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The Top Jobs That Don't Require Experience But Pay Well

Well paying jobs Jun 19, 2022

If you're thinking about a career change or don't have much experience, it can feel like there aren't any options. You might not want to start at the bottom of the ladder at an entry-level job with no pay, but you also don't want to give up on your dreams of making a difference.

But what if we told you that there are tons of jobs that don't require experience and pay well? We've rounded up some of the best ones for you here!

What Are Good Jobs That Don't Require Experience?

The best part is that it is easy to find a job that doesn't require experience. There are many jobs in demand now that don't need experience. Real estate agents, advertising sales agents, and pharmacy technicians are just some examples of high-paying jobs without the experience necessary.

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Jobs That Require No Experience, But Pay Well

As a college student, you may wonder how to land a job that pays well and doesn't require extensive experience. You could have years of experience in an unrelated field or even be a recent high school graduate—it doesn't matter! There are plenty of jobs that don't require previous knowledge or training but still pay well.

1. Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents are in charge of finding customers for real estate companies. They can be self-employed or work for a company, acting as the middleman between buyers and sellers.

What does a real estate agent do?

  1. Find Properties that match your client's needs
  2. Explain details about the property (such as price)
  3. Help negotiate contracts between buyers and sellers

If you know how to make sales and deal with people, this might be an excellent job for you!

2. Advertising Sales Agent

If you're looking for a job with no experience that pays well, advertising sales agents might be the perfect fit. To be an advertising sales agent, you'll need to be able to sell different types of advertising space to clients and negotiate the best price.

This is an excellent job if you like making deals and working towards getting what you want out of life. If this sounds like something that would interest you, then this could be the job for you!

3. Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy technicians work in pharmacies and drug stores. They are responsible for preparing and dispensing medications, answering customers' questions, and maintaining prescription records.

As a pharmacy technician, you'll need to be well-versed in the proper handling of prescription medications and must understand their potential side effects.

4. Claims Adjuster

Claims adjusters work for insurance companies and assess victims of car accidents, property damage, and other insurance claims. They process claims, determine the amount of money that should be paid to the victim and what the insurance company will cover, and ensure all legal requirements are met.

This job can be challenging because it requires the ability to deal with people in difficult situations and make them feel at ease. It also requires excellent communication skills so that you can explain complicated procedures to your clients.

5. Power Plant Operator

A power plant operator works in the energy industry and monitors, controls, and maintains equipment that generates electric power. They ensure that the equipment runs smoothly and safely. The job title can vary by industry, sometimes called an electrical systems operator or control room operator.

This career path requires you to monitor all aspects of your facility's operations, including physical security systems such as cameras, alarms, and locks; power generation facilities like coal-fired boilers or nuclear reactors; water treatment plants; wastewater treatment plants; natural gas storage facilities; oil refineries; pipelines and distribution lines. You may also be responsible for ensuring compliance with state/federal regulations during emergencies such as fires or floods.

6. Web Developer

Web developers are in high demand. Suppose you want to work as a web developer and you don't have any experience. In that case, you can likely land at least an entry-level position (and possibly one with more responsibility) without any experience.

If you're interested in being a web developer but don't want to return to school or pay big money for training classes and certifications, consider working on your own time by taking online courses or using books and online tutorials. You'll learn the basics of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript—the languages used to build websites—and many other skills that will help prepare you for this job without spending any money upfront!

7. Customer care specialist

Customer care specialist is a position that requires no experience but pays well and will help you gain skills for future jobs.

Customer service is an expanding industry, and every business needs someone to take care of its customers. The more effectively you can provide customer service, the more likely customers will buy from your company.

Legal assistants take on various responsibilities, including researching and preparing materials for lawyers. They also manage schedules, organize files and assist clients with their cases.

To become a legal assistant, you'll need strong organizational skills and excellent writing skills. Also essential is understanding how the legal system works—you should understand which documents need to be filed, where and when they need to be filed, and how they should look once they're filed.

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Average Salary of different jobs


Average salary


Real estate agent


High school diploma

Advertising sales agent


High school diploma

Pharmacy technician


High school diploma, certification in the pharmacy technology field.

Claims adjuster


High school diploma, a certificate in the insurance-related area.

Power plant operator


High school diploma

Customer care specialist


High school diploma

Web developer


High school diploma, coding skills and certification

Legal assistant


High school diploma

Final Thoughts

When looking for a job that doesn't require experience, one must consider personal interests. Consider what you enjoy doing and use that as a starting point when looking into jobs. Once you know what job might be right for you, gather information about the skills needed, salary expectations, and other benefits.

Talk to people in those fields to learn more about the day-to-day work involved before deciding which one is right for you!


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