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How image to text converter boosts productivity?

image to text conversion Sep 21, 2023

In any institute or organization a record is maintained to better conduct a business. A good record keeping is proof that you have made a decision and some actions were taken.  

When you are challenged or questioned, a record is a protection to show off the higher authority. A business is said to be more productive if it delivers a service or product at time and quality is maintained. There are some records such as payslips, surveys etc. which are handwritten.

Nowadays, the records are computerized based, here comes a need of an image to text converter. The handwritten records are scanned and converted to a word editable file.  

The online tool can be used to extract text from images. The image may contain important information and finding information from the image is difficult. It is therefore converted to text file or doc file.

Benefits of image to text converter

There are various advantages to using an online tool including:

Improve efficiency

It saves a lot of time for converting image data to text version to extract text from image. If work is written manually it is counterproductive. The same time can be utilized in some other important work.

Increased Efficiency

picture to text converter not only saves your time but also the data accuracy increases.

Humans can make an error and with an automatic computerized version of file less error will be faced.

Digitization of document

Dealing with handwritten documents is a mess, and organizing and finding them takes a lot of time.

This decreases the performance of a company overall. An online image to text converter can assist you in digitizing paper documents by converting them to digital text, which is more handy and easier to arrange. This tool convert photo to text to digitize the document.

Compatible with other pieces of software

Many online photo to text file converters allow you to export the extracted text in a specified format, such as a Word document or a PDF, so that it can be easily altered or shared with others. You’ll be able to pair your converter with software for annotation whenever you need to make annotations for different projects.


The basic conversion tool is free of cost, but the paid version is worth it. It can save money in the long run by eliminating the need to hire a data entry specialist to manually type the text from images. The picture to text converter provides good quality results at no cost.


The OCR technology is used in converting the image to text file. The accuracy is perfect with OCR technology, and it is considered an important factor in the tool. When choosing a tool look for a high success rate of a tool.

Supported file formats

The main advantage of using image to text converter is to download the extracted text into desired text format. For example, you want to convert the image text to PDF directly without first pasting on the notepad, make sure to choose the convert which supports direct conversion of the file.

Ease of Use

Most converters are easy to use and have lots of options to choose files from. It can pick files from your laptop or pc, and it can also access from online storage Google Drive or drop file.

Output options

The amazing quality of file converter is that it first extracts the text and makes the file itself. There are many files format options in which you can download the text and hence easy to use wherever required.  

In conclusion an image to text converter is a helpful tool in copying text from image to improve the productivity of a person and hence the performance of business improve. A well maintained record retains from being confused at work and digital data formatting it is easy to find the required document.

Image to Word Converter - Features

Every image to word converter has features which enable it to turn the image into a text file without any difficulty.

Unlimited conversion

An online image to text converter allows conversion of images to text in bulk form. The group of pictures can be uploaded at once and conversion is possible.

At a time 20 pictures can be converted to text file and can be downloaded into multiple formats as required. The amazing thing about this tool is it is free of cost and need not be paid. Plus no watermark is added.

No watermark

Many tools are available in the market which are free but leave a watermark at the end file. You may have seen that the resultant file contains some visual symbols. Hence, sharing a file will be difficult with watermarks. This image to text converter converts the text leaving no watermark behind. You can share it with anyone without having to know it is computerized rather than typed words.

Accuracy in Conversion

It is important to upload high resolution images to convert so that it provides the exact text in the image. Otherwise, the file will be broken and not useful. This converter is updated with the latest technology which provides accuracy in image to text conversion. This tool is a reliable and error free converter.

No signup required

This tool does not ask you for personal information or email ID for using the tool. Directly visit the website and select the converter and upload the image. You can upload images from pc or from cloud storage. The user interface is easy so that anyone can benefit from it.

The extracted text can be stored in any file format such as MS Word or doc or other whatever the version is available. You can copy text from an image using an online tool.

Cloud Support

Instead of flooding the device the file must be kept at cloud servers. This image to text converter has the ability to take image files from Google Drive or Dropbox, or it can work with some link of image attached. After extracting text and saving it in file it can be stored back to the cloud for space-saving and storage.

Multilingual Support

This tool is available all across the world. Anyone with weak English can also use this tool by converting the language to their native one. You can find this utility in a language that suits you.

After extracting the text the tool itself provides language option conversion of extracted text. At a time you can extract the text and convert it to another language and make a file.

AI -Based Extraction

These tools are coded and AI powered that smartly detect the text in the image and present it in text file. Hence, an editable document is obtained. This image to text converter is of high accuracy and will not miss out a single word in the file from the image.

Support of Multiple File format

This tool is so useful that it can convert images to text. The image file can be of any format such as JPG, JPEG, PNG, JFIF, WebP, BMP, HEIC, HEIF and even PDF.

File security

All files uploaded and downloaded are secured and never shared with anyone. Once the image file is processed via OCR converter it is automatically deleted from the server.

Application of Image to text Converter

Conversion of image data to text file is a need of the day. There are various situations and fields where it is useful. Some few uses of photo to text converter are:

Invoice processing

It is useful in accounting and making a list. Data is extracted from images using OCR technology. Some sort of data like vendor information, line items and numbers are extracted to make a file of it for later use. This process eliminates the need for data entry specialists and manual data fetching and adding. Even it automatically streamlines the account payable process.

Sharing Important data

Photo to text converter can be used to extract the important information to be used in information. It identifies and pulls out information from photos in newspapers, Facebook posts and Instagram feeds etc.

Data collecting

With the help of OCR conversion process the data storage and archiving of documents is possible and accessible. It uses a content search method to quickly locate and retrieve the data.

No manual intervention

The whole process of conversion of image to text is automatic and does not contain manual intervention. It means the accuracy is higher and error free data is obtained.

It can be used to collect information from forms, surveys, and questionnaires. This process will take a long time and waste time and resources if done manually. It allows quick data processing and analysis.

ID verification

The OCR technology can be used to extract data from images, and it then can be compared with already fed data to know if the user is the same or not. This can be used for enhanced security purposes and hence authentication and verification is also an application of text to image converter.

No doubt the image to text converter is a useful tool but easy and fast to give results. It increases the efficiency of business. This tool can be used at personal as well as professional level. It is a free of cost tool, but some features are a paid version of it, but they are worth the money.


Zoi Kotsou

Copywriter - Content writer - Content Strategist

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