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Must-Have Tools For Security When Working Remotely

Remote working Nov 2, 2022

Is the company's network protected? Can data and files be shared securely? In the midst of another crisis, would the company be able to maintain key operations?

While these issues affect office-based enterprises, the proliferation of personal devices like laptops, cell phones, and tablets outside the corporate network widens the threat picture.

IT network operators will need to solve these security flaws and get ready for new threats by 2022 if they are not fixed sooner.

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Best tools for remote working on 2022

Here is a list of software tools that can help you work from home more safely and effectively.


While working remotely, cybersecurity becomes a critical thing. You don’t want anyone to track online activity and steal your private information, even your Internet service provider. If you want to keep everything private and enhance the online experience, you can make use of free trial VPN apps.

If you work on a desktop device, you can get a VPN for PC to secure all your online work.

Additionally, you can get a browser with built-in VPN for PC to ensure that your online interactions are protected and anonymous, adding an extra layer of defense to your digital workspace. If you don’t want to download VPN for PC, you can get a browser extension or simply a mobile app for your mobile phone.

There are many providers of VPN download software. With such a wide choice, you need to pay more attention to analyzing different offers.

Apart from viewing their websites, you can also look for the feedback of real customers on honest review platforms like Sitejabber or Trustpilot. Before you get a VPN for Windows or macOS devices, make sure it suits your needs in terms of pricing and feature set.

Email security tools

Anti-spam filters are currently used by the majority of businesses, but today's advanced social engineering techniques demand extensive email encryption and security.

Every business, from small businesses to enterprises, needs complete protection that blocks spam, malware, phishing attempts, and more. Incoming emails are simply one aspect of email security.

Furthermore, sending emails is a problem. To prevent data leaks, such work from home tools must be able to restrict users from unintentionally sending spam and malware and enforce sending guidelines. Another email security measure you should take is ensuring a proper DMARC setup.

Cybersecurity training tools

No security measure will ever be 100 percent foolproof. On top of the technologies you use to ward off hackers, employee education is frequently the only method for a corporation to accomplish complete protection.

These crucial initiatives are necessary for firms to avoid suffering more losses in terms of money, reputation, and non-compliance fines.

Phishing is the most obvious way that human error can compromise a company's security. These scams, which rely on pandemic and quarantine anxieties, are widespread and only growing worse.

For this reason, service providers that want to secure all their bases must rely on end-user training. Employ educational strategies that involve game dynamics, logic, and a rewards' system to keep your clients' staff interested.

Many employees consider regular cybersecurity training a time-consuming process, so gamification is a must-have to increase their engagement.

Team communication software

When working from home, you would like a way to communicate with your team without having to schedule calls every time you have a problem. An email is an option, but it's not the best way to engage in regular, personal interaction.

Choose a video calling software that encrypts your communication and integrates seamlessly with other tools for work. Everything should be very well-organized and convenient. Additionally, consider implementing tools to monitor remote desktop sessions, which can help you keep track of team activities and provide support when needed.

Password protection tools

The significance of choosing strong, unique passwords cannot be overstated. Ensure that remote employees use unique passwords for their personal and professional accounts and devices.

Using vulnerable passwords or the exact same passwords across many accounts and platforms (including your company account) puts your people at risk for security issues due to the rise in fraudulent activity caused by password breaches.

Antivirus software

You can safeguard your computer against viruses and worms by using antivirus software. Ensure that antivirus software is being used by every end user to secure their computers.

You may give your IT staff access to your employees' systems using a variety of technologies. Remote tools are available for your IT staff to utilize to install an antivirus program on your employees' devices.

Data security tools

A set of information security management policies should be present. You can learn more about the procedures they must follow from these policies. Policies for data security will assist you in defending your documents and information from intruders.

The culture of cybersecurity in your company needs to be strong. You can utilize a variety of data security products that are sold on the market to protect your data.

When remote workers visit sites especially ecommerce or any site that look like gaming or ecommerce business, they should first check HTTPS and a secure padlock in the browser.

Moreover, when you click on a padlock, you can check security certificate type. Most of SSL certificates are nowadays available at cheap price like cheap single domain, cheap wildcard SSL, cheap multi domain SSL. A certificate comes with issuance and expiry date.

Device Management Solutions

Scalefusion MDM is a comprehensive tool that covers different operating systems (Windows, Android, macOS, iOS) and devices (laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones, and rugged devices).

The remote work culture has resulted in employees using their personal devices for work. Scalefusion MDM helps organizations push BYOD (bring your own device) policies to safeguard corporate data through containerization where work and personal apps and data are segregated.

Users can opt for a 14-day free trial of Scalefusion MDM and explore all its features. A 25% discount for multi-year plans is available as a year-end offer.

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The final note on remote working tools

If you decide to work remotely, you need to understand that safety should be your priority. With a toolkit we described above, from VPN for desktop to data security tools, you will be able to maintain it on a high level.


Zoi Kotsou

Copywriter - Content writer - Content Strategist

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