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Top 10 Upskilling Platforms: The Future of Learning and Career Growth

upskilling Feb 2, 2024

Are you on the lookout for upskill training options on the web? Do you think it’s the right time for education or/and career growth?

Maybe you’re one of those college students who are always acquiring new skills and never miss an opportunity to upgrade the current base of knowledge.

Luckily, we live in a world of gadgets that make a bunch of upskilling platforms just a click away. With that in mind, we did some homework for you.

Below are some of the top upskilling platforms and websites you should bookmark today and the main benefits of cyber options you will enjoy tomorrow.

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Best Upskilling Platforms 2024

Here’s a list of the top learning platforms that offer the best content that ranges from free-of-charge sources to cheaply priced.


For $244.99 per year, users are provided with unlimited access to 1400+ short courses and cyber CV-boosting certificates offered by reputed institutions.

The catalog of disciplines ranges from IT and Computer Science to History, Law, Psychology, Healthcare and Medicine, Creative Arts, Business, and so on. To begin your study journey at FutureLearn, browse the list of courses to see what works for you. Most online courses are 6–10 weeks long.

However, the service offers online courses that are 2–3 weeks long. At a UK-based digital education platform, you can learn by listening to audio, watching videos, or/and reading articles. Most steps are followed by quick quizzes created to evaluate how well you comprehend the given materials.


The company stands out as a reliable upskilling platform for high school, college, and university-level students. Known for its user-friendly interface and prompt service, FastEssay is a seamless experience for those who need to boost their academic writing skills.

The custom essay writing service delivers supreme quality and unique essays and serves as a learning resource, providing top-notch samples and helpful blog articles.

With 100% commitment to excellence, the company is an affordable resource for skill development for those living on a student budget, with prices starting from $13 per written page (275 words).


Do you dream of effortlessly conversing with native speakers, confidently writing professional emails, and finally achieving your English goals? Look no further than Promova, your personalized English tutor platform. We're not just about mastering the mechanics; we empower you to connect with the world and understand diverse cultures through language.

Promova caters to your unique needs. Craft your learning path, whether you're aiming for an exam like the IELTS, boosting your business English for career advancement, or simply wanting to chat freely with friends.

Expert, certified English tutors guide you every step of the way, their personalized attention tailored to your specific learning style and goals. Choose between focused 1:1 lessons for in-depth support or interactive group sessions for dynamic practice. Find the format that ignites your passion for learning.

Promova's success resonates with over 800,000 app downloads and a 10x growth in its learning community. Start your journey for just $39.99 for 4 lessons a month.


Looking for the hub of world-class teachers? Look no further! At Alison, current college students, graduates, and even employers who have just stepped into their professional routine can benefit from a wide assortment of digital-based courses.

More than 4000 options are available in the most popular niches like Health, Language, Business, Management, Personal Development, Sales & Marketing, Engineering & Construction, etc.

You’re welcome to go for Alison’s Certificate courses with an average completion time of no more than 3 hours to hone your skills in a singular concept. Or you may choose Diploma courses (8-10 hours) to get a more extensive understanding of a particular subject area by dealing with multiple concepts at a time. All courses at Alison are free.

However, you may choose the Premium option with $8.66 per month (all ads removed and up to 50% off certification). Once you’re done with the course, you become entitled to buy a Certificate as evidence of your achievement ($22.00 for a digital version of the certificate and $43.00 for a print). All the purchases are optional.


The online educational portal offers a great variety of courses, from techs to wellness. Certified and reputed experts at MasterClass teach online students by means of video lectures that typically last 2–4 hours.

Together with lectures, the platform offers workbooks, community forums, easy-to-use UI, etc. A standard subscription will cost you $180 per year.


The courses at Udemy start from $10 and reach $300. With more than 210,000 online video courses published every month, students can take advantage of diverse learning options. The platform connects you with qualified instructors in many different niches, including Music, Design, IT, Personal Development, Business, etc.

Google Digital Garage

Google is the go-to place for those who are looking for ways to boost their digital skills. Most of the online courses are free, including fields like Artificial intelligence, Cloud Computing, Coding & Development, Communication, Data & Analytics, Design, Digital Marketing, Digital Wellbeing, etc.


The popular course hub offers nearly 35,000 online lessons in many different niches, such as Creative Arts, Business, Technology, Lifestyle, and so on. Skillshare incorporates a great assortment of tools to encourage students, including discussion forums, class projects, and videos. Online instructors are professionals and creative minds, all being industry leaders.


Providing a range of creative workshops, online courses, and tutorials, CreativeLive offers you to get started for less than $13 per month.

Whether you’re a student looking to boost or learn new skills or a professional considering a field switch, CreativeLive is an exceptional place to start. With 24/7 access via desktop, mobile, or TV, the platform makes the process of learning enjoyable for beginners and pros.


Seems like everyone knows Duolingo and uses it. After all, it’s easy and fun. Famous for the so-called gaming approach, the platform is free. Online users are welcome to take courses in more than 30 languages. In addition to listening and speaking, you can enjoy a bunch of reading exercises, writing tasks, and other ways to practice the chosen language.


How about committing yourself to something beautiful? Playing the piano at Pianote is an incredible experience that learners from all levels can enjoy. The platform allows you to dive into all aspects of piano playing, from theoretical materials to repertoire. For $20 per month, you will get unlimited piano lessons, access to more than 1000 popular songs, and real teachers.

Upskilling Platforms: Learning Benefits for Undergrads

Together with the multiple options, online upskilling platforms come with tons of benefits for students, providing them with opportunities to hone their knowledge, skills, and career prospects. The key benefits of upskilling are summed up below:

  • Accessibility and flexibility. You can access the chosen course from anywhere and usually anytime.
  • Diverse options. Upskilling platforms are the oasis for the most diverse courses that cover anything from Arts to AI.
  • Cost-effectiveness. There are many low-cost courses that are more affordable than a conventional educational program.
  • Self-paced learning. If you’re looking for ways to learn at your own pace, upskilling platforms rock. You have a chance to progress in the most comfortable manner.
  • Global networking opportunities. Online platforms are similar to social media, connecting you to a global community of learners. Exchanging ideas has never been easier!

Ready for some upskilling? Don’t forget to evaluate your progress as you go. It’s like being a keen adventurer to the fabled city of gold, El Dorado – you have to regularly check if you are still on your way to the destination.


Zoi Kotsou

Copywriter - Content writer - Content Strategist

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