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What to write in an email when sending a resume with reference

CV Feb 6, 2022

If you apply for a job through a reference, your chances of receiving the position are far higher than when you apply directly. Building a network of people and create meaningful relationships helps you reach your dream job much faster.

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Also, it is super important to create your resume with templates that can make it much more readable and thus competitive. You can find free resume templates and make the hard work done much faster and with better results than if you do it by your own!

Alternatively, you can hire resume writing services which will enable you to have your resume built by resume-writing experts. You can also craft your own email resumes using an email builder tool.

In this way, you can rest assured that your resume will showcase your skills in the best manner for the job position you are seeking.

When someone recommends you for a job, you must include their contact information in your job application correspondence. You can even include a link to your personal portfolio or website if you have past works and experiences published.

The reason for that is to provide details to the HR department or the recruiter that is in charge to fill this position but also to showcase that there is a real connection between that person and that they can confirm this by reaching out to the person that recommends you. This is known as a reference check.

We have hundreds of users that use Loopcv to automate their job search by sending 100s of personalized emails every days to companies. But what is the best email template to use? Let's check some examples here!

The person that gives your reference is termed as the "Referrer," and you'll be called a "Referee."

Here's one sample email form for sending your CV to HR or employers with a recommendation.

For fresh graduates, a sample email to send a CV with a reference is provided below:  

Example email 1 (Fresh candidate applying with reference)

Subject: Application for the position of (Job title), referred by (Referrer)

Greetings, Sir/Madam

My name is _________(your name), and I was referred to your firm by Mr./Mrs. (referrer's name), who is now employed as (referrer's job title) at your organization

The post of  has been referred to me. I recently completed my _______(your educational qualifications) and believe I possess all of the necessary skills and knowledge for this position.

So, I'd like to take on this opportunity to apply for this position. Please find my résumé attached to this email.

Thank you in advance.



Mobile no.

This example is great, and it can be used to kick-start your communication with a company.

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Example 2 (Experienced candidate applying with reference)

Subject: Job application for the post of ____________(position), referral from ______(referrer's name)

Greetings, Sir/Madam

My name is  <Your name>

My acquaintance / relative Mr./Mrs. (person's name who referred you) advised me that your organization had an opening for the position of  <job title>

I've been serving in the same position for a while and now seeking new avenues for professional growth. I'm hoping this is the best option for me to make a switch.

Please consider my application for the opening, and find my resume attached to this email.

Thank you



(Phone number)

Example 3 (Experienced candidate application with reference - Format 2)

Example of an email to send a CV with a reference for an experienced candidate (Example 2)

Subject: Referred by __________, application for ___________(vacancy title)

Dear Sir

I was referred by my (your relationship with the referrer) Mr./Ms. (referrer's name) and am presently employed at your company as <referrer's job position>.

I've been notified that your company has an opening for the position of __________(job title).

I have four years of experience in a similar position and am confident that I possess the necessary abilities and expertise. Please examine my application for the position of, for which I have attached my résumé.

Thank you.


(Phone number)

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Writing an Email to Send a Resume with References Tips

  • The subject line is crucial for getting seen by the recruiter and for the employer to know who recommended you to the open position; thus, don't miss to include the referrer's name in the subject line itself.
  • Specify how you're related to the referrer, such as if you're an acquaintance or a family.
  • Also, include the referrer's existing role in their company so that the employer may quickly identify your source.
  • Highlight your qualifications and experience as to why you are the best candidate for the job.
  • Finally, include the résumé in the email and keep it concise and to the point.

Email Subjects for Resumes with References (Examples)

Subject line example 1: Referred by _________(referrer's name) for the position of __________(job position)

Subject line example 2: Referral from ________(referrer's name) for the __________(job position)

Subject line example 3: Application for the position of _______(job post) with reference from _________(referrer's name)

Subject line example 4: Applying for the post of ________(job title) with the reference of __________(referrer's name)

Subject Line example 5: Referred by _______ (referrer name) to apply for the position of __________(job title)

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So, to sum up if you are looking for email in order to apply for a job with a reference (regardless of who is your main point of contact or reference) you can check the examples that we provided above!

What is also important to do is a search on what is the role of your reference and how important is this role for the organization (having a reference that adds significant value in a company will give you a significant advantage in the hiring process)

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