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7 Best Paid Job Services Job Seekers Should Consider in 2023

Job seekers Nov 19, 2021

Not very long ago, people had to check notice boards and newspapers to search for job opportunities. Job websites have now helped to make this process easier. You no longer have to wait for tomorrow’s papers before there are paid job services that can land jobs that suit your skills to your doorstep.

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Job websites gather and publish job openings that are available at a particular time. These openings can either be remote, office-based, or hybrid. Several job websites perform additional functions such as refining résumés and helping build personal brand other than listing job openings.

Some of these websites have blogs where they post informative content that will qualify people for their dream jobs. They also offer services like career coaching, résumé tailoring, cover letter review, among others.

Generally, job websites are an invaluable opportunity for job seekers to find, apply for, and stand out in job interviews.

How To Search For Jobs Online

There are a lot of job seekers online but can easily be divided into two. Some apply for jobs all day without getting any interviews. On the other hand, others have proceeded from job sites to working with their dream companies.

A man drinking coffee sitting in front of the computer and it says hire me!

The first set of people, out of frustration, slander job sites on social media platforms. They talk about how jobs websites are very shady and full of scams. You will often find them in job discussions on Quora and Reddit.

The other set of people are also on Quora and Reddit sharing their stories and encouraging people to continue applying. These people are living their dream lives, working from their home or a luxurious office. What makes the difference between these two sets of people?

Here are a few tips to remember when you are using a job search website:

1. Use a separate email account when registering on job search websites: Sometimes, alerts from these websites can get mixed up in your mail. You don’t want to miss these alerts, especially the interview dates and thus should create a professional email account for job applications.

Sometimes, sham employers will extract your details from the internet and continue to send you spam emails. If you create a separate email for job searches, you can easily dispose of it after getting a job.

2. Use more than one website: The chances of finding a particular job on more than one website are very high. However, some employers still use only one job search website to list their available positions. Hence, your chances of getting a job are higher if you have accounts with multiple job search websites.

Having accounts on multiple websites is vital. However, make sure you are not signing up on ten or more websites. An average number—three reputable websites is good enough to get you your desired job.

3. Do not apply to every job: A report revealed that three out of every four job seekers do not get a response from employers. Hiring managers will surely view these people’s resumes. However, it is not surprising that most hiring managers do not send them a reply.

Many people target jobs they are not qualified for and apply just to ‘try their luck’. Avoid ‘just’ applying and hoping that you’ll beconsidered rather than tailoring your résumé to the job requirements. As a job seeker, apply only to jobs that resonate with your résumé; else, your resume will not get past the ATS.

4. Set notifications on job websites: It can be tiring to scan through a job website to find a post that suits your skills. To save you stress, set alerts so that you can be notified when relevant jobs are posted. As you get responses from employers, try to arrange them in a spreadsheet to keep track of your applications.

5. Career Coaching: Career Coaches offer a variety of services for every kind of job seeker. They guide you on how to create a cover letter and résumé that win jobs. Résumés are the first impressions the hiring manager has of you, so you need to make it your best shot.

Best Paid Job Services

There are as many job services online as there are job seekers.

The truth is that most of these services are unreliable and unreal. They just want to collect your details and use them for other activities.

As a professional looking for a job or a job-switch, you don’t want to get caught up in any of these websites. Also, you want to get a premium service from the job service you are using. If this is you, you should consider paying for a paid job service.

Here are seven of the best paid services for job seekers:

1. ZipRecruiter: People who are most qualified for a job are usually busy. These people do not have time to go through the online application process. These people just want to find a job that will give them a bigger paycheck but might be too caught up in their own tasks.

ZipRecruiter helps these people filter their job searches and makes it possible to find the perfect job for them. It also helps employers to find the best candidates qualified for a job. From helping small businesses advertise open positions to giving proper platform to a job marketplace, ZipRecruiter is now known for matching candidates and employers with its user-friendly interface.

ZipRecruiter homepage

ZipRecruiter gives templates to its users to help them prepare better applications. Whenever an employer posts a job, ZipRecruiter checks its database to find the best candidates for that job. A list of these candidates and their portfolios will be sent to the recruiter.

Recruiters can also add questions to help them narrow applicants for their job postings. ZipRecruiter runs on the web and mobile platforms, so you can access the platform with either your Android or Apple device.

It is best suitable for employers. Monthly subscriptions for these employers start from $249. The employers will have access to screening unlimited candidates for their job postings.

2. LinkedIn: LinkedIn is typically a social media platform but it is created for professionals to network with people in their fields. Employers now use this social media platform to hunt for qualified people. All you have to do is to have a standard profile and network with people in your field.

