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How long is a dissertation?

dissertation Dec 6, 2022

The answer to the debatable question, "How long is a dissertation?" can vary greatly.

Generally, the dissertation should be between 40,000 and 90,000 words in length (100 to 300 pages). It may also depend on the requirements of your specific academic institution or department. In some cases, dissertations may even be fewer than 20,000 words in length.

However, it is important to remember that dissertation length isn't just about word count. Dissertation quality and accuracy are much more important than raw numbers. Ultimately, you should focus on producing a dissertation that accurately and thoroughly covers your research topic.

Another factor to consider when determining dissertation length is the type of dissertation you plan to write: Qualitative or quantitative.

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Qualitative dissertations tend to be longer because they involve collecting and analyzing data, while quantitative dissertations can usually be completed faster. Ultimately, dissertation length is dependent upon a variety of factors and should not be viewed as an end goal but rather as a reflection of the amount of research and analysis that was conducted to produce it.

Table of contents:

How long is an undergraduate dissertation ?

An undergraduate dissertation is approximately 8,000–15,000 words.

There are no strict rules here. Your word count may be lower or greater than the figures provided.

The bachelor's dissertation is quite different from the postgraduate dissertation. For starters, it is far shorter, averaging about 10,000 - 15,000 words. While this is somewhat shorter than a Master's or PhD dissertation, it is significantly lengthier than any other piece of writing needed in undergraduate programs.

An undergraduate dissertation (also known as a bachelor's dissertation) is a lengthy piece of study and writing on a particular topic. It is usually performed in the last year of a degree program, and the subject is selected depending on the student's own interests.

It enables the learner to go deeper into a certain subject than a regular module would. The student works with a single supervisor selected from their departmental faculty, who offers advice and assistance throughout the research process.

How long is a dissertation abstract?

An abstract for a thesis or dissertation is typically 200-300 words long. There is sometimes a hard word restriction, so verify your university's requirements.

An abstract is a concise synopsis of any article. It may include all the paper's primary points. As a result, writers of essay writing services see it as the most important section of any article. It is also known as a summary or a précis in certain magazines. An excellent abstract contains all the paper's material. It informs the reader whether he should read the whole document.

How long is a dissertation defense?

Plan on spending around two hours on your dissertation defense.

Though it will vary depending on the department and area, two hours should be enough time for your oral defense. A brief description of the subject you addressed, the techniques you utilized, and your findings as well as questions from your committee. You will be asked to leave the room at the conclusion, and they will discuss between themselves.

How long is a master's thesis defense?

A defense might last 20 minutes or an hour or more, depending on the committee's purpose and the program's standards.

As a master's degree student, your thesis defines your experience in education at the institution. You will be expected to meet with a committee to defend your work after you have completed all the required courses and any internship or practical experiences.

Students will be allocated a date to defend their work after submitting these papers to the thesis committee. In this example, the word "defend" does not suggest that a student must debate vehemently about his or her work.

Instead, the thesis defense is intended to allow faculty members to ask questions and ensure that students understand their topic and concentration area.

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How long is a thesis paper?

A bachelor's thesis should be roughly 50 pages long, and a master's thesis should be 60-100 pages long.

However, the appropriate duration of a thesis project is determined by faculty guidelines and the expectations of the supervising professor. The length is also determined by the complexities of the issue and the degree of research conducted.

How long is a dissertation word count?

The dissertation word requirement for most university programs is between 15,000 and 20,000 words.

However, this varies greatly depending on the course and institution you attend. While this may be used as a reference, dissertation lengths will vary depending on the topic being researched and the extent to which the subject area can be examined. You should attempt to include as much information and research as feasible.

How long is a dissertation for PhD?

Most academics agree that the length of a PhD dissertation should not exceed 80, 000 words.

As a result, your text should be about this length. This figure includes appendices but excludes references, footnotes, and bibliography. A dissertation's footnotes should not exceed 20% of the text.

A dissertation's statistics tables are around 150 words long. However, the Degree Committee has the authority to authorize learners to exceed the restrictions after application and in extraordinary circumstances.

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How long is a dissertation proposal?

There is no set length for a dissertation proposal, however it is usually between 10-15 pages long.

While creating a short proposal might generate the impression of not adhering to all necessary guidelines, producing a very lengthy proposal can be characterized by repetitions that make the work uninteresting to read. The amount of words in each segment is a major source of worry.

The amount of pages or words for the dissertation proposal is often specified in the requirements. If there are no such requirements, students must strive to achieve the aforementioned goals in their dissertation proposal.

In conclusion!

Ultimately, dissertation length will depend on the individual dissertation and its requirements. Be sure to consult with your advisor or dissertation committee for further guidance.  

Good luck!


Zoi Kotsou

Copywriter - Content writer - Content Strategist

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