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10 modern job search techniques

Best Practices Apr 26, 2022

The modern job search is quite different from what it was a decade ago. Social websites, applications and career sites have changed the way we look for job opportunities and make applications and the traditional resume is no longer effective.

We are going to explore some of those new techniques that can help you to get the job you want

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Why do you need to be updated with new job search techniques?

We believe that there is a self-evident answer for this question. It makes sense to understand that as time passes and technology becomes more hardcore yet better, we need to keep up with the latest updates.

Most of the experts in HR follow the most recent updated hiring processes, so they would love to see a better and modern approach from your side as well. And in a market where only 1% of your resume leads to a job, doing the same thing as anyone else wouldn't stand out.

The 10 Modern Job Seeking Strategies You Need To Know

So what can you actually do? How do you update your approach and make it stand out from the crowd in a modern way?

Place your CV online

It’s pretty simple to put your CV online. The first thing you can do, and it’s actually the easiest one, is to upload your CV in PDF format in your LinkedIn profile.

Also, capitalize the rest of the job board profiles you own in order to avoid writing the same things that your CV has. Save time and effort. You don't have to be tech-savvy, and it doesn't have to be a huge piece. Just putting your existing resume online will look different from before. You will look a bit more tech-savvy and that's a good thing.

Create an online presence - A personal website

Don’t be anxious about that. Promise it’s not as difficult as it sounds. If you answered yes in the question of “Do you want to stand out from the other applicants”, then you need to take the next step.

Create your own personal website. Especially if your job requires a portfolio of your work. Samples or just a representation of it then this is the best way to showcase it.

Never before has it been easier to be online. So there's no excuse for not doing it yourself. When your employer or hiring process responsible googles your name you will be there! It's very possible to create a website that looks modern and beautiful in just a few hours.

You can also set up a template to create a new template with a unique and easy-to-remember web address for each company you apply for. This is a creative way, don’t you think?

Use a customized approach

Companies receive tons of CVs and cover letters monthly or even weekly. Not only when they have an open job, but they also receive them in their inboxes in case there are. So, what’s one more thing that will catch their attention?

The answer is, the effort you will put in order to present yourself uniquely.

For the company and position you are applying for, you need to adjust your approach accordingly if you want to follow a modern approach.

So do your research to find out what they value, what they represent, and what they want from their employees. And present yourself in an authentic way that shows that you want to do your research and truly contribute to their mission.

Focus on the right keywords

Nowadays, many companies use an ATS (applicant tracking system) which helps them track who has applied and for which position.

But, for you as an applicant it is important to know that this system most of the time makes the shortlisting between who is going to be interviewed and who will be rejected.

In order to increase your chances and succeed in this phase you need to make your CV, ATS optimized. And how is it going to be done? With the right use of keywords.

The easiest way to tailor some useful keywords is by incorporating the keywords written in the job posting. This will help you both rank high in the ATS, and also will show to your recruiting manager that you speak the same language and are culturally compatible with the company.

Another modern advice is to search the most relevant keywords in your job title and the skills needed so that your keywords will contain them.


Networking is one of the most effective modern techniques you can use, if not the most effective. It allows you to learn about job openings even before they are listed in job board sites. That may not be widely advertised, even if they are totally advertised.

The more people you contact and communicate with that you are looking for an opportunity, the more likely you are to hear about open positions.

You can also get recommendations in the process. It takes time to communicate, write emails and send personalized cover letters but at the end of the day it’s what can bring you your ideal job!

Join online professional groups

You can find relevant with your field of work groups online. The best social media for this are Facebook and of course LinkedIn.

For example, if you are searching for a junior social media manager position then search for social media marketing groups, and you will get some results. Join the ones that have the biggest amount of people. Turn on the notifications every time there is a new post. Most of the time people upload open positions there, so be sure to be among the first ones to check them.

Also, this gives you the opportunity to learn your current skills and expand your network with people working in the industry. When you meet new people, make sure you keep your mind sharp, and you are engaging, as they may connect you with someone who can help you with your job hunting (referral is one of the most modern ways to speed up the job search).

Connect with someone from HR

We advise you to find a way to bypass HR and contact someone in the department you are applying for (directly contacting employees is another modern approach to help you find a new career path). Find people who work for the company on professional social networks. LinkedIn is an easy way to find, for example, the hiring process responsible.

Then check if there are any connections that could give you an idea. Consider contacting someone in the department of your job position to see if you can learn more about the company and job title you are applying for or having an interview with. You can leave the conversation with a personal recommendation for the work. Sounds good? We guessed so.

Approach headhunters and recruiting agencies

The ultimate way to save your precious time and to redeem you from a boring and tiring effort is a recruiting agency. It’s not a secret. There are many professionals out there who can ask the right questions towards you. They can extract detailed answers and can create the perfect action plan for your job search.

With the goal of course to be, your own success in your job seeking journey. These days it’s very common to refer to recruiting agencies and generally headhunters.

Recruiters can be a great resource when looking for new roles. If you are currently working, finding a new job can be very time-consuming. Headhunters work for you while you focus on your current job.

When you're not working, there is someone standing for you! They have access to jobs that you may not have heard of and can streamline the job search process for you.

Some people aren't very keen on working with headhunters, but in reality, headhunters can be quickly noticed, and most people are perfect for working with them.

Thousands of employers choose to work with recruiters to speed up the tedious process of finding and interviewing candidates. You have nothing to lose by working with a recruiter, but you have a lot to gain!

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In conclusion

To be frank, you've got a better chance at getting hired by conducting these job search techniques than you do by anything else.

That's because so many of us tend to neglect some of the most crucial areas in our job-searching process, which is why I'm writing this blog: to remind you to take your job search seriously, no matter how desperate you are for any kind of job.

And it doesn't matter what your background may be: whether you're a marketing expert or a writer who isn't afraid to get his/her hands dirty, if you want that job, then employ one or more of these tactics and your odds will increase drastically.

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Zoi Kotsou

Copywriter - Content writer - Content Strategist

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