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Literature That a Student Should Read Before Looking for a Job

books Nov 24, 2022

Reading books never goes out of style. While we now have many media outlets to provide information today, nothing beats reading books. If you're about to graduate, and you're thinking about looking for a job, read some books about work.

Books can help you turn into a well-rounded individual. They can inspire and motivate you. They can even shake up your boring routine. Here are some books to include in your must-read list before you start looking for a job.

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100 Conversations for Career Success: Learn to Network, Cold Call, and Tweet Your Way to Your Dream Job

It is in college where you will learn most of the knowledge needed to succeed in a future career. But if you want to learn some soft skills, too, make time for this book. It could help you discover the real-world challenges to face after graduation.

It's a great choice for one of the books to improve work performance. This book offers valuable tips for job searching and networking. As the title suggests, the book focuses on teaching new grads to cold call, network, and reach out with intention. After reading, it's okay to start doing what the book suggests. Following the tips could give you an edge over other graduates.

Lord of the Flies

This book has been around for decades. It never seems to lose its appeal, thanks to the important message. The story revolves around the psyche of teenagers and how they think of the future world.

Some themes explored in this book include rationality, groupthink, and morality. The narrative symbolizes our dependence as individuals on social structure. This also happens to be the one thing that sets us apart from savagery.

While on the island, the kids had to learn how to conquer their anxieties. They also had to learn the basic survival elements. Throughout the book, they discover their capability to do things that go against human nature. This is because there was no risk of punishment.

When applied to the real world, this book is extremely interesting, especially when thinking about life's challenges. After reading the book mentioned above, you can read Lord of the Flies essay examples on EduBirdie website.

Never Eat Alone

The story in this book revolves around Ferrazzi. He is a master worker who narrates how he used connections to get into Yale and study for his undergraduate degree.

He also got into Harvard for his MBA, and later, he landed several top executive positions. Based on Ferrazzi's experiences and some research, he has a very important claim. According to him, networking can spell the difference between an average individual and a successful one.

Ferrazzi also wants to help others achieve their dreams. He does this by laying out the exact steps he took. He talks about reaching out to the people in his network. He also provides tips from the most well-connected people in the modern political and business worlds.

These are the same tips Ferrazze used to connect with the power players of Washington and the A-listers of Hollywood. If these people helped him, they could help you too.

Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder

There are many self-help books for work out there. But it's also important to learn about work-life. This book will remind you that there is more to life than earning money. We often hear about what happens to people who are in constant pursuit of more money.

This might seem productive, but it's a sure way to get burned out. To avoid this, it's recommended to include self-care as part of your daily routine. In the book, the author shares many personal stories about her struggles. These include prioritizing her career, time management, and focusing on her family.

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Developing the habit of reading books as a means to learn is highly recommended. Books can make you smarter. This is exactly what you need when you start searching for employment.

It's important to get insights from books like these, especially when you're about to finish college. While it's too much of a challenge to read everything, reading the right books can set you up for career success in the future.

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