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How Businesses Attract and Retain Top Talent

business May 2, 2023

Hardworking, skilled professionals should know their worth in a business, as it will ensure they experience the recognition and rewards they deserve and feel satisfied in their careers.

Yet, many companies make the mistake of failing to express their appreciation, and some employees might settle for a brand that doesn’t value their talents and efforts.

If you are an entrepreneur, you must articulate your gratitude to retain your best employees, and skilled professionals must never settle for a new or current company that doesn’t appreciate their expertise.

To learn where companies go right or wrong, find out how many businesses can attract and then retain top talent.

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Competitive Annual Salaries

A high-paying annual salary isn’t the only factor that matters to employees, but it could be the difference between a talented professional applying for a role or continuing their job search.

A superb annual salary will not only improve a professional’s financial security but is a clear indication that a business values talent. For this reason, employees must consider the salary range before applying for a role.

If a business pays less than the average for a position, it is an obvious sign it might not value your knowledge and skills. However, a company offering a competitive salary suggests it will provide a successful applicant with the respect and recognition they deserve.

Businesses and jobseekers must identify the benchmarks for a role, salary, and level of experience. It will ensure an ambitious professional never settles and help a brand attract a higher calibre of talent.

A Comprehensive Employee Benefits Package

As stated, an annual salary isn’t the be-all and end-all for employees, as an employee benefits package could support their finances.

Before applying for a role, a jobseeker must review an employee benefits package to identify if it can boost their bank balance and support their lifestyle.

For example, a free gym membership could save an employee hundreds of dollars throughout the year. Additionally, businesses could convince skilled professionals to apply for a role by providing attractive performance bonuses, stock options, and excellent retirement plans as optional employee benefits that cater to individual preferences and needs.

Companies should strive to create an attractive benefits package that provides a mix of the below categories:

  • Financial well-being
  • Health and wellness
  • Professional development
  • Work-life balance

Employee Recognition

Organizations of every size have no excuse for not making their employees feel valued and appreciated. Any brand that wants to retain its loyal, skilled staff must find ways to recognize its employees on a regular basis.

Performance bonuses are a great way to reward staff for their efforts throughout the year, but they might not be enough to boost their daily job satisfaction.

For instance, businesses can express gratitude by presenting top talent with employee appreciation gifts from, such as branded clothing, tech accessories, or sweet treats. Also, companies could customize gifts for each employee for a more personal touch that will make them feel valued.

Jobseekers must look for a company that will go above and beyond to make them feel recognized throughout the years, as they could secure your loyalty and boost job satisfaction.

Development Opportunities

Any business that doesn’t want to lose its top talent to its competitors must provide more development opportunities. According to the July 2021 Monster Job Index, 49% of employees expect their employers to support their career development.

If a business doesn’t provide opportunities to expand its team members’ knowledge and resume, it shouldn’t be surprised if it loses its best employees to another company.

The statistics are proof that learning and development opportunities could secure many professionals’ loyalty, as LinkedIn’s 2019 Workforce Learning Report found a whopping 94% of employees would remain with a company for longer if it invested in their career.

Any company that claims to care about its employees must provide opportunities for them to grow in their careers. If it doesn’t, it might be a sign for a jobseeker to look elsewhere.

A Flexible Environment and Schedule

Working from home is becoming more commonplace since the end of the pandemic, as many businesses now provide remote or hybrid working options. By doing so, a brand will allow employees to enjoy more flexibility in their roles and a better work-life balance.

For example, staff members can skip the boring commute to spend more time at home, and they will not need to rely on loved ones to take their children to and from school.

Also, a flexible schedule proves a brand values its employees’ time, and they realize they have a life beyond the workplace. As a result, it will ensure an employee feels like more than just a number, and the versatile nature of the workplace could secure loyalty to the business for many years to come.

A flexible working environment could be the key to improved mental health among employees, too. For example, a recent anonymous survey found 39% of employees who were able to work flexibly experienced better mental health.

Also, improved mental health could lead to greater job satisfaction, which could boost staff members’ productivity and passion for a business.

A Positive Company Culture

Jobseekers must learn as much as possible about a company culture before applying for a role, as it could shape their job satisfaction.

Thoroughly read a job description, browse online reviews from current and past staff, and find articles to learn more about the workplace, leadership, and general attitudes among staff members.

Also, businesses must make it their mission to create a positive company culture to boost morale and earn their team’s loyalty. For instance, business owners must lead by example when it comes to communication, punctuality, productivity, and internal relationships.

They should find ways to bring team members together, such as organizing team-building sessions, after-work drinks, seasonal events, or serving beer and wine during the last hour of the week.

They don’t have to think up these themselves. They could ask their employees what they would like to do after conducting some research on what there is available to do in the local area at the time.

Excellent Employee Engagement

Did you know more than one-third of employees have quit their jobs due to burnout? Also, 46% of employees reportedly experience extreme stress at work.

For this reason, businesses must improve staff engagement to spot signs of burnout. By doing so, they could retain their top talent, prevent absenteeism, and lower employee turnover.

Management can avoid burnout by encouraging open communication in the workplace and creating an open-door policy. Also, look for signs of possible burnout, such as:

  • Fatigue
  • A negative attitude
  • Missed deadlines
  • Poor productivity

If a business owner suspects an employee is struggling with burnout, they should encourage them to take a break, reduce their workload, and outsource tasks to remove some of the pressure on their shoulders.

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Attracting and retaining highly skilled employees might feel like a tall order for many businesses, but the above top tips could transform a company’s employee turnover, morale, and productivity levels.

Also, jobseekers must factor in all the above when applying for a role at a company. The last thing they will want is to leave their current job for an employer who doesn’t value them throughout the years.

There is more to a job than an excellent salary; you must factor in recognition, the company culture, development opportunities, work-life balance, and even your mental health.


Zoi Kotsou

Copywriter - Content writer - Content Strategist

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