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Part-time Work for Students on the Internet: How and Where to Find It

part-time work Jan 30, 2023

Interaction between people, not in person but online, has long been commonplace thanks to the global Internet network.

Thanks to it, people of different ages, categories, interest groups, nationalities, and more interact with each other. This interaction is not limited to online communication for fun (as it used to be in various social networks) or exchanging opinions on a common topic of interest just for the sake of communication.

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Nowadays, many people are free to work remotely, thanks to online opportunities.

And because of the infamous Covid-19 pandemic and the restrictions it has caused, the number of workers working online from home is breaking records compared to years before the pandemic.

It’s also interesting that for most employees, this does not affect the quality of their work. And many are so comfortable with this way of working that they insist on continuing the home office format.

So, not only communication but also online work has become a common thing in our modern society.

In turn, this opens up much wider opportunities for students interested in additional income and looking for it. Previously, to earn extra income, students had to work as waiters in cafés or restaurants or as animators in children's entertainment centers. These jobs required physical presence at the place of work.

And students also spent time getting to that place. Distributing advertising flyers on the streets, courier delivery, and other activities for students in parallel with their studies were also jobs that required physical strength and a sharp shift in time from studying to those activities.

The purpose of this article is not to convince them not to do such a part-time job.

If it is honest and conscientious, every job deserves respect and a decent attitude. But if there is an opportunity to save time on getting to the workplace and spend it on the work itself, why not do it?

Moreover, online earning opportunities are more comprehensive than just a few professions or crafts.

With the development of the latest technologies, new opportunities to earn money are increasingly appearing.

All you need is a laptop or computer, a good Internet connection, and an interest in a particular field. But you should not forget to study if due to the larger amount of work, you will not have enough time for homework, use essay writing services and get good grades while doing nothing.

Of course, it's not just about interest. You also need to have certain skills. The last ones vary depending on the field the student has chosen for online work.

However, this will be fine for a smart and inquisitive student. After all, being no longer pupils but college or university students, they have much more skills and abilities. These are the skills of the specific professions they are learning, and the skills related to their interests and hobbies.

So why not apply it all? Let's look at how to do this in the best way possible, having a comfortable schedule without leaving home.

Opportunities and Professions Available for Part-time Work Online

1. If you want to benefit as many people as possible, namely search engine users, you can become a SEARCH ENGINE EVALUATOR.

Search engines want to make sure that their features meet the needs of their users as good as they can. That is why they create feedback forms. Search engine evaluators fill out these forms and answer various questions. This way, search engines understand which algorithms they need to update first.

2. Other part-time job opportunities include TRANSCRIPTIONIST.

This job is an acoustic one and requires attention to detail. You need to listen carefully to the audio recordings and record absolutely everything you hear in writing. You have to type every word without skipping a beat.

These records will then be used by customers depending on their needs. It can be the credits to a movie or video, a visual representation of phrases for online phrasebooks, and so on.

Previously, the process of applicant searching was carried out exclusively offline.

First, the candidates received a phone call, during which the recruiter decided whether to invite them to the company for the next interview level. Depending on the level of job difficulty, the candidates could have more than one interview before the final decision on their suitability was made.

Now all these stages are successfully taking place online. You can be the person who will be the first to call the candidate.

3. This is the job of an ONLINE RECRUITER.

According to the requirements for a particular vacancy, an online recruiter first searches online candidate search resources. Then they select resumes and conduct online correspondence followed by phone calls.

After that, they organize the next call or online meeting between the relevant candidate and the head of the department or director of the company.

4. If you are fluent with words and can't imagine your day without creating an interesting story or content in writing, you can try your hand at being an ESSAY WRITER or CONTENT WRITER.

Content writer - Part-time work online

No doubt, there are differences between these concepts. Essay Writer creates long and capacious articles for websites or individual publications and writes the same-day essay or academic papers for overloaded students.

The last ones often need the help of a professional essay writing service to make their work professional and perfect. Content Writers often work with social media, where they create posts and various interesting stories about a particular company, its products, and services.

They may also draw attention to a particular brand. Each of them must be fluent and competent in the language in which the article or post is created. They must also be able to write in an interesting and meaningful way.

After all, the ultimate goal of the content created is to gently encourage the reader to go to the company's website, learn more about its services, or discover the company as a brand.

5. Are literacy and meticulousness your key features? Then you can earn money as a PROOFREADER.

Only some people who create interesting content can express it in writing with 100% competence. And even experienced authors often need the services of a proofreader.

After all, an outsider's perspective is a fresh look and an objective assessment of what was written. Therefore, perseverance and interest in proofreading a new text can bring you additional income.

6. The work of a GRAPHIC DESIGNER deserves special attention.

It can also be performed exclusively online, with only occasional visits to the office to participate in creative team meetings if you are working on the project with others.

However, even such meetings are increasingly organized completely remotely. Especially if the team consists of people, who are geographically located in different parts of the world, just like an experienced copywriter, a graphic designer should make the visitor interested in taking a certain action on the site. The best such action would be to order a certain product or service from the company.

Therefore, the site should look more than just visually attractive. After all, the content will be presented through a successful combination of colors, shapes, and more.