The more detailed you are in your profile, the easier it will be for hiring managers to find you. As a job seeker, you can send a direct message to an employer through LinkedIn but it only works with a premium account. You can see people who viewed your profile and let them know that you are available to work with them.

The premium LinkedIn services cost around $29.99 monthly, billed monthly, or $19.99 monthly, billed annually. LinkedIn might not be an ideal site for you if you are looking for an hourly job. Also, you need to constantly update your profile to appear relevant.

3. Monster: Monster was one of the pioneer job websites for job seekers and is still relevant to date. You can search for specific job titles and check the description to see if you are qualified. You will also get a free résumé review when you register on this website.

Monster homepage

If your résumé needs to be improved, Monster’s professional writers can assist you to refine it into an attractive document for a certain fee. You can also pay to write or rewrite your résumé, cover letter, or LinkedIn profile.

When you pay for any service, Monster gives you 60 days to use it to get your dream job. If you are not satisfied with your result after 60 days, you can request a refund.

4. Indeed Prime: If you search for the best paid services for job seekers, you will find Indeed at the top of the list. The site posts about 600 jobs every minute despite this large number, it’s still easy to navigate.

Indeed allows you to search for keywords or phrases in a job description and specific job titles. You can easily apply for jobs on Indeed by uploading your résumé on the site. You can also take competence tests to show employers that you are qualified.

Indeed Prime is the premium service of Indeed Jobs. Indeed Prime accepts your résumé, reviews it, and sends it to companies that need people with your qualifications. The flip side to Indeed Prime is it is only available to people in the tech industry.

5. Glassdoor: Glassdoor allows employees to find jobs and view company pages. People who have worked in a company can leave reviews about the company on Glassdoor. These reviews can help job seekers make informed decisions about the company.

Glassdoor also allows job seekers to choose from multiple filters. You can select a salary range, location, and company size, among other parameters. You can also set a job alert to get notifications every day or week.

Another feature of Glassdoor is Know Your Worth. This feature shows you the expected salary range for a job. This allows you to decide if leaving your current job is worth it.

6. The Muse: The Muse was originally a career advice blog for job seekers. This blog has gone a step further in helping people get the job of their choice. People can now search for jobs in all industries.

The Muse now collaborates with companies to discuss the companies’ culture. They interview current employees and publish the interviews. This allows job seekers to know if the company is suitable for them.

The Muse homepage

The Muse provides career coaching for different levels of professionals. Career coaches teach people everything they need to get a job and perform well at it. The price of this coaching depends on the expertise of the career coach.

7. VelvetJobs: VelvetJobs is the ideal service for people looking for a job in the entertainment industry. Job seekers can build a résumé and find jobs in the media, fashion, and entertainment industries.

You can have an account with more than one of these services to increase your chances of getting a job. However, it will be quite difficult for you to shuttle between these services especially if you are busy or can’t dedicate enough time for this all-worthy task.

In that case, you can use tools such as LoopCV to help you filter applications from these services and apply for jobs.

What Are The Alternatives to Job Websites?

Using job websites is not the only way to secure a job. There are other ways to get your dream job that does not involve you sitting at your system all day sending applications. Here are some of them:

  1. Networking
  2. Witnessing the company’s on-site office
  3. Visiting the Company’s Website
  4. Social Proofing and boosting your personal brand
  5. Reaching out to the recruiters directly

There are a lot of alternatives for job seekers looking for a well-paying job. However, nothing beats the advantage of applying through a job website, especially a paid one. The chances of getting a job are higher thus taking you one step closer to your dream job.

Finding a job is said to be a job in itself. You have to tailor your résumé to each job that you want to apply for. And that could be a lot of stress if you want to switch your job because you will have no time to send applications.

You can easily find jobs specifically tailored for your skills by using the LoopCV tool. The LoopCV tool scans for jobs that are suitable for you and helps you send applications. As a professional, you can save the time and stress used to apply for jobs on jobs platforms by using the LoopCV tool.

Job services take you more than a step closer to your desired job. but with LoopCV tool, you are one interview away from that job.

Originally published Nov 19 2023

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best-paid job portal in India?

The best-paid job portal in India is Naukri. There are others like Monster India, Linkedin, Shine, Indeed, Glassdoor, and so on.

Which job portal is the best for paid service?

The best job portal for paid services is Indeed. Following behind Indeed is Google for Jobs and LinkedIn.

Is it worth paying for job sites?

Job sites are worth paying for because they increase your chances of getting a job through standard and authentic practices.

What is the best job search engine?

The best job search engine is Indeed Jobs.


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CEO @ Loopcv

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