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Tactics You Can Use to Ensure You Get the Best Candidate for the Job

candidates Apr 27, 2023

There is nothing more tiresome and frustrating than hunting through heaps of applications in search of the small selection of ideal candidates.

Having certain goals in mind for your new recruit could mean missing the perfect person, so it is a wise idea to have an open mind when dealing with your selection process.

However, this task could be narrowed down significantly if you have only perfect candidates applying for your vacancy.

The best way to do this is to focus on what they would want from their role within your business.

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Make sure that your vacancy advert is seen in as many places as possible

It is highly unlikely, although not impossible, that the first person applying for the job role you offer will be the best candidate – especially if you have designed your recruitment campaign to be shown in such a way that very few interested parties will be able to view it.

However, in broadening the reach of your recruitment campaign and getting your vacancy advert in as many places as possible, you may find that you manage to attract the right person relatively quickly.

There are, of course, the usual avenues of job sites, recruitment agencies, and wanted ads in local papers. Additionally, however, there are also alternatives.

By enlisting the help of SEO blog writing service providers, you will be able to make your job posting (and website in general) much more visible online to jobseekers.

Essentially, you’ll be able to show your vacancy to those individuals who are actively searching and seeking the role you are offering via search engine optimization techniques. This means that some of your new recruits will find your job role much more easily rather than you having to seek them out.

Offer quality benefits packages to kick in after the trial period

It has become a standard to offer some sort of benefits packages with an offer of employment, whether this is a health plan, dental plan, vision package, or of course, a mixture of all three – as they add considerably to the job compensation package.

Not offering any will most certainly limit the number of candidates that apply to work for your company.

Even if you fill your job role, the individual in question will probably continue to seek employment with the right package elsewhere and so will not stay for long at your establishment.

Of course, if you choose to offer one or more of these to your candidates, you should take the precaution that they will not gain any benefit from them until after their employment trial period has ended, for instance, after three months of settling in time.

This will then reduce the chance of employees taking advantage of any offered benefits and then promptly leaving your company with the mind of doing the same elsewhere.

Define a clear career path for the right candidate

Most candidates that are looking to progress their careers are looking for companies that will support them on their journey. Offering these sorts of individuals a dead-end job and thinking that they will be happy in it will be sorely mistaken.

However, offering them the means to gain promotion and paying for additional qualifications - or offering them work experience within other areas of your business so that they can progress will not only provide insight for them but also define a career path that they can take within your business.

Widen your candidate pool by looking at remote workers

If you are expecting your candidates to make it into your office every day of the week, then you are narrowing your candidate pool down to those interested individuals within your business’s immediate area.

Although you will find that there are those who are willing to commute, you (and they) will very quickly see that this is just not practical.

Regardless of whether the journey is taken by car, train, or bus, the individual in question will find it tiring and even exhausting. This will, after time, have a knock-on effect on the quality of their work, their output, or in their timekeeping.

The end result will be that they will either decide to look elsewhere for employment, you will have to let them go, or their health will deteriorate due to the added stress that is being put on them by themselves, colleagues, or managers.

To step out of this circle, you will find that the very modern method of remote working could suit all concerned. It will most certainly widen your candidate pool to either nationwide or even global, should you want it to. This will mean that you will indeed have the pick of the talent crop to consider employing for your vacancy.

Realize that it is more than just a face-to-face interview

Many people in this world are very good at face-to-face interviews but not so good at performing the jobs offered at the end of the process. Turning this upon its head, you will find that some go to pieces at an interview but can outperform the majority when it comes to perfecting the task at hand.

This is why it is so important to ensure that you have some tasks for your interview nominees to perform that will be connected to the job role they will be performing. You may think that in doing this, you will be moving away from being able to offer the position to a remote worker; however, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Software can be obtained or even written that can mimic tasks within the job role that you are offering, which can then be set up as an online exam or interview selection procedure.

This will not only provide you with an insight into how the candidate will cope within the role but will also provide them with an insight into what will be expected of them.

Ensure any possible recruit fits in with the team they will be joining

Once you have your shortlist of recruits, you need to make sure that they will work well with the rest of the team that they will be joining. Personality clashes are certainly nothing new within the workplace.

However, introducing the wrong type of personality into a thriving team can cause the original team members to be despondent, divided, or even dysfunctional.

At the end of the day, you want your new recruit to bring something positive to the team and beneficial to your company. Having them spend a bit of time in their new surroundings and their new team can shed a bit of light on their behavior, even though they are likely to be well-behaved in this situation.

Final thoughts

So, by widening your recruitment pool and placing your advert in front of as many interested parties as possible, you will find that you can search through the cream of candidates.

These individuals will want to work in a company where they are looked after with benefits packages and valued enough to be shown a clear career progression path.

You need to keep in mind that not every candidate will be good in interview situations, so do not cast aside those that do not come across particularly well; this could be just down to nerves.

In your selection process, you should provide them with a task to complete to see if they can do the job role that you are offering. Again, it is a good move not to hover over those that are nervous and, where possible, get a member of staff to oversee this part of the interview for you.

Lastly, you should introduce those candidates in which you are particularly interested to the team they will be working with.

Give them some time to get accustomed and even set them a task to complete together to see how they get on. If the recruit does not fit for any reason, your team is likely to tell you so.

However, you will have to consider your team members’ personality traits when listening to their feedback, and maybe asking for their valuable input individually would be better than addressing them as a group.


Zoi Kotsou

Copywriter - Content writer - Content Creator - Columnist

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