords and symbols to make your search as specific as possible.

If you know the hiring manager's name, but you can't assume how the company structures their email addresses, Google will provide you with the company site, blog, or any other site the hiring manager is associated with.

You only have to search the person's name, plus any additional information you may have (the company name/ city they live/ job title, etc.).

Googling such information, you will discover more personal details about the person you're interested in. Such personal information will contribute to grabbing their attention by the first contact.

Finding A Hiring Manager's Email Tip #4: Take Advantage of Social Media

Performing a search on both the professional and mainstream platforms will also provide you a wealth of information about the person you're looking for.

People often list their contact information on their social media profiles.

If you have your own profile, for example, on LinkedIn, you can search the company's page and click on "People" to see who works there.

Except for finding out the hiring manager's contact information, you may note any common connections that could help give you an introduction.

You can also give Twitter a try by searching via Google for "First and Last Name Twitter" (i.e. "James Getz Twitter"). The results you'll get from Google will be more trustworthy rather than using Twitter's search tool.

Once you find the hiring manager's profile, check out the link listed in the URL field. If you're lucky, you'll discover a personal website and perhaps an email, too.

In case the hiring manager has a LinkedIn or Twitter profile, you could follow them and even send a polite direct message asking if they'd be open to connecting over email. Be compelling but not pushy.

If you do obtain their email address through research or introduction, cold email software can help automate personalized outreach while avoiding a spammy approach. The key is providing value and nurturing relationships at scale.

Be careful. A message like "Can you send me your email?" won't work. Ensure that your message will be compelling and concise to increase the chances of getting the response you want.

Finding A Hiring Manager's Email Tip #5: Use Some Free Resources for Finding Emails allows to see a lot of different email addresses for a website
You can pull up to look for email address on any website (Source: Kiflo)

There're many tools on the internet that help you get any target executive's email. is a powerful tool, and has also an extensive database.

For instance, Hunter not only has an email verifier with 100 credits per month for free, but it also allows you to enter the company and understand how their email format is. Such tools let you find professional email addresses in seconds and connect with the people you're looking for.

Search for email finder services like wiza's tool that provide a free trial giving you some lookups at no cost before you have to register and pay. Using such tools, you can search for a company's email structure or test any email address to see if it's real.

Finding A Hiring Manager's Email Tip #6: Call The Organization

HubSpot has all of their local numbers displayed on their website
HubSpot has all of their local numbers displayed on their website

Last but not least, calling the organization is a tried and true method that's worked for years. Call the company's main number and then ask for their help.

Explain the reason you're calling by saying, for example,

"Hi, I'm applying for the Project Manager position, and I'd like to contact the hiring manager."

At this point, it's important to mention the hiring manager's name to show a kind of intimacy. You can continue your phrase like:

"Do you know the best email address for me to reach him/her at?"

Stating your area of interest and asking who would be the appropriate person to contact, the receptionist will likely give you the information about the person responsible for hiring.

Keep in mind that the sooner your application ends up in the right hands, the sooner the employer can realize how great you'd be to have you on board!

Even if you tried all the above tips and you're still in the dark, don't be discouraged!

Sometimes the email search is challenging, but when you find an email you've been looking for and finally land an interview, it makes all the effort worth it.

Remember that spreadsheets are key to organize all the information of how many times you reached out to a person and whether the email address worked or not.

If you want a new job, optimize your job search strategy by sending your CV directly to the hiring manager. Ending up your email to the right person can substantially up your odds of scoring the interview.

Originally published Apr 30 2021

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Frequently asked questions

How do I find the hiring manager contact information?

Some tips help you find out the hiring manager's contact information. Searching social media, the company's website, or even on Google provides you with a wealth of information most of the time. You can also contact the company directly or assume the email address you're interested in by searching other employees' email addresses.

How do I contact a hiring manager?

By sending your CV directly to the hiring manager, you increase your chances of getting hired. If the hiring manager's contact details are not included in the job posting, visit the company's website, LinkedIn profile, or any social media pages to find the right person's email address.

How do you ask the hiring manager in an email?

Addressing a company directly to ask for the hiring manager's email, calling them, or sending them an email,  is always a tried option. You can write an email to the help desk, state your area of interest and ask who would be the appropriate person to contact.


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