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Best tools for Bootcamps in 2022 (Guide)

bootcamp Feb 19, 2022

Since the last 2 decades skills are becoming more important to companies rather than degrees and education of their employees. Bootcamps are institutes where students can learn practical skills in a short period in nearly every field of science. Bootcamps are ideal for students who want to learn a specific practical skill. Bootcamp courses are different from conventional education centers in several ways. A few of them are listed as follows:

  • Short-term and to-the-point courses.
  • Focuses on skills that can be used immediately at Jobs and the workplace.
  • Much affordable than a college degree.
  • Most of the Boot camps do not hold accreditation.
  • Boot camps do not have a minimum education requirement (apart from a few). You can enroll in a course even if you are in High School or have recently graduated.

1. Tools for the Employment of Graduates in a bootcamp

The success of any Bootcamp is greatly dependent on the employment rate of its graduates. To improve the reputation of BootCamp Courses, Bootcamps use different tools to maximize the employment rate of their graduates and to keep a track of their performance in the market. Normally Bootcamps have an employment rate of 50-60% employment rate depending on the State, Economic conditions, etc. It is difficult for Bootcamps to manage post-graduation data of their students as they are in huge numbers.  Similarly, Bootcamps do not have direct links and relations with companies so they cannot arrange suitable Job opportunities for their students as well.
Bootcamps are usually smaller in size and cannot invest huge sums of money and manpower in such Data Management. The best thing to do is to hire a professional in the field who can open new opportunities for both the bootcamp and the graduates.

Loopcv offers the best solution to the problem and claims to increase the employment rate by 20%. It connects the recruitment agency with Bootcamp and by matching the requirements of the recruiter with the skills of the BootCamp graduates it opens new job opportunities for the clients of Bootcamp and helps Bootcamp improve its reputation.

The immediate recruitment of clients motivates other students to Join Bootcamps as they would have a better career and won’t have to spend huge sums of money for college education. These Platforms help Bootcamps save a good amount of money, improve the reputation of the institute, and with user-friendly platforms, the employees of the company with a week of training can understand the complete working of this automated software.

2. E-Learning & Distance Learning tools for Bootcamps

E-Learning refers to the use of Digital Technology such as Skype, Zoom, Meet, or Google Classroom for learning & education purposes. The beauty of technology is that it is not confined at all, no matter in which part of the world you, you will have the same experience of learning as if you were in the class.

After Covid-19 Online education has proven itself to be equally efficient as physical classroom learning. Bootcamps who have quality teaching material but are unable to provide services across different parts of the world can move to the Online/Digital method of teaching.

Provision of quality education across different parts of the world requires additional capital for the establishment of campuses however through online education services Bootcamps can provide the same quality education across the globe. On digital Platforms Computer science subjects like Coding, Web Development Languages can easily be learned.

Famous Platforms & tools for E-Learning include:

  1. Zoom: A free Online platform for Meetings, Audio & Video, Presentations sharing.
  2. Google Classroom: Leading LMS software that helps the institutions share Lectures, Videos, Documents, etc.
  3. Google Meets A free meeting platform ideal for Long Meetings with a limit of participants of 500!
  4. Skype: Skype is a relatively smaller platform for video calling. Skype also allows Screen Sharing option to participants and meeting organizers.

3. Social Media Marketing tools for Bootcamps

Social media has proven to be the hub for promotion and advertisements in 2022. With E-Learning in Bootcamps, it is necessary to reach out to customers across the globe.  The best of doing so is by creating a buzz about your offerings for example how successful your clients are after they graduate, how cost-effective you are if compared to the competitors, what is the quality of your teaching material, and other similar things. You can start by adding a few bucks and promoting your Facebook, Instagram Pages through sponsored ads and reach out to your target audience.

Facebooks ads alone are very effective in marketing campaigns. Facebook has approximately 1.82 billion active users daily and is very successful in delivering organizations' messages to the target segment. As per surveys, 78% of Americans have discovered products on Facebook and brands can reach more than 2.14 billion users on Facebook through ad campaigns.

These advertisements and promotion campaigns help bootcamps reach out to High school graduates and guide them or motivate them to join Bootcamps and learn skills in a short time rather than waste time and resources in college education. Similarly, these ads have to focus on the opportunities that are open to graduates once they complete the Bootcamp.

4. Accreditation with a University

Bootcamps can get affiliation from different Universities on various terms. The terms and conditions on which the university agree are unique to every university. Once a Bootcamp is affiliated with an institute, college, or University you can easily use the name of that University and promote your Bootcamp. So if you are looking to start a new Bootcamp always start building relationships with your local University


In the modern era, the competition for jobs is increasing with every passing day. In the late 90’s Computer Science experts were in huge demand but now a day even experts in the field can’t get a good job. To perform best in today’s competitive market, you need to have a set of skills that are Practical and in demand. Bootcamps can help develop this set of skills and with time as new technology, updates can specialize on it as well while saving time and Money.


George Lambdus

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