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11 Steps to Becoming a Beauty and Fashion Writer

writing jobs Sep 21, 2022

With blogging offering a myriad of people out there a living, thousands of blogs started every day.

Notably, one of the popular topics in blogging has been the beauty and fashion, owing to people’s endless desire to look stunning as a lifestyle need. However, with a pool of talented writers, starting your blog can be a daunting task.

Nevertheless, successful writers will always find productivity hacks to ensure they keep up with the competition. The following are the top eleven steps towards becoming a successful beauty and fashion writer.

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1. Pick Your Niche

The number one step for any blogger or writer is identifying the niche they need to write on. With beauty and fashion being a big topic, tons of niches are under the bracket based on age, gender, location, etc. For example, you might choose to write on beauty and fashion for women, men, young people, or even old people.

You might even go further and decide what beauty and fashion information you might need to write for the targeted population. With this comes finding a sub-niche within the niche, for example, high-end or affordable beauty and fashion tips for women. Generally, one needs to stick with their niche for faster growth, thanks to the audience's consistency.

2. Learn How to Write for SEO

One of the greatest productivity hacks writers need to adopt for successful blogging is SEO writing.

Here, writers need to understand where to add headers to the writings and break up long paragraphs to readable. Where the need arises to include links in writing, writers should ensure that they have links related to their niche.

Notably, search engines rely greatly on SEO formatting to rank articles on the search results.

3. Identify What Platform You Wish to Write On

After identifying the target audience you need to reach, the major question that remains to be answered is what platform you will reach this audience. Well established new writers will opt in for the creation of their website. However, sites like Medium and Substack offer a great platform for writers who do not know how to get started with their websites.

Additionally, you might notice that starting writing on sites like Medium places you at a greater chance of garnering higher traffic since they are more established. The decision here is the writer’s to make on which platform to use to deliver their content to their esteemed audience.

4. Consider Taking a Writing Class

Let's be factual!

Every beginner will always need some guidance on the side to help them in their new journey. Even though you might have gathered a lot of information, that alone is not enough to have you hit the ground running and successful.

Taking some writing lessons is among the productivity hacks that set one better prospect of making it a new writer thanks to the tons of customized and fluff-free information on what you need to succeed.

5. Start by Writing for Other Sites

Experience is unbeatable; that’s why writing for other sites appears on the list of productivity hacks that might have you shoot to the top quickly.

Before you start writing on your blog, reach out to sites that might require you to write for them unique content. Notably, this helps you gauge your writing skills and offer you a chance to rectify what might be amiss with your writing skills.

Start with guest writing or freelance blog writing on sites like Fiverr or Upwork to gain the much-needed experience. This might also help you gain the needed attention on your name hence gaining adequate traffic on your start-up.

6. Set Realistic Goals

Most of the bloggers or writers on beauty and fashion blogs get to begin their journey to make tons of money. This is the dream for most, but there is the fact that every beginner must come to terms with. To make a fortune from writing, you will need to invest both time and effort. No productivity hack in writing guarantees you that you will sleep and wake up a millionaire with just a few articles on your name!

Acknowledge that there you will take quite some time before making your first big pay on writing. Create a professional invoice and send it to them so that it appears to be a business transaction to generate a great first impression.

Therefore, set realistic goals on what you need to achieve in a given timeframe in your writings. However, note that you will need to publish consistently on your blog to keep your audience engaged and growing.

7. Focus on Networking

Among the most reputable productivity hacks for gaining traffic is networking.

Here you need to reach out to other writers under this niche. Here, beginners get insights on what can aid them start their blogs right and successfully.

With many bloggers offering their contact information on their ‘About’ page of their blog, one can easily reach them out, hence building a great network.

8. Build a Writing

While accessing websites, users will, in most cases, look for content from writers with a great portfolio.

Therefore, you might need to develop a portfolio that tells the audience who you are.

You should include your past accolades for new visitors to see. Including a link to your portfolio might work best in this case. A great portfolio is a key to attracting attention from new readers.

9. Get Involved in Social Media

With social media, you can always take advantage of the ever-growing and large audience that remains untapped.

All you need is to sign up with popular social media platforms and ensure that you have a great profile that shows who you are. Notably, you might need to keep your audience engaged by regularly posting.

You can also follow other reputable writers and build some networks. Here, you can always converse on the beauty and fashion niche trends, exchanging ideas on what to do to achieve better traffic, hence better prospects for money-making.

10. Create Outlines for Posts

It is easy for a beginner in writing to get demotivated, seeing the number of posts they might need to start their blog. Even harder is when you feel like you have exhausted the energy to keep going on with writing for new posts.

However, a great productivity hack is to plan for your writings by creating outlines for posts. Here, you get to allocate a specific time and date for whatever tasks are ahead, minimizing the chances of skipping your writing tasks or getting demotivated.

11. Pitch Ideas to Major Publications

Attention to your name is the greatest move towards being a reputable brand as a writer and blogger. Like guest writing, pitching ideas to major publications is a great way to have you acquire the much-needed attention. Therefore, invest time in understanding how to write an effective pitch and send lots of ideas to major publications.

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Wrap Up

It's always a daunting task for a beginner in writing on beauty and fashion, with the niche quite popular among writers. However, this doesn’t mean that you won't make it here.

All you need to do is have the perfect laid out plan on achieving growth and have a great name assigned to your brand.

With the above tips, you can move from being a beginner to a reputable writer, and best about it all, earn that fat check.

About the Contributor

Veselin Mladenov is the Content Manager of ThriveMyWay. He has more than 10 years of experience in the field of corporate marketing and sales, and decided to pursue his passion - digital marketing and content creation.

LinkedIn: Veselin Mladenov

Twitter: @VeselinMladeno6


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