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3 Easy Ways to Find a Job Using Job Distribution Software

Job search Oct 14, 2022

Gone are the days when job applicants had to grab a newspaper and start perusing the job pages to spot a suitable one. If you’re looking for a job in the modern days, you must upgrade to the digital means of job searching.

Statistics indicate that the top three platforms that small to mid-sized companies plan to widen their employer brands include:

  • Company website (69%)
  • Online professional networks (61%)
  • Social media (47%).

Many recruiters and job applicants alike are now benefiting from the job distribution software. This is a simple-to-use tool that openly distributes available job positions to the relevant job sites and social media platforms.

Recruiters who use job distribution software partner with thousands of job sites and social channels to advertise their jobs. This makes it easier for applicants to easily get noticed by the relevant employers.

But, you must follow all instructions and ensure that your resume is up to standard, to fit the job particulars. Usually, every job listing generated by the job distribution software is automatically accompanied by a unique code. The code helps in tracking the success of job applications.

Job distribution channels may act as stand-alone web portals. And, they can also operate as a job distribution tool that incorporates an applicant tracking system (ATS). This allows the ease of job application. You get to benefit from a streamlined hiring process with a more effective and efficient process.

Here, your application process moves smoothly, starting from a one-click job posting to interview schedules and approval flows. You then proceed to the employee onboarding to document management. In short, the applicant tracking system guides you through right from the moment you apply, to when you get hired, and to your first day of work.

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Hence, as a job applicant, you can benefit immensely from the tool. Let’s now discover the 3 easy ways to find a job using the job distribution software.

1. Use Job Distribution Software to Quickly Apply for Large Number of Jobs

Sometimes, you may want to quickly and efficiently apply for numerous positions. In this case, you can benefit tremendously from companies that use job distribution software. The multi posting job distribution platform integrates directly with various job boards, careers sites, and social media channels.

This helps create a smooth journey for applicants. You can take advantage of the job distribution tool or multiposting. Here, you manage to send your resume to the different career sites with relevant job descriptions.

So, you can use different job sites to apply for the job positions. Here, you manage to boost your chances of getting easily noticed by the company you desire to work with.

In this case, your resume gets automatically uploaded to the different job websites. This saves you the time you would have spent on the tedious task of visiting different career websites one by one.

Through the multiposting tools, recruiters can easily put their job adverts together to attract more candidates. The tool allows the uploading of companies’ job descriptions to over 100 job websites. And, the websites manage all the applications they receive.

The best multiposting tools can do this using the automatic job posting option. The tools typically integrate each job post, and they can easily monitor the responses to their job descriptions without the need to log in to each source.

Hence, when you send in numerous applications, you can’t miss out on getting noticed by some relevant companies. In short, it increases your chances of securing a position quickly.

2. Take Advantage of Social Media to Connect to a Company’s Job Board

The different social media platforms available are an added advantage for jobseekers. Many companies are now integrating their job distribution software with their social media sites. Hence, you can use it to find jobs and stay connected with companies you wish to work for.

Start by searching for company pages on social sites such as:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

Click on the following button to connect to the company, no matter where it is situated. By staying connected with the company's social media pages, you get valuable insights into their job interests.

Let’s say you’re connected to an organization’s Facebook page. The integrated software allows the company to list their current job openings on their branded Facebook page.

The app will automatically sync the job board through Facebook so that the job listings are up-to-date. Thus, anytime positions are added or edited, you, the jobseeker, can see.

Besides, you can also get used to commenting on their posts and begin building a relationship with the company. That way, you easily get notified about their job openings. It helps to know that 91% of all employers are presently using social media channels in their hiring processes. And, 45% of recruiters post social media content to engage with potential candidates.

When using your social media pages for professional purposes, ensure you make your own profile relevant. The profiles should portray a good image of you, even if you use the platforms for personal purposes. Always publish your real names on your pages, and only post appropriate content and pictures.

It helps to also revisit the content you've ever posted back in time and make sure that everything on your profile is appropriate for a potential job employer to see. In short, your social media profiles should market you and your lifestyle professionally and fittingly.

3. Use Search Engines to Quickly Find and Apply for Specific Jobs

If you want to be specific on your job search, perhaps in terms of location, you can use search engines to power your search. Majority of the top job search engines will connect you to the right companies based on search jobs by:

  • Location
  • Wages
  • Other relevant keywords.

You can easily get connected to job boards where you can easily upload your resume and cover letter that is particular to each application.You then get to search the career listings using keywords and location.

So if you spot a relevant position, and you wish to apply, you will find a place to click. Hence, you get redirected to your main job board.

Job search platforms are helpful because they enable you to filter out your job search results. As a result, you get to avoid positions that are not relevant to you.

Most importantly, you can easily set up customized job search alerts to keep you posted when a job position that meets your criteria is updated.

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Key Takeaways

Presently, companies have made it easier for jobseekers to apply for relevant jobs. The job distribution software that allows them to post jobs to multiple career sites enables candidates to easily access the available positions and apply for them.

It also helps to connect to ATS that most companies connect to their job distribution software.

You’ll find thousands of jobs posted automatically to boards with links to apply via the ATS.

So, as an applicant, you only need to create an account and complete the application procedure. And, your application is stored, screened, reviewed, tracked, and communicated via the job application tool.

Thus, in today’s digital and competitive market, staying connected to job boards is important. That way, you can easily follow up on your streamlined job application, and get to know where your chances stand.

In short, the job distribution tool together with the recruiting software improves the applicants’ experience by providing efficient application processing and steady communication. The automated software incorporates comprehensive careers sites that continuously aids applicants throughout the recruitment cycle.


Zoi Kotsou

Copywriter - Content writer - Content Strategist

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