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Can Your Dissertation Help You Get A Job?

Job search Oct 22, 2022

If you’ve written your dissertation and done it yourself without getting dissertation assistance from top dissertation services, you may have done yourself a favor. You’re even luckier if you’re yet to write it because after reading this article, you’ll learn a few things about how useful dissertation writing can be for your future.

Many students get scared when they hear the word “dissertation,” and the reason is understandable. It’s probably the hardest type of writing you’ll have to do as a student and the most important. You can’t afford to get it wrong. Thankfully, writing your dissertation can also be positive for you.

Apart from dissertation writing, another thing that stresses final-year students is how to get a job after graduation or whether they’ll get any. But many don’t realize that writing your dissertation can help you land a job because it helps you develop valuable skill sets for organizations and make you employable.  

Writing a dissertation can be very challenging. But beyond the good grades you get for a good dissertation, several other benefits can help you kick-start your professional career. This article discusses some of the things you benefit from writing your dissertation that can translate into getting a good job.

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1. Work independently

One of the best attributes an employer wants to see in a candidate is their ability to work alone and independently. This is a valuable skill for you to have because it allows your direct supervisors or employers the freedom to do other tasks without bothering about what you’re tasked to do.

So, if you can write your dissertation excellently and do your research well, you’ll develop the right ability to work independently. This bodes well for your professional career.

A well-researched written dissertation allows employers to judge your ability to work independently. It also makes them more confident about your ability to deliver without or with minimal supervision.

Before this skill can be attributed to you, the first thing you have to write and complete your dissertation by yourself. So, if it’s something you know you struggle with normally, but you’re able to finish your dissertation, then it might indicate that you’ve improved at it massively. Employers would see that you have the skill to work independently, and they’ll be more than willing to offer you the job.

2. Research skills

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It’s impossible to write a dissertation without doing research. The deeper your research, the better your chances of producing a high-quality dissertation. So, if you get a good grade on your dissertation, your research was good too. The ability to research is an important skill to have in the professional world.

Excellent research skill also means knowing what’s good and relevant to your project and what isn’t. It also means you know how to use information well to fulfill a need. These are things employers look for in a candidate before offering them the job.

When looking for a job, your research skill also comes into play. Employers always seek candidates that know about the company and understand how the industry works. For them, this means you’ll be more informed and be able to develop innovative ideas to help their company grow.

Researching about the company and industry and proving your knowledge to them shows your dedication to the work you’re seeking and makes you a more attractive prospect for employers.  

3. Problem-solving

In many ways, this is becoming a buzzword in the professional scene, but it remains an important skill to have. Problem-solving skills show that you’re adaptable, have good initiative, and can use your critical thinking ability well.

To gauge this skill, your employer might be willing to know about the obstacles you faced in writing and completing your dissertation and how you overcame them. You can also talk about what you’ll do differently now. This will help them see your reaction to issues you might face during your employment.

4. Communication

Communication is an important skill, whether spoken, written or verbal or nonverbal. Every employer wants employees that can communicate their information and ideas concisely, whether in person or on paper.

Completing your dissertation might prove that you can use complex arguments and write something convincing and understandable from them. This might be proof of your communication skill and is something that’ll come in handy throughout your career.

You’ll need it to persuade your colleagues and bosses, write reports, and propose the line of action for the organization.

Also, the fact that you've written a dissertation means you’ve probably had several discussions with your supervisor, tutors, academic advisor, course mates, etc.

If you can prove that you took valuable advice from these people for your dissertation, then a prospective employer would see you as a team player who respects other people’s opinions.

5. Specialist information

While this might not happen in every case, it sometimes happens that your dissertation topic can be the start of your career within an industry. Apart from starting a career, it can also be the starting point for further studies.

Your dissertation can be the case study to prove you have specialist knowledge in a particular niche or industry and that you’re pursuing a career with it. You can also use it to prove that you have an idea of the kind of problems you might encounter on the job.

6. Numerical skills

Many companies nowadays prefer that their employers have good numerical skills. This would work for you if your dissertation involved working with a large amount of data.

If you used a software package, such as SPSS, to analyze your data, you might also be able to show them that you have strong computer skills and experience in data analysis. Don’t leave out Microsoft Excel and other similar tools you have used, and know your way around. It boosts your chances of being employed.

7. Working under pressure

Completing a dissertation, especially if you managed to do it within a relatively short time, might prove that you can work under pressure, remain calm and manage multiple deadlines. It tells employers that you may be able to manage certain projects.

It wouldn’t matter that you probably spent 1/3 of your time in the library sobbing and being stressed out before you could finally complete the dissertation. If you have done it before, then you can do it again.

8. Project management

Completing a large body of work, such as a dissertation, proves that you can make a good project manager. However, it’s beyond being able to work under pressure and meet deadlines.

Project management involves many other skills, such as teamwork, time management, independent work, perseverance, and communication. If you can prove that you have all these skills and have used them before, you will be more appealing to employers than other candidates.

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Many students don’t realize how important dissertation writing is for them. It can be the start of your career, so you should never joke about it. While it’s understandable that you may want to outsource it for several reasons, there are several other reasons you should do it yourself too.

One of them is that it can help you land your dream job after school.


Zoi Kotsou

Copywriter - Content writer - Content Strategist

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