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How To Start A Career In Web3

Career Jan 2, 2023

Web3 is the next generation of the Internet. Web3 combines evolving technologies like blockchain, NFTs, digital avatars, Metaverse, and more.

With each passing day, the hype around web3 is growing, and new tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, governments, and big tech companies are rolling into it.

The global market value was USD 3.2 billion in 2021 and is projected to reach USD 81.5 billion in 2030. It is growing at a CAGR of 43.7%, according to the Emergen Research analysis.

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With the hype of Web3, more and more developers are inspecting the idea of web3 development. So, how does one build a career in web3 development?

Let's explore the guide.

First, to be a Web3 developer, we need to understand the fundamentals of Web3, which are listed below.

Table of contents:

Blockchain Fundamentals

Blockchain is an essential part of the modern Web, also known as Web3. For a Web3 developer, it is important to know Blockchain from scratch.

What is Blockchain?

A blockchain is a decentralized, cryptographically secured digital ledger that can record transactions in the form of blocks of chronologically linked data. Among the many blockchain options available, Ethereum has been highly sought after.

Let us move forward and learn what Web3 is.

What is Web3?

Web3 is not a replacement for web3 (the current Web), but rather an addition.

Web3 solves the problems that we counter in today's web version.

In its simplest form, Web3 is an ungoverned version of the Internet. One's information and creations are entirely under one's control. In web3, no service can monitor our movements or sell our personal information.

While using web3 applications, you don't have to put your sensitive user information like username, location, date of birth, and other important information. And blockchain technology makes Web3 possible.

What are the Job Prospects in Web3?

According to different studies and research, it is estimated that 25% of people spend at least one hour for work, shopping, education, socializing, or entertainment on the Metaverse.

In addition to facilitating paradigm shifts toward decentralized protocols, Blockchain allows for new business models and value changes. A sustainable Web3 ecosystem is now possible thanks to the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

In addition, the web 3.0 sector is still in its infancy. Therefore, establishing contact at this early stage may pave the way for a career that will change your life.

Get Familiar with the Key Terms of the Web3 Ecosystem

Blockchain: A distributed digital ledger that uses cryptography to store data blocks.

Ethereum: It was the first ever Blockchain to introduce smart contracts into the blockchain world.

dApps: Decentralized applications are programs with servers on a distributed network like the Blockchain.

Cryptocurrencies and Tokens: represent an asset or specific use and have their Blockchain.

DeFi: With DeFi, you can make investments, lend/borrow, buy insurance, trade assets, etc.

DAOs: Rules and regulations for DAOs are codified in smart contracts, which is the only distinguishing feature between DAOs and conventional businesses. A single person or body does not govern the group.

You may wonder what kind of people work in a web3 development firm. Like any other, a web3 development firm needs a wide range of employee skill sets. Now, let's examine a few of them.

Blockchain Core Developer

Role: They build blockchain architecture, design its protocol consensus mechanism, make and implement high-level decisions related to the Blockchain network.


  • Blockchain Architecture Development
  • Cryptographic Hash Functions
  • Consensus Mechanisms
  • Algorithms
  • Distributed Ledger Technology
  • Data structures
  • And some main languages like Golang, Rust, C++, Java

Blockchain Software Developer

Role: Like a conventional web developer, build web apps utilizing the protocols and design structure. Blockchain software developers build decentralized applications.

Skills: Familiarity and Experience with Various Development Tools

Languages such as Solidity or Substrate

Product Manager

Role: As a product manager, you will be responsible for leading the process of product discovery, which means answering the following questions.

  • What problem are you solving with this product?
  • Who are your users?
  • How is the solution better than the others already available in the market?
  • What value does this product bring to the market and the business?

The product manager is also responsible for clear communication between all parties.


  • Up to date with industry trends and emerging technologies.
  • Knowledge about decentralized business models.
  • Bring the product to mass adoption.

