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3 Reasons Why Learning A New Job Is Like Writing An Essay

new job Sep 28, 2022

A successful career, the realization of the full potential gained in the learning process, is one of the most attractive goals for many university graduates today. The current situation in the socio-economic and industrial sphere is characterized by complexity and dynamism. The labor market has changed significantly.

There are new professions, new activities focused on the search, attraction, and selection of qualified specialists. This necessitated the professional mobility and competitiveness of workers and gave rise to new problems in a person's professional life.

A person's success in learning a new job is determined by a number of factors, the main of which are:

  • The interaction of the individual with the professional activity itself;
  • Adequate choice of profession, success, and quality of its development;
  • Content and conditions of activity;
  • Formation of professional suitability in the labor process;
  • Professional development;
  • Implementation of the professional development potential of a specialist;
  • Overcoming crises of professional life, etc.

As for writing an essay, this is a creative process that requires good knowledge and enough time from a person. It contributes to the development of the ability to express one's thoughts in writing, justify one's own opinion, give weighty arguments, and draw reasonable conclusions.

Not everyone can cope with the task successfully, especially if it is a student who does not have enough practice. Fortunately, today everyone can contact professional writers with the request “write my research proposal” and get quality support at any necessary time.

But why is learning a new job like writing an essay? Find the answer to this question in this article.

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How to Learn a New Job: Everything You Need to Know

To successfully master a new job, it is important to choose it correctly. There are a number of skills that are important to develop regardless of the chosen field of activity and rules that will help achieve the goal. The following sections will tell you about this in detail.

Features of Choosing a Job

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Every person chooses a job at least once in life. The job search automation platform allows to do this quickly and efficiently. However, in order to make the right decision, it is necessary to consider some factors. These are personal wishes, psychological characteristics, and capabilities.

You should also not forget about the needs of the labor market. There is a so-called "work selection formula", which generally shows the primary algorithm for making an optimal decision in a combination of the following components: "I want" - "I can" - "I have to". Let's briefly explain the essence of these components:

  1. "I want" is an individual effort, i.e. your interests, inclinations, motives, plans, and professional intentions. This is the activity that you do with interest, with desire, on your own initiative;
  2. "I can" - personal capabilities, that is, your state of health, available experience (knowledge, skills, abilities), psychophysiological qualities, abilities for various types of activities;
  3. "I have to" - the needs of society, that is, your ideas about duty, moral attitudes, and value orientations. This also includes knowledge of the world of professions, promising specialties that are in demand on the labor market, and the probability of employment in the chosen profession.

The final optimal choice of your job should be made only when you analyze all the components of the formula and compare them with each other and with the requirements of the profession. They should coincide with each other at least partially. Be sure that with job search automation, you can do it easily and quickly.

Skills That a Modern Specialist Should Develop

A modern professional is a widely educated person able to quickly adapt to new conditions, carry out communication with colleagues, solve problems of theoretical and practical importance.

Today's labor market requires an individual to develop personal and interpersonal professional skills, which will ensure the competitiveness of a specialist already at the beginning of professional activity.

Personal professional skills are human abilities that ensure personal growth and efficiency of work in the chosen field. These include self-control, critical thinking, independence in decision-making, time management skills, motivation and desire to achieve the set goal, etc.

Interpersonal professional skills are a group of skills that characterize a person's relationships with other people during professional activities. They include the ability to overcome communication difficulties, leadership qualities, the ability to work in a team, the ability to persuade, etc.

7 Rules that Will Allow You to Achieve the Goal in Learning the Job

The success of each of us depends on the efforts we make to achieve our goals. If you want to achieve high results in any field of activity, start with these habits today:

  1. Take responsibility for yourself. If something doesn't work out, most people find an excuse. If you do not learn to take responsibility and correct mistakes, you will not succeed;
  2. Be more focused. If you want to achieve a certain goal, you need to stop being distracted by everything unnecessary. Various distractions take up your time and prevent you from concentrating on important things;
  3. Know what you need. Be determined in your desires and persistent in their implementation;
  4. Communicate with people you admire. Communicating with people who inspire, motivates to work harder and allows to better understand the professional environment;
  5. Be disciplined. Discipline coordinates us, helps us spend time and energy only on achieving goals, and not on unnecessary activities;
  6. Happiness is a priority. The things you pay attention to in the process of achieving your goal should be important to you and bring you a sense of happiness. Don't waste time on things that drain your energy, or make you perpetually tired;
  7. Be grateful. The feeling of gratitude lifts the mood and makes you happy.

How to Write an Essay: A Step by Step Guide

As noted at the beginning of the article, writing an essay is a rather complicated process. Its successful completion requires time, specific knowledge, and skills from an author. It's easy to get professional assignment help today.

There are companies that offer custom writing services online. It is enough to apply there with a request “write my research proposal” to get high-quality support.

person writing on brown wooden table near white ceramic mug

However, it is important for a modern person to strive to develop own writing skills and learn to cope with the task without additional assistance. The following guide describes the structure of the essay and provides tips for writing each part:

  1. Introduction.

The introduction should contain a brief description of the theoretical and applied significance of the researched topic and the formulation of the problem that is supposed to be solved in the work. It is advisable to justify the relevance of the topic and provide a hook that will interest the reader;

2. Main part.

The content of the research is presented in the main part. Here, the main theoretical provisions on the subject of research, aimed at achieving the set goals and objectives, should be provided. Each section of the work can be divided into subsections and must necessarily end with short conclusions.

If the topic involves conducting research, then the choice of direction is justified, the general methodology of conducting is explained, problem-solving methods and their comparative evaluations are given;

3. Conclusion.

The conclusion should outline the most important practical, theoretical, and scientific results obtained in the work. It is also advisable to provide recommendations on the scientific and practical use of the obtained results;

4. Bibliography.

An important part of any essay and research paper is the reference list. It testifies to the number of sources used, the level of studying the state of the researched problem, and the skills of working with scientific literature. It is important to draw up a list of literature in accordance with the established requirements.

Learning a New Job & Writing an Essay: What's the Similarity?

Taking into account all of the above, it is possible to identify 3 main reasons why learning a new job is like writing an essay.

A Useful Way to Demonstrate Your Intelligence and Share Progressive Ideas

Intelligence is one of the most important traits that employers look for in candidates. According to LinkedIn, intelligence is one of the most in-demand skills in 2022. It affects how an employee interacts with colleagues, and how effectively he/she completes projects and achieves goals.

In essay writing, intelligence and the ability to share ideas are also very valuable. Without these qualities, an essay writer will not be able to cope with the task effectively and create a high-quality paper.

A Chance to Be Influential

A job is an opportunity for a person to be influential. By expressing original ideas, developing unique projects, and finding relevant ways to solve problematic situations, a person gets a chance to be influential.

The same is true with essays. Original ideas, weighty arguments, and sound conclusions can have a significant impact on the reader and convince him/her of the correctness of the idea expressed.

Builds a Professional Image

When looking for a new job on the job search platform, the applicant needs to write a competent resume.

In addition to listing places of study and work, it is necessary to describe a professional image. It consists of several components, including professional achievements, professional experience, and additional skills. Successful learning of a new job is impossible without a good professional image.

So it is with essay writing. A high-quality essay requires a person to have good knowledge, the ability to analyze actual research, choose arguments, compare the thoughts of different researchers, justify own position, etc. That is, a professional image also takes place in the writing process.

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Therefore, mastering a new job is really like writing an essay. With good writing skills, you can be sure that you will quickly adapt to new working conditions and achieve your goals.


Zoi Kotsou

Copywriter - Content writer - Content Creator - Columnist

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