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Social Media Aggregator: Why does your website need it?

social media Jan 16, 2023

Social media aggregators are becoming popular among brands who wish to leverage social media feeds on their websites. This and many similar features of these aggregators made them a must-have in any successful marketing campaign.

This way, brands develop a positive and outstanding digital footprint in your industry.

While content aggregation is the new content creation, industries also find it important to repurpose user-generated content (UGC) on the website to deliver high-quality, relatable, and fresh content in places where they are most impactful.

Many marketing gurus will speak about the importance of content creation to capture the attention of diverse audiences. This ranges from short captions on social media platforms to high-quality videos created by production houses, podcasts, and image-based updates communicated via memes and infographics.

We know it is a good idea to have diverse content in order to cater to various audiences.

However, creating unique content every time can be overwhelming, time-consuming, and expensive, especially for small brands with budget constraints and limited resources.

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Social media aggregators were launched to nurture marketers struggling with these issues. Let’s understand them better.

What is a social media aggregator?

Social media aggregators can be well-defined as a piece of software that brings diver content to one place from multiple social media platforms.

A good aggregator will allow you to specify search terms such as hashtags, mentions, profiles, usernames, etc., and select the preferred source network such as Instagram, Twitter, Google, etc.

These tools work by querying social networks to search terms that the user enters and sorts the data to determine the most relevant content for the specified use case.

In simple words, if you instruct the aggregator tool to fetch only reels from Instagram, it will automatically eliminate any image, story, or IGTV from its sorting category.

To sum it up, we can say these tools are not limited to content but aggregate data altogether. They also process metadata accompanying the content to understand the updates better, giving marketers more control over how the data can be used.

Why use a social media aggregator?

Here is a list of some benefits of social media aggregators that can help you understand them further.

1. Social proof

When you display social media feeds or UGC on the website, it creates a trustworthy first impression in the visitor’s eyes. This encourages potential clients to take your brand into consideration for their purchasing needs.

2. Trust

People trust recommendations from other people more than what the brand has to say about them. This is why brands generate UGC so vigorously. Social media feeds on the website like instagram can make a huge difference in shaping their purchase decisions.

3. Displays UGC

UGC as we know is extremely effective. UGC ads get 4 times more click-throughs than any branded content-based ads. You also improve the user experience, boost engagement, and much more.

User engagement increases by 38% when they are exposed to a combination of UGC and branded content. UGC videos on YouTube get 10 times more views than videos created by the brand. It also gives them the recognition a brand requires.

4. Helps with improved SEO

Using social media aggregator platforms you can eliminate or highlight any content as per your requirements. Brands aggregate UGC which is high-quality content stuffed with relevant keywords, making it a good source for improving your SEO ranking.

SEO-friendly content is difficult to create, it requires a lot of keyword research, understanding the target audience, internal linking, and much more. However, by aggregating UGC, most of your SEO work is done which is the crucial part of the digital marketing course.

5. Improves website dwell time

Social media aggregator platforms offer you customization and moderation features that help you create an engaging and responsive widget.  

As a market view, many people buy Instagram reel views to show their content is engaging. When used effectively, these features hold the potential to successfully improve your website dwell time.

Apart from this you also get the benefit of analytics features. This feature gives you insights about what your audience likes and dislikes, you can use this information to make necessary changes in your widget and offer highly relatable content that keeps your audience hooked to the website.

6. Stand out from the crowd

Everything depends on how unique you are. With people becoming smarter and smarter, standing out from your competitors is highly important. Wondering how you can stand out? With social media aggregators of course.

These aggregators help you collect content from multiple influencers and display them on your website.

You need unique, authentic, and reliable content to shower genuineness and uniqueness in your audience. But is that enough? Learn everything about what your competitors are doing and mold your strategies to stand out.

7. Choose The Right Employees

With your planning and training, another important thing is to choose the right employees to start your campaign successfully.

Find competitive, educated, brand advocates, entrepreneurs, social media savvy people who consume content created online. When these talents create content, it is informative, engaging, and benefits the business in terms of brand reach and authenticity.

Ways to use Social media aggregator on the website

These tools do not limit you in any manner. You can use multiple networks and create different types of feeds using connection types. On the contrary, these tools create endless opportunities for your social feeds.

Play smart and don’t adjust to social media posts only. Here are some ideas:

1. Shoppable feeds

This type of feed comes in handy for your eCommerce store. You can improve the website experience by adding shoppable galleries to your website using a social wall that includes User-generated content. You can then tag the products used in those UGC images, and capitalize on the users’ inspiration.

2. Combine UGC social wall

Why settle with just one social wall? Instead, make it more appealing by combining content from multiple platforms.

For example, you can use Instagram and Facebook in one social wall to improve network activity and display diverse, relatable, and unique content in one stunning wall.

3. Create a slideshow

Static images are old news, display UGC and highlight your products being used in a slideshow. This allows users to see your diverse collection without any effort. They do not have to scroll or shuffle between multiple pages. Show your potential clients how your products serve the current customers to create a sense of trust and inspire them further.

4. Hashtag Campaign

To get a good motivator boost hashtag campaigns are your best bet. They hold the potential to spread your message to a larger audience and motivate users to post content about your brand.

When it comes to displaying content on your hashtag social wall, the sky is the limit. Be it travel-related content, or food review content, anything, and everything can be displayed perfectly.

With this, you show an overview of your brand to your potential clients from actual existing or past customers who have experience with the brand. This increases trust within the potential audience helps in decision-making and converts them faster.

What is the best social media aggregator in 2022?

Ask yourself what kind of content you wish to display. Video aggregation tools can be very different from text-based tools. Some tools are better in specific social networks while others have the ability to support multiple social media platforms.

One of the best social media aggregators that we have come across is Taggbox. It is a user-generated content platform that delivers a variety of use cases. You can aggregate content from more than 20 platforms and display them on the website without any coding expertise.

You get a personalization feature where you can customize the background, theme settings, font size, font style, card style, add a CTA, and use custom CSS to further implement your inspiration apart from the default settings.

Moreover, some additional features include:

  • Pin the best content on top by highlighting it.
  • You get real-time updates on the website
  • Moderate the content before displaying it by eliminating any sensitive or inappropriate content from the widget.
  • Get analytics features that help you with detailed insights about how the widget is performing.
  • Apart from this, you also get information about the no. of clicks, no. of posts, no. of views, no. of impressions, and much more.
  • Get visual maps about the top locations from where your audience is coming.

These aggregators give you a one-stop solution to all your marketing issues. More than this, you also get to choose from multiple CMS platforms like WordPress, HTML, Wix, Shopify, Squarespace, etc.

Adjust the dimensions of your widget that suit your website the most, preview the widget, and simply paste the embed code into your website's backend.

Voilà! Your widget is live and functional on your website.

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Most aggregator tools are pretty simple, all you need to do is sign up, specify the terms, get the embed code to paste it into your website, and you are done. The ease of customization and freedom to play the battlefield, make these tools so popular.

To level up your marketing efforts, make your website worth it, and build a powerful reputation in the market you can use social media aggregator platforms.

Author bio:

Kanika, A believer in the power of words. I agree with Dumbledore when he says,

“Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic, capable of both inflicting injury and remedying it.”


Zoi Kotsou

Copywriter - Content writer - Content Creator - Columnist

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