Solidity Developer

The person who writes code in the Solidity programming language is called a solidity developer. To create smart contracts, developers can use Solidity, a high-level contract-oriented programming language.

Since they can create decentralized applications on the Ethereum blockchain, Solidity developers are in high demand in the Web3 era.

Smart-Contract Developer

A smart contract developer's responsibilities include creating and overseeing the operation of smart contracts. Computing-based "smart contracts" carry out a contract's terms mechanically. They serve to bind the parties to an agreement.

Working knowledge of programming languages like Solidity, Java, or Python is required for a career as a smart-contract developer.

Metaverse Developer

Applications built on the Metaverse blockchain are the responsibility of the Metaverse development team. They need to be familiar with blockchain technology and programming languages like Java and JavaScript.

Developers with expertise in the Metaverse are in high demand in the Web3 industry because of their ability to build decentralized applications that provide users with a compelling and realistic virtual experience.

If you want to succeed in the field of Metaverse Development services, you should have the following abilities and knowledge:

1. Expertise in Java and JavaScript programming

2. Competence with blockchain technology

3. Possessing Expertise in Building Distributed Applications

4. Knowledge of virtual reality principles

5. Familiarity with Solidity, a programming language used to create smart contracts

NFT Developer

A non-fungible token developer develops and manages NFTs. NFTs are one-of-a-kind digital assets that stand in for other things, like assets, collectibles, or digital rights.

Developers skilled in NFTs are in high demand in the Web3 sector, and numerous well-known companies around the world are experimenting with or actively adopting NFTs.

Website Designer/Developer

You will be working on the user interface of websites as a front-end developer. Knowledge of programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is required.

Front-end developers make a lot of money in the Web3 industry because they are responsible for creating the application's front end.

Backend Developer

You'll need expertise in languages like Python, PHP, and Ruby on Rails to succeed as a backend developer who builds the systems that power websites.

Backend developers are in high demand in the Web3 era because they are responsible for creating the infrastructure that supports web applications.

Web3 Industry Offers Non-Technical Job Possibilities

UX/UI Designer: The role of the UX/UI designer is to coordinate with the product's developers in getting the product released to the public. Ensuring the average person can easily use the product. To do this, you'll need to be proficient in Sketch, Figma, XD, or another design program.

Community Manager: The Community Manager is Responsible for managing the online community for a business or product. They should have a previous work history in customer service, social media marketing, and online advertising.

Content Writer: For those who create text for digital media, such as websites and mobile apps, the term "content writer" describes the job perfectly. You need to have a background in both SEO writing and copywriting.

Graphic Designer: A graphic designer creates visual elements, such as icons and images, for digital products.

Research Analyst: An individual in the research analyst role is tasked with learning about new subjects and reporting their findings and recommendations to others. Data analysis, report writing, and research abilities are necessities.

Build Your Career in Web3

With the help of our article, you must have learned how Web3 operates and what jobs are available. The following advice will help you launch a successful career in Web3:

Work on your resume:

  • You can design your portfolio website to list the projects you have worked on. This will be super helpful when applying for a job.
  • You can also include test projects you have built and projects you have created.

Apply for a Job

After learning all the essential tools, sharpening your knowledge, and building web3 projects, you can now try your hands on an actual job.

There are numerous job opportunities available in the market for web3 developers.


As a developer, freelancing can be a fantastic way to increase your income. To make ends meet when working for yourself, you must constantly maintain contact with clients and adhere to strict deadlines.

Benefits of a Career in Web3

1. Web 3 careers tend to be high-paying, as companies are willing to pay top dollar for employees.

2. Professionals in web3 enjoy flexible working arrangements, including working remotely.

3. Web3 positively impacts the lives of others by helping to create innovative technologies that can change how we work, live, and play.

If you are looking for a career that offers both personal and professional satisfaction, a web3 job is an excellent choice.

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If you're just getting started with web3 development, I hope you enjoyed this article. You can see where your career in web3 development goes from here.


Zoi Kotsou

Copywriter - Content writer - Content Strategist

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