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10 must-use resume writing tools

resume writer Nov 22, 2022

Resume building tools, like Skillhub, help you create a better structure, catch slip-ups, and even improve the applicant tracking system (ATS) used by large organizations.

For people who are looking for jobs, an eye-catching resume is very important to stand out from other candidates.

Regardless of your experience level, creating your own resume can be confusing and overwhelming.

Fortunately, there are a variety of resume building tools that can help you decide how much data and detail to include, how far back you should list your work insights, how to structure your resume, and more, etc.

Before submitting a document, you want to have as much information as possible. Use a good AI detection tool like AI Detector Pro and edit out the parts of your resume that show highest risk for AI use. You don’t want to be scanned for AI use without your knowledge.

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In the list of top tools, we have mentioned the top 10 must use resume building tools and their features and pricing for you to choose from.

1) LiveCareer

LiveCareer gives the user access to more than 25 resume layouts that appeal to all types of professions — be they creatives, number masterminds, or traditionalists. Its services range from in-depth resume writing help to industry expert advice and job interview best practices.

Main Features:

LiveCareer offers many resume formats.

Creating a cover letter is quick and easy with these kinds of tools.

Tips and hints to help finish a resume or cover letter.

Jobseekers and managers can use over 1000 resume examples through this tool.

The platform offers resume and cover letter composing services.

The site includes a task board, mobile application, and professional assets.


You can get a package estimate on their website.

2) Zety

Zety is an online resume builder tool with about 15 blank resume formats and features that speed up the writing process. These types of professional and elite class tools also provide AI-approved suggestions for any part of the resume that you need help with, making your resume stand out.

The best thing about this tool is that it makes your work easy through its drag-and-drop feature where you don't need to write content yourself. Rather, you can copy and paste it from an existing one.

Main Features:

You may use the Site and each of its assets free of charge.

Easy-to-use resume and cover letter builder, with tips and hints.

Easy to use site flaunting useful assets for jobseekers.


You may contact the sales team for a quote.

3) ResumeGenius

ResumeGenius offers ATS-compatible formats. This shows that they are supported by computer software and do not crash on the way to the recruiter's mailbox. So far, this tool has been helpful in helping many people land awesome jobs.

Main Features:

Access free resources like a variety of resume and cover letter layouts, helpful articles, and career advice from experts.

50+ delicious and modern resume layouts suitable for inexperienced jobseekers and professionals.

Expert resume writing survey and input.

Mechanized resume and cover letter writing process with pre-made content for fast and accurate resume preparation.

A variety of career tools such as thank-you notes and resignation letter samples.


You can get a package estimate on their website.

4) MyPerfectResume

MyPerfectResume is a step-by-step resume writing tool with easy-to-use templates and expert tips and advice. These types of tools will help you create an attractive resume that will make you stand out from the crowd. Additionally, you can download your resume in any format you want. According to my point of view, it stands among the top in a list of 10 must use resume writing tools.

Main Features:

Easy-to-use editor.

Includes pre-written sentences.

Contains a built-in spell checker.

It highlights important skills and keywords.

Various customer service options are available, including email and phone support.


On their website, you can find the price of a package.

5) ResumeLab

The online tools offered by ResumeLab allow you to create an exceptional resume and cover letter combo. You get 20+ expert layouts to explore. Every word you add to your resume counts. So, this tool helps you in every section by giving importance to the details.

Main Features:

18 layouts with advanced editing and writing options

Structure resume sections applicable to each setting

An artificial intelligence-based resume scoring system

Unlimited PDF downloads


You can ask the sales team for a quote.

6) ResumeNow

ResumeNow provides you with a resume and tailor-made templates that are approved by experts and HR professionals for resume writing, ‌increasing your chances of landing a good job. With a template for every profession, from software engineer, graphic designer, and banker to a great dentist, it's got you covered.

Main Features:

This tool provides both resume review and professional resume writing service.

Resume writing is taken to the next level with this tool with a variety of templates.

With this tool, you can download a professional resume in just a few minutes.

In addition, it provides tooltips, expert suggestions and AI-powered tools to help you to write quality resumes.


It is free to use.

7) EnhanCV

With high chances of selection rates, these are the resume writing tools you need before going for an interview. You only have to focus on the content of the resume, while EnhanCV takes care of the formatting. Various templates are available that can be tailored to your specifications and requirements. By using these magnificent tools, you can bring out your best talents in an attractive form.

Main Features:

Sometimes grammar mistakes can cost you a job. But the content analysis system in this tool helps eliminate all errors, making your resume error-free.

You can consult their team of experts anytime about your career goals.

This tool will help you create an amazing resume that any recruiter will want to read.


It is free to use.

8) ResumeHelp

ResumeHelp will provide you with industry-specific resumes and multiple templates to choose from. If you are thinking about your resume to get hired, this is the right place for you. With this tool, you can feel confident about your resume writing, and formatting is done. The artistic designs in the templates are attractive enough to grab the attention of any recruiter.

Main Features:

This tool provides a wide range of services including writing resumes, and cover letters.

It also provides interview preparation, job networking training.

Helps you in job search and career planning.


This tool is from one of those tools which can be used freely. However, to download, save, and create multiple versions of your document, users will need to subscribe to the ResumeHelp community, which starts at $2.90 for 14 days of full access.

9) ResumeNerd

Create your resume in minutes with the ResumeNerd tool. It has hundreds of pre-written and designed templates to meet your job search needs. The resumes written by the package of tools provided by ResumeNerd include everything you need to get selected for the job. It deals with job summary, skills, educational qualification and experience.

Main Features:

This tool includes a step-by-step process for creating an attractive resume.

This ensures the correct choice of words while writing a resume to avoid any mistakes.

Their state-of-the-art technology will help you create a stunning resume to make you stand out.

All your strengths and achievements are beautifully highlighted in the resume by this tool to increase your chances of getting hired.


You can contact the sales team for a quote.

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10) Wozber

If you want to increase your chances of getting a job, Wozbar is what you need. It includes a step-by-step resume writing process where you can start by selecting your favorable resume template designs. Next is to start writing something about yourself. Additionally, the Wozbar tools bundle will guide you by providing tips and expert advice at every step.

Main Features:

Get the best version of your resumes with AI-powered technologies in the tools package.

To ensure privacy, you can resume and download anonymously without saving your private information.

Most of the templates in these types of tools have a minimal design to give them a simple and elegant look.

The best part of this tool is that it has templates in different languages ​​to make your resume writing process easier.


Wozber is a completely free tool with no hidden costs involved in using it.

These mentioned gadgets fulfill all requirements to become a part of 10 must use resume writing tools.

Extra recommendation

QuillBot Co-Writer is the ultimate companion for resume writing, combining the power of artificial intelligence with expertly crafted templates.

This all-in-one AI writing assistant is specifically tailored to elevate your resume creation process. It intelligently suggests impactful phrases, refines language, and ensures your resume stands out.

With dedicated templates for professional work, QuillBot Co-Writer streamlines the resume writing journey, helping you present your skills and experience with clarity and impact.

Simplify and enhance your resume-building experience with this innovative tool, designed to optimize your chances in the competitive job market.


Zoi Kotsou

Copywriter - Content writer - Content Creator - Columnist

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