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6 Most In-Demand Freelance Remote Tech Jobs in 2024

Remote Jobs Jul 28, 2022

Jobs in the technology field are among the rapidly growing remote jobs in the world today.

Some of the most popular freelance remote tech jobs today include software development, cloud architecture, and data science, among others.

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These jobs are not only popular and growing rapidly, but are also among the best paying jobs in the world. Imagine working from home, doing what you love, and earning a salary that most people only dream of!

Unfortunately, even though most people aspire to work remotely in the technology industry, they do not know the best tech jobs they should go for. In this article, we are going to discuss the most in-demand freelance remote tech jobs in 2024.

Software Engineers

Software engineers use programming and software engineering techniques to develop, maintain, improve, test, and rate mobile, web, and computer applications. If you are familiar with programming languages, then this is one of the best jobs for you.

However, before considering a job as a software engineer, you need to be good at several languages. These include Java, JavaScript, C++, and Python. You should also be good at SQL or Postgres for database management.

Being a software engineer requires you to work with other professionals, such as UX designers. You, therefore, need to embrace teamwork and collaboration. For you to be successful in software development for startups, a degree in information systems or computer science will play a vital role.

Web Developers

Web development has seen rapid growth in the last couple of years due to the demand for businesses to automate their services and provide online portals for customer interaction.

Web developers rely on design strategies, frameworks, ideas, and programming languages to build websites or web applications.

They are tasked with making sure that all design elements including text, pictures, and videos, among others, run smoothly across websites and applications. They are among the best-paid tech personnel in the world. This is one of the reasons why a tech career is good for you.

For you to be a competent web developer, you need a degree in either computer science or information technology. You might also find employers asking for certain certifications, such as Certified Internet Webmaster and Advanced Web Developer certifications.

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Data Scientists

Data scientists are tasked with performing robust analytics for businesses. They use different sets of methods such as online experiments to attain supportable growth.

They are also tasked with creating data products and machine learning channels to ensure that businesses make the right decisions.

This means that working as a data scientist revolves around machine learning for easier and right decision-making for businesses. You, therefore, should be computer competent, requiring a degree in something like computer science.

In addition, you are also required to be good in some programming languages. This is one of the best freelance remote tech jobs today, but you have to be well-educated with some experience for you to excel.

Cloud Architects

Cloud architects can work remotely and still earn a lot of money. They are tasked with managing and organizing the cloud computing strategy for an organization. However, they need to be competent in cloud architecture and understand how different cloud platforms work.

As a cloud architect, you will be required to come up with cloud architecture and strategy for the organization you are working for. In addition, you will manage its implementation and get holistic visibility of how everything works to reduce remediation time, ensure availability, and optimize performance.

A degree in the fields of science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM) is vital for a successful career as a cloud architect. Most employers will also require you to have several years of experience using cloud architecture tools.

Blockchain Engineers

This is one of the most thrilling tech jobs we have today. Blockchain engineers build solutions for organizations using blockchain technology. Research has indicated that organizations will be spending over $16 billion annually on blockchain technology by 2024.

This means that this is a growing industry with a lot of potential for those interested in a career in blockchain technology. The next few years will see a rising demand for blockchain experts, and they will still keep earning competitive salaries.

To be a successful blockchain engineer, you need to be competent in software programming. You should also understand the technologies used in Ripple, R3, Ethereum, and Bitcoin, among others. Security protocols and crypto functions are also important.

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Python Developers

This is one of the most popular freelance remote tech jobs today, especially among modern software developers. Python is a very popular language and has been used widely in the development of software applications. You can check how to learn Python faster here!

Python developers are tasked with building and testing codes written for software applications and other systems. Their job revolves around data mining, cloud development, web development, and machine learning.

As a python developer, you will not only be required to build software applications but also test, maintain, and update the applications throughout their lifecycle. You will require a degree in computer science for a career as a python developer.


Other in-demand freelance remote tech jobs in 2024 include mobile application's development, Java development, information security consultancy, UX architecture, and business analysts.

The demand for these jobs is going to keep on growing, especially due to the continued advancements in technology. This means that a career in any of them is not only going to pay well, but will also last long. You will be able to earn enough money working from home and doing something that you love.

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Zoi Kotsou

Copywriter - Content writer - Content Strategist

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