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7 Highly Effective Persuasion Techniques for your Career Advancement

Career development Nov 9, 2022

Just like advertisers and marketers use persuasion techniques to engage customers and get sales, professionals can use the same persuasion techniques to market themselves within their career and get career advancement out of it. This article will explore seven different persuasive techniques that you can use to move up in life.

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What are Persuasion Techniques?

Persuasion techniques are based in psychology - they are tools you can use to influence both people’s opinions and actions. Different techniques are better in different areas, so we will explore them all in detail, so you can know which one to use where

Highly Effective Persuasion Techniques for your Career Advancement

Other lists of persuasion techniques are miles long. We have boiled all the minute details of persuasion techniques into the seven most basic techniques that you can use.

“What’s in it for me?” Persuasion Technique

Technically, you already know what is in it for you. You know what you want. Now your goal is to convince them what’s in it for them. Explain all the benefits they will get if they do what you want them to. Make this all about how it affects them positively. Once they see that agreeing with you gives them an advantage, they will be more likely to go along with what you have proposed.

You can also point out everything that will benefit you alongside them. This is called “talking about ‘we’ rather than ‘you.’” You are highlighting that there will be benefits for them, but also for you, but mostly for the both of you together. It is a mutually beneficial decision.

Something else that goes into this technique is the idea of risk elimination. If you mention that there are little to no risks with giving you a new position, you are assuaging their fears about the risk of spending more money on you. Truly sell yourself for the position, and then make sure you will deliver.

Scarcity Persuasion Technique

This is a very common persuasion technique in advertising. Something has more value if it seems limited. This is why collector’s items are so prized, because there are only so many of them made. Therefore, you can use this to your advantage when you are leveraging for a career advancement.

Do this by either pointing out a scarcity within the company that you can fill, or by pointing out that you yourself are a scarce resource that they would be remiss if they lost you. However, don’t immediately start with “give me a promotion or I will quit” because that may end with you no longer having a job.

Thus, it is actually safer to point out a scarcity that you can fill rather than suggesting you are a scarce resource. However, if you have been working in a position for a long time and have stagnated and also have something else potentially lined up, this persuasion technique can be very effective. You point out that you are a valuable asset and if they don’t give you a promotion, you will take your very valuable skills elsewhere.

By taking your skills elsewhere, you may either shift to a similar job, or change to a job within a career cluster. Either way, you are pointing out to your current boss that you will leave if they do not start valuing you appropriately.

The idea of scarcity always makes people want to act more quickly, which also leads to the next technique, which is creating a sense of urgency.

Urgency Persuasion Technique

Overcome the prospect of procrastination and the potential excuses to delay by pointing out that by giving you a promotion now, the company will gain something immediately. Point out some deadline that you will only be able to fill if you are given what you want. Make it seem like something needs to be done now, or they will end up losing time or money.

Point out a need (perceived or otherwise) that the company has and list all the ways you will be able to fill it - but only if they capitulate. You would love to slide into that position to fill that need, but they need to act fast because otherwise the opportunity will be lost.

“Make them laugh” Persuasion Technique

This technique is all about making them comfortable. You can evoke many emotional responses, but making them comfortable with the idea of giving you something beneficial is one of the fastest ways to get what you want.

Sure, when it comes to advertising and marketing, you will often see customers being guilted into buying something, but when you are trying to advance your career, it is best to stay within the positive emotions for optimal results.

Reciprocity Persuasion Technique

People are naturally inclined to repay debts and return favors. If you do something nice for someone, they’ll naturally want to do something nice back for you. So, go in and point out all the nice things you have already done and suggest that the best way to be repaid would be a promotion or an otherwise advancement. You have already provided them with value, let them provide you with value in return.

This technique is also considered the “Lead By Example” technique. You have done something for someone, and now it is time for them to do something in return.

This technique can be very effectively employed right after you have done something big for them. Because then, when you remind them what you have done, your successes will be fresh in their mind. The hot-hand phenomenon is where people tend to believe in streaks of success. So, if you are already coming in with a recent success in hand, they will be more likely to bet that you will continue to succeed.

Commitment and Consistency Persuasion Technique

In general, people tend to be very consistent, both with their actions and their beliefs. This technique can take longer than other techniques if you play the long game, but it is also worth it. The idea is to create an idea of both commitment and consistency between yourself and them.

Prove that you are committed by doing what they ask of you. You cannot necessarily control the asks, but it is best if they are small asks that don’t cause you much effort to fill. If you do this consistently enough, you then also prove that you are reliable and determined.

Start small and work your way up. Then, when you ask for a big break and a promotion, they are more likely to give it to you because you have already proven yourself as a committed and consistent employee.

Consensus Persuasion Technique

This is all about observing what is going around you and working within the larger group. Communicate with them that other companies are succeeding when they have people in the position you are asking for. Highlight all the successes and promise that you will fulfil your end of the bargain.

This is great for when you are asking for a position that does not already exist, and you would like them to craft it for you while you pilot it for them. Alternatively, this is a good solution for when a position has emptied, and they don’t seem to be in a hurry to fill it.

That is when you point out how many successes you were having with that position filled, and now risk losing because no one is there to facilitate. And thus, you are the perfect person for the job for all the reasons you have already determined.

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All of these persuasion techniques are proven to work in marketing and in other areas. You should have no trouble adapting them for a different type of marketing - marketing yourself to your boss to get yourself a better job. Good luck out there with your career advancement!

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