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How to start a Coding Bootcamp Business?

bootcamp Feb 9, 2022

You all might have heard about the success stories of the coding Bootcamp business. Or you may be planning to start your own coding Bootcamp.

But there are many technicalities to consider while starting a coding Bootcamp. This article is going to highlight the important steps to ponder while setting up your coding Bootcamp business.

What Precisely Is A Coding Bootcamp?

Coding Bootcamp is a rigorous, accelerated learning program that teaches newcomers digital skills such as full-stack web development, WordPress web development, data science, digital marketing, and user experience/user interface design.

Person coding with MacBook Pro
Photo by Danial Igdery / Unsplash

Coding Bootcamp prepares students for a profession in technology in around 12 weeks through project-based learning.

They are also highly project-based, requiring students to immediately apply what they have learned. Students construct completely working web apps, do data analysis, and use real-world development tools only a few weeks into their curricula.

15 Steps To Start A Coding Bootcamp Business

Following are 10 major steps to start a coding Bootcamp business

Step 1: Make A Business Plan for your bootcamp

A well-thought-out plan is vital for achieving success as an entrepreneur. It will assist you in mapping out the complications of your firm and managing them in order.

Make sure you have a correct idea of the cost required to start a coding boot camp business. Your plan must have an intense idea of market value, which market you want to target, and a list of all the necessary expenses.

Sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies (LLCs), and corporations are the most frequent forms of business structures.  

Establishing a legal company entity, such as an LLC or corporation, shields you from personal liability if your Programming Bootcamp Business is issued. It will also protect the right of your camp legally.

Nowadays, the most affordable LLC filing services are represented online, so your company can be registered literally in a few clicks. There are certain fees to be paid for LLC structure, like one-time filing fees and LLC yearly fees.

Step 3: Fill up your tax forms

Before starting your brand-new business, you must register for a number of state and federal taxes. In order to register for taxes, you must first get an EIN. It's really simple and completely free!

Step 4: Create a company bank account and a credit card

Personal asset protection requires the use of distinct business banking and credit accounts. When you combine your personal and business accounts, your personal assets (your house, vehicle, and other possessions) are at risk if your company is sued.

This is referred to as penetrating your corporation veil in business law. Similarly, credit cards will help you in the smooth working of your bootcamp.

Step 5: Establish business accounting for your bootcamp

Recording your numerous costs and sources of income is crucial to evaluating your company's financial status.

Keeping precise and thorough accounting also makes yearly tax filing much easier. So it is important to establish and maintain your business account sheets.

Step 6: Obtain all required permissions and licenses for your bootcamp

Failure to get appropriate permissions and licenses can result in significant penalties or possibly the closure of your firm. So if you want to run a smooth and active boot camp, make sure you obtain all the required permits and licenses.

Step 7: Obtain commercial insurance for your bootcamp

Insurance, licenses, and permits, are required for your business to operate safely and legally. In the case of a covered loss, business insurance protects your company's financial well-being.

Step 8: Establish your brand

Your company's brand is what it stands for, as well as how the public perceives it. A strong brand will help your bootcamp stand out from the crowd.

Photo by Slidebean / Unsplash

Step 9: Create your company's website

After you've defined your brand and designed your logo, the next step is to build a website for your company. Your website will help students as well as the administration of boot camp to proceed smoothly.

Step 10: Install your company phone system

Getting a phone for your business is one of the finest methods to keep your personal and professional lives distinct and private.

That isn't the only advantage; it also helps you automate your business, provides legitimacy, and makes it simpler for potential consumers to identify and contact you.

Consider getting a toll-free number. As this stops customers from being charged for dialing, many providers can help find the right number at the right place.

Step 11: Start creating useful content and videos for your students

With thousands of resources and videos, having unique content and courses in your curriculum is the number one reason why your candidates will select your bootcamp over another solution.

Additionally, having details FAQ and questions that candidates might want to know as well as the possibility to allow new candidates to book a call with you, will be definitely a competitive advantage (personalised support is one of the most important things your bootcamp can offer)

Step 12: Organise your content and schedule activities that can help your students

Having specific projects and assessment for your students can increase the success rate of your coding bootcamp. Create a specific process of evaluating your students, providing weekly goals and projects and define learning lessons and objectives.

Bootcamps are super helpful, especially when you already know what you are doing and want to hone your skills. However, if you are just starting, learning to code may be a challenging journey to handle.  

If you find yourself stuck on a complex coding task, don't hesitate, and don't procrastinate, as there are platforms ready to assist. For instance, let AssignmentCore write code for you. It's a reliable way to get assistance and ensure you're on the right track. Thousands of students yearly address this service for programming assistance, leave reviews and come back for more.

Step 13: Use a tool like Loopcv to help you find jobs for your candidates

The success rate and the brand name of your bootcamp is highly connected with your ability of helping your students (and graduates) get jobs faster. This will be a huge referral factor (your graduates will bring you new customers again and again).

With Loopcv for Bootcamps you can structurally organise and monitor the process of helping your clients find jobs.

Here is what you can do with Loopcv in your Bootcamp

  • Invite your clients in a unique tool (that can also have your own brand)
  • Help your clients define the job titles and locations where they want to find a job
  • Monitor the progress of your clients and the interviews they book
  • Identify key statistics such as the emloyment rate, the average time required per client in order to find a job and a lot more statistics

Check more in the following video:

How LoopCV Will Help You In Your Coding Bootcamp Business?

Boot campers leave with a portfolio, an internet presence, interview skills, and more.

Most bootcamps assist graduates in finding internships or connecting them with an employer network —, according to Course Report’s most recent data, 79 percent of Bootcamp alumni are hired in programming employment.

LoopCV is a platform that assists online coding Bootcamps that want to help their students in finding work. We provide you with reliable information that can be used by a Bootcamp to help those who have graduated from a Bootcamp find a job quickly.

Every Bootcamp's purpose is to produce individuals who are highly employable and can find work as soon as feasible. LoopCV is the first platform on the market that uses Machine Learning and automation to increase the employment rate of a Bootcamp.

A Bootcamp may use LoopCV for Bootcamps to onboard applicants, manage their job hunt, and obtain vital information like the employment rate, the average number of days it takes to find a job as a Bootcamp graduate, and much more.

What are the features that LoopCV provides to Bootcamps?

LoopCV will perform the following functions:

1. Manage your candidates' job searches and learn about the kind of employment they prefer.

2. Receive vital statistics that can aid in the growth of your Bootcamp.

3. Assist your applicants in scheduling more interviews and improving their job hunt.

Final Words for your brand new bootcamp

In a nutshell, finding a great job is the ultimate goal of every student these days. Coding Boot camps help students in learning programming and settling upon a good job.

But starting a coding boot camp business is not a piece of cake to swallow, you need to have good planning and research before you start a bootcamp. The above-mentioned steps are necessary to be followed to start a coding boot camp business.

LoopCV will increase the success rate of your boot camp as it provides a platform that will help your students in finding their dream jobs as soon as possible!


George Lambdus

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