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What Will the Future of EdTech Trends in 2024 Look Like?

edtech Jun 26, 2023

The learning paradigm has seen a significant transformation in recent years. The techniques of instruction that were used a few decades ago are considerably different from how kids are taught now. Technology has changed how education is delivered and received in some ways.

Technology has had a significant influence on learning and teaching approaches, from self-learning to flipped classrooms.

With so many advantages to offer, digital learning has taken center stage in the educational system.

Information and communication technology (ICT) offers several advantages for digital learning and engagement that are focused on the needs of the student.

The use of cutting-edge educational technology by schools and universities to enhance the teaching and learning process is a result of ICT developments in education.

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Educational software development company constantly monitors innovations to make the best and most modern projects for the business.

For those looking to delve deeper into the realm of edtech, exploring educational software development services can provide a comprehensive approach to creating tailored learning solutions.

And if you need it or are just curious, then let's talk about the biggest developments in education technology now that we have a better understanding of its importance.

The majority of these advancements have been around for a while. They continue to be the education sector's most quickly evolving technological innovations, nonetheless.

Understanding Gamification

Custom game-centered learning apps are quickly gaining traction in the field of educational technology.

Duolingo, a well-known mobile learning program that aids users of all ages in learning foreign languages, is a striking illustration of this kind of software.

The educational technology trend of gamification in Duolingo demonstrates how learning solutions consumers are engaged. It gives your learning software a competitive edge.

For example, for good academic achievement or extracurricular activities, students may obtain bonus points. Later, users will have the option to trade in those points for specific advantages like additional rounds or interactive content.

You'll see how learners become more involved in studying if you allow them to monitor their points on a scoreboard that displays the scores of other contestants.

Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Personalized eLearning experiences are produced using AI and ML. Students may get tailored assignments depending on their assessment scores rather than a broad study course.

Adaptive English language learning to use DuoLingvo is a fantastic example. To customize training, the business has created its own AI and ML platform dubbed Birdbrain.

The system collects information from the more than 500 million activities completed each day to determine how well students comprehend the subject.

Blockchain for Safety and Openness

Teachers are actively investigating the uses of blockchain in EdTech. Educational institutions may use this technology to securely retain student information and provide trustworthy identity verification.

Additionally, blockchain could help create a fair and accountable assessment system.

Analytics Education

Learning analytics, which is connected to the technologies stated above, is one of the newest innovations in educational technology.

Using computational analytical methods from artificial intelligence (AI) and data science improves the quality of instruction and learning.

Learning analytics assess competence abilities and provide insightful data. For instance, instructors may determine which informational format—text, AI videos, photos, infographics, etc.—is more effective for students and utilize that format more in the courses that follow.

Alternately, recognize what isn't working well enough and change it the next time.

Learning Environments Outside the Classroom

The educational technology landscape is always evolving due to various developments. Learning has moved outside the traditional classroom thanks to mobile-based technology.

Students may study at their speed and time thanks to the rising popularity of mLearning and eLearning. This trend is anticipated to continue since it is a practical way to both give and receive education.


EdTech software is still revolutionizing the education sector. It is anticipated that the market for these goods will expand shortly.  

To gain a competitive edge, Edtech solutions will need to grow more sophisticated and versatile.


Zoi Kotsou

Copywriter - Content writer - Content Strategist

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