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Best online writing tools that will be useful

online writing tools Jan 17, 2024

Anyone who wants to create a meaningful paper must be knowledgeable in the specific area and have an idea about the case that is the subject of a paper.

For example, if you're writing an essay on history, you must be an expert in this specific historical topic you are discussing in your paper.

Of course, without the help of online writing tools, crafting papers will become a challenge.

In our article, we will talk about such types of tools as a writing prompt generator, word counters, different types of grammar checkers, online writing services, and many other tools that are perfect for those who do not want to face stress and want to save time.

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Why using online writing tools is effective?

The main advantage of using online writing tools is improving the quality of papers.

For example, among the most popular tools students use regularly, writing tools stand in a proper place because essays and other types of college papers are among the most widespread assignments students get from teachers.

Below, you will learn about the types of modern online writing tools that will be very useful not only for students but for teachers, bloggers, copywriters, and more.

1. Word counter

Word counter stands in a specific place among professional online writing tools. If you are a student or a teacher who often works with volume texts and is often required to know the exact number of words in a paper, word counters will become your better helpers.

Who can use the word counter?

This instrument is excellent for those who are worried about the number of words in the papers. The tool works not only for students but also for managers, writers, copywriters, freelancers, and other people who deal with text documents.

How to use the word counter?

Using the word counter online is very easy, and anyone can do it without any problem. You need to copy the text that you are considering to analyze and put the copied text in a specific field you can find on the page of a word counter.

After, you have to press the button and force the count of words. In several seconds, you will get a correct and accurate number of words in your text.

The use of the word counter tool online doesn't require you to enter any information about your name or paying any money. The instrument is free.

2. Online spelling checker

A certain group of popular tools lets students, teachers, copywriters, bloggers, and other people who work with content check texts for stylistic, grammar, and punctuation errors. Among the wide list of instruments available online, we want to highlight the following:

3. Grammarly

This is one of the most popular and irreplaceable tools for those who write many different types of papers. Grammarly will fit if you are a teacher, copywriter, blogger, business owner, student, or freelance author who deals with many different types of papers etc.

The functions of Grammarly

Grammarly was started as a punctuation and grammar-checking tool, but nowadays, this online instrument can offer more than only a spelling and grammar check.

Unlike other similar programs, Grammarly can also suggest different synonyms considering the context of written text. Moreover, even if you have problems with sentence structures or stylistic errors, Grammarly will also highlight them.

What else can this tool do?

In addition, you can ensure that your text is unique by using the plagiarism-checking tool built into Grammarly. This online instrument is perfect because it has different packages, and you can use it for free with a limited number of functions.

For more professional tasks, you can use an advanced version of Grammarly, which will come with a paid package.

In the blog section on the Grammarly website, you can find many valuable tips for writers and students who need information about creating various types of papers.

4. Hemingway

If you aim to reduce common errors and get an idea of wha types of errrors you made in sentences, use this great application online. This is a writing tool students use very often. It is very easy to understand how his tool works because it highlights lengthy sentences in different colors.

For example, if you see the purple color, the phrase has a simple alternative that will sound better in the context. And if you see the red highlighted sentences, they are very hard to read.

How it works?

Hemingway is based on AI technology and is perfect for those students who write many essays, term papers, and other types of written college assignments. It is very easy to use this instrument.

All you need to do is open an app and enter the copied text you want to check. With Hemingway, you will easily reduce all mistakes and get your text written smoothly and flawlessly.

5. Grammark

Last but not least, part of our selection of great grammar-checking tools is Grammark. This is an open-source writing instrument that helps you identify lengthy sentences and passive voice in your texts, making them more readable.

What can this tool do?

If there are problems with transitions in your sentences or your text is challenging to understand and follow, this app will be your best helper. The tone of voice and standard grammar and punctuation errors can also be easily reduced with the help of Grammark. This online writing tool is a blessing for academic writing because it fits students and teachers who want to check texts.

6. Writing prompt generator

This is one of the tools that are not as popular as grammar checkers. However, their function is vast, and many students need to include writing from a generator in their daily studying routine.

Why is writing prompt generator helpful?

If you are facing a writer's block, a writing prompt generator will be impeccable because it will make you much more creative.

This tool will let you generate ideas that will be unique and will not repeat the information one can find online on other websites. The writing prompt generator will use keywords you choose and create a specific, customized outcome for you.

How to use a writing prompt generator?

To get the most relevant to current trendy ideas, choose the specific category that will fit your purposes after you need to generate the idea by pressing a button. If you are not happy with the generated prompt, you simply need to press the button again.

7. Online writing service

One of the instruments that students use very often is an online writing service that helps those who need assistance with their written assignments. Reaching out to an online service that creates papers means you can order a customized paper of any type.

Who creates papers in writing services?

Reputable writing services work with authors who have degrees and certificates in many common disciplines students study in colleges and universities. Authors of the services that use bidding systems often send parts of a completed essay to clients for approval. So, if there is a need to make some changes, you can do it while you are writing.

Advantages of writing services

Usually, such services use bidding systems that allow you to get total control of the writing process. You will not have to worry about the problems that can be missing deadlines or miswritten parts of your paper. If you want to be sure that your paper will be written smoothly and correctly with the use of actual information from trusted sources, reach out to an online writing service.

Word processor

Word processors are perfect for those who work with creative texts and need to collect information in one timeline.

Who can use word processors?

Word processors are ideal for screenwriters who must identify turning points in a story plot. It is easy to keep track of each character and location of a script if you are creating something very volume.

It is easy to use word processors if you write speeches or books, or create a series of posts about the same case. Also, it is very easy to generate bibliographies and work with references, which is perfect for students who need to write papers in specific academic formats like APA or MLA.

One of the examples of such tools is Mellel. If you are a user of a Mac or iPad or any other device that Apple runs, you can use a Mellel word processor. Note that this tool is a paid one.

After all

The modern world suggests that we should not stand aside from new artificial intelligence technologies.

That is why using online writing tools for students, bloggers, and other people who deal with texts on a regular basis becomes crucial. With the help of online writing tools, it will be easier to create texts fast and make them readable.

We hope that after reading our article, you realize which tool types you can choose. You will find the one that you want and that will fit your purposes. Online writing tools are a great alternative to dealing with text by yourself. We wish you good luck with your efforts!

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