7. Among online jobs, the position of a WEB DEVELOPER is also highly valued.

If you already know coding and HTML formatting, you can try this profession online. Every company owner who wants to create a website wants it to be as beneficial to his business as possible.

A web developer will help him with this. They not only develop the site from scratch but also keep it running properly.

8. Another online job, which can be either part-time or full-time, is to work as a TRANSLATOR.

If you are fluent in at least one foreign language and literate on your own, you can apply your knowledge to make a profit. Your chances increase if you know a couple of foreign languages and have a specialized education beyond philology.

After all, translations can relate not only to product descriptions on the websites of various stores. If you are a med student and know a foreign language, you can translate medical texts professionally. You may be studying law, in this case, you will be able to translate notary and legal texts.

9. Many companies do not wait for a potential customer to find their product or website on their own. They hire online SALES MANAGERS.

You will need to familiarize yourself with the company's services or products online.

After that, you will make calls to the hot or cold customer base and offer the company's services or products according to the approved conversation script. So, this job will suit you if you are not afraid of intense communication with people you don't know via online communication or email.

All you need is to be able to describe the benefits of the product you are talking about in an unobtrusive and best possible way and inspire the client's trust in the product or service.

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10. The job of an ONLINE CONSULTANT may be somewhat similar.

However, unlike the previously described duties, online consultants often communicate with the company's existing customers and advise them on its products or services. They answer questions from clients who are already using the company's offerings. They can also make additional sales at the same time.

11. The work of a BOOK REVIEWER and a MOVIE REVIEWER is quite different from previous online jobs.

If you are fond of reading books and devouring them at the speed of light, you can also earn extra money with this hobby. All you need to do is read a book and write a review to encourage others to read it.

The same goes for movie lovers. Can't imagine your week without watching at least a few movies? Can you briefly describe the plot after watching a movie concisely and interestingly? If so, you can create movie reviews for online cinemas and movie sites.

12. The work of a TUTOR also deserves special attention.

If you know another language besides English, you can teach those for whom it is a foreign language. There are many websites on the Internet where educational managers create groups of students of different ages and levels of knowledge. You can agree with them on the time when it will be convenient for you to act as a tutor.

13. Also, if you are professionally involved in a particular sport, you can offer your services online as a SPORTS TUTOR.

You can record videos showing how to properly perform a physical exercise to train a specific body part. It can also be videos with physical exercises for general maintenance of the body in a healthy tone. You can create such videos both for individual clients and for group classes.

Many people can be top-notch professionals. But when it comes to creating a resume, they need clarification and need to present their skills in a favorable light.

14. If you have already had a similar experience and have improved in this area, you can become a RESUME WRITER.

By providing this service, you can help others get closer to their dream job or company.

If you are so passionate about a certain topic that you have much more knowledge about it than others, you can share it online.

To do this, you can create a personal blog, vlog, podcast, or professional social media page. You will increase your online audience by passionately writing about something or creating video content about it.

The key is to create content systematically. When your audience reaches several thousand or more, you can advertise on your page.

15. You can also advertise something. This way, you will work at your convenience as an ONLINE INFLUENCER.

16. If you are good with numbers and are studying economics or finance, you can choose ONLINE BOOKKEEPER as a home-based online job.

Your job will be to help certain clients or companies keep their financial records.

17. Among other online jobs, there is one called DATA ENTRY SPECIALIST.

Your role will be to update data from other sources on the company's servers. You will also be responsible for keeping the data entered up to date and making it available to others.

What Do We Have as a Result

Online work, both full-time and part-time, is wider than a few offers. And the more skills a student has, the more chances he or she has to choose from a wide range of online opportunities. The main things are desire, proper free time management, and high-speed Internet.

It's also worth adding that financial independence is only the first obvious advantage that students gain. Many people first think of online work from home as a solely additional income.

And that's all it will be. But along with the financial topic, there are other obvious advantages on the horizon. Part-time online work allows you to gain new experience. And new experience is priceless.

Also, thanks to such work, students improve their existing skills.

By working part-time, students further define what they would like to do in the future. What used to seem like a hobby or a pleasant pastime can later become a full-time job.

Online work can also help to build a professional network of contacts. And this will be an investment in their professional future and further career. After all, the more professional connections one has, the wider one's customer base can be.

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But every business requires seriousness and care. It's the same with an online job search.

Before accepting a particular offer, do some preliminary work. If you are hearing about a company for the first time, learn as much as you can about it, read reviews, and familiarize yourself with the requirements of a particular employer.

Sometimes, the same job position in different companies may have different additional requirements in addition to the key requirements that are the same.

Once you have familiarized yourself with the requirements, compare them with your existing skills. Check your resume.

Is it clear that you are suitable for the position you are applying for?

Armed with a strong resume and an overwhelming desire to work, believe in your success and explore new opportunities.

John Marlow

Essay writer and researcher on the topic of active employment of students despite their main studies. He has tried various online jobs while pursuing his main specialized education. As an author of articles, he actively shares his experience on such topics.


Zoi Kotsou

Copywriter - Content writer - Content Strategist

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