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Company registration in England: How to check company registration in the UK

company registration Apr 26, 2023

The World Bank's Ease of Doing Business index has kept the UK in the top 10 for years. The country leads in attracting venture capital and crowdfunding.

Registering a company in England provides credibility in the eyes of partners and suppliers, access to new markets, and the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of the British business environment.

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How to start a UK company?

Starting a company registration in the UK, an entrepreneur receives a platform for developing his business in the so-called "mid-shore".

We are talking about a jurisdiction that is an intermediate link between a country with a normal taxation regime and a classic offshore.

Features of the tax and corporate legislation of England provide options for saving on taxes, in particular - when creating a partnership and in the case of receiving income outside the country.

For your information! Such a request as "registration of an offshore company in the UK" will in fact be incorrect. England is not offshore. A non-resident UK firm is merely "offshore" figuratively.

Registering a company in the UK has the following advantages:

  • the paperwork procedure is quick, open, and online;;
  • entrepreneurs receive ample opportunities for state support and tax incentives;
  • infrastructure and trained labor help every firm grow;
  • the UK has a strong corporate culture and supports small and medium-sized firms;
  • a company in the United Kingdom creates the prerequisites for trust, both on the part of counterparties and on the part of regulatory authorities in different jurisdictions;
  • the country's market is thriving in finance, IT, development and a number of other areas of commercial activity;
  • companies with English registration have full access to all sectors of the world market.

Brexit didn't hurt the UK's economy or business environment. The boundless British market for goods and services provides favorable opportunities for the development of your business.

UK Company Details: UK Companies Registry

The legislation of each specific country sets its own rules on providing access to information about a registered company.

In some countries, business registers disclose information to other parties for free, in others, they charge a fee, and in still others they remain closed. The company registered in the UK belongs to the first category - it is public and contains information about the company in the public domain.

Fintech Harbor Consulting is pleased to offer you its company registration services in the UK, they can easily help you find company registration number.

How can I find information about a UK company?

The Companies House website is your first helper. This is where you can find information about British companies.

To get information about the company, just click on “Find company information” —> Start now. In the field that appears, you need to enter the name of the British company.

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What information is in the UK Companies Registry?

In the Register you can find the following information about the company:

  • Registration address;
  • Status of the company (“active” status means that the company is operating, reports are regularly submitted for it, etc.)
  • The organizational and legal form of the company;
  • date of establishment of the company;
  • Deadlines for submitting annual reports and files with submitted reports;
  • Deadlines for filing a Confirmation Statement;
  • The declared type of activity of the company;
  • Previous company names (if any);
  • Documents indicating changes in the company's structure, directors' powers, participants' information, name, etc.
  • Information about company members, including PSC.

Through the "More" tab, you can also order documents and certificates for the company for a fee.


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