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Job portal script open source

job portal Mar 23, 2022

Looking for a great way to start you job portal (with open source code)? Check how the white label version of Loopcv can help you make an additional revenue stream! It's free of cost for you and you start getting paid in a couple of days for every sale that you are making!

Are you interested to learn more? Check below!

Check our super new white label portal:

If you want to find more details you have to check in this link:

How can I create a job portal site?

You can use the tools of Loopcv to create your job portal and matchmaking platform. Loopcv is the first platform in the market that automates the job search and helps individuals find a job super fast.

Are there any sites that use the whitelabel version of Loopcv?

Yes!! A lot! Check how Jobby uses the whitelabel version of Loopcv with a unique brand and logo targeting students and

Do I need to create my own Job portal script?

The answer is no! Our technical team already created A LOT of tools for you so that you can easily use them. The only things you have to do are the following:

  1. Buy a domain name
  2. Create a logo for your job portal website (check the example of Jobby above)
  3. Contact Loopcv in
  4. Our team will collaborate with you to help you with the domain settings and we will host your whitelabel version of you job portal site in any subdomain or domain that you like (i.e or
  5. Then our team will ask you to provide a png file with your logo and additional information about your brand so that we can configure our emails (Yes, Loopcv sends emails daily to engage with users updating them with brand new jobs that match their profile. In the whitelabel version all the emails will be sent from your own email for example
  6. Finally after the domain and emails are configured you are ready to go and start doing some sales
  7. For every sale that you are making, Loopcv will send you 50% of the revenue (if you have a lot of users or a big audience we can negotiate that :) )

How can I find a job board software open source?

Well, actually you don't need one! Here at Loopcv we are here to support you and help you make additional revenue! You can find more about our whitelabel product that can help your business create an additional revenue stream.

In this way, you don't need to spend time creating your own job board software or trying to find an open source version! Our whitelabel  is the best way to get started working on your business idea without having to spend time on the setup and the coding part (we did that for you ;) )

So even if you are looking for a job portal clone script, we believe that the best way to get started is our super new whitelabel matchmaking platform for job seekers!


George Lambdus

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