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How can I prepare myself to switch to a new job

job change Sep 28, 2022

At some point in our career life, we all come across the thought of if it's better for us to change our current job, company or even career direction. And that is totally normal.

As human beings, we are constantly changing our habits, our passions and our life and career goals. So, as long as career is the aspect of life that will accompany us for the most years of our life, then it's quite important to always align our jobs with our passions!

This article has been written after a personal stimulus and the intention to teach people how to be less afraid when they need to change their current jobs into a new one.

Check out how you can prepare yourself to switch to a new job with the following 5 steps! Less fear, more passion for new beginnings!

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Where do I start from?

You've decided that the best things for you is to switch to a new job. But, now you're wondering which are the next steps.

I need to congratulate you for the very first step, as it is one of the most difficult. The courage and ambition to do something new, maybe something totally different.

Below, there are 5 steps with which you can implement your switch, successfully!

Which are the steps to switch to a new job?

  1. Identify your ideal job description
  2. Organise your timeline
  3. Turn on notifications and job alerts
  4. Make connection and network with the company
  5. Switch to a new job faster & easier with Loopcv

1. Identify your ideal job description

Image that shows a whiteboard - How can I prepare myself to switch to a new job

The best way to switch to a new job is to have in draft your ideal job description, your ideal wage, the benefits and the career opportunities that the company provides. You are taking the risk to leave one job for another, so make it count positively!

Separate the areas that you dislike from the ones that you liked while you were working on that.

Make research in order to understand how your dream role - title, translates to a job description. Also, have in mind to check how the specific role differentiates into niches and industries!

2. Organise your timeline

Organisation is the key when it comes to changes, new experiences, journeys, decisions etc. So, it's crucial to create your own method of tracking, your timeline and your KPIs.

For example, in my research for a new job, I was following the pattern below:

  • I was having first my research for the job description, the role, the industry and of course, the company.
  • Then, I was usually having some approaches of my own (the so called - cold emailing), in order to check if there were openings in jobs that they haven't posted, if they were searching external cooperators or even asking more details for the job position.
Interaction is a very important factor that you should never be afraid of that. Imagine that all my conversation with the employees of my targeted companies were happening through emails.
  • Then I was spending some fair time in applications. This is the more difficult and for many people like me, the most boring one... But, have the perspective of an investing in your life and future, don't be humble, and be always in relevance and honesty with the position you are applying at.
  • And last one, is the interview preparation. There are many websites nowadays even for free that provide interview preparation tips, tricks, questions and answers. You can check out LinkedIn and you can also keep up with our blog, where we often talk about these things!

I strongly believe that with this mindset you will ready to succeed in getting to a new job and make it count even from the first days!

3. Turn on notifications and job alerts

All job boards like Monster, LinkedIn Jobs, and Indeed or automation job application tools like Loopcv, provide you the opportunity to turn on your notifications and your job alerts, so that you can stay up-to-date even in the days that you can't keep up with the work you have to do.

And also, with that system you will be most of the time ahead of the rest of your competition - the rest of the possible applicants, as the best case practice is to early apply and keep up with the rest of the process. Because, if they like you, most probably they won't wait for all the possible applicants!

4. Make connections and networking with the company

Networking is your best friend when it comes to finding a job, but also when you are already in a job.

Asking the people that work there before you start your job as their co-worker will create a friendly and professional atmosphere right away.

Keep in mind before the start of your new work:

  • Introduce yourself to all the team and make your job responsibilities clear.
  • Be in close touch with your direct manager and your co-workers.
  • Of course, don't forget to arrive early on your first day, so that you can create a good and responsible first impression.
  • As I have already said, to be afraid to make questions and receive answers and feedback. As much as you do that in the first days, you will make fewer mistakes afterwards.
  • Don't overwork in your first days, especially, so you don't create a lot more expectations from your managers. Take your time, deliver your work in quality and on time, and relax!

5. Switch to a new job faster & easier with Loopcv  

Automate your job search with LoopCV

Loopcv is a platform which can help you with very simple steps (check below) to find a job fast and effective. Everything is automated, so you don't have to worry about a lot of things. Just to know what you like. You read the article, and hopefully you will sort it out soon! And Loopcv will make your dream job a reality!

Another useful feature, is that it can provide you with tips, tricks and advices for your job research. Its automations will make your life easier and your results much more efficient!

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Will you still waste time thinking how to switch to a new job from your "beloved" current one? And if so, are you still confused about your decision?

I want to believe that this article gave you some answers and some solutions. If neither of these things happened, then at least it gave you some boost in order to complete your steps in your own, unique way!

Good luck!

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Zoi Kotsou

Copywriter - Content writer - Content Strategist

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