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How to get more applicants on LinkedIn

CV Mar 15, 2022

As Simon Sinek says, let's start with the why

Why you need to attract people on LinkedIn

If you are a recruiter in a company, start-up, NGO, etc, for sure you have wondered this. How can I attract more profiles?

As LinkedIn is becoming more popular day by day, people prefer it as a platform to find a job. Therefore, it’s a must to learn how to get more applicants for your company.

The improvement of the features and the accuracy of the results can make your work a piece of cake. And your goals will be achieved faster! Now you are wondering how this can be practically done.

Below you can read some tips and recommendations so you can start right away.

5 tips on getting more applicants on LinkedIn

Find below the 5 best tips on how to get more applicants on LinkedIn

1. Improve your job description posts

The first and most important thing you need to do is to improve your job description posts.

The better & clearer the description is written, the better chances you will have getting the appropriate fits. It’s a necessity to be explanatory to a point that the interested person won’t have to question if she/he understands the responsibilities.

Try to write between 100 and 500 words because it’s better consumed as a text. Getting quicker into the main points saves time from candidates' search. Have in mind that they are looking at many other job listings at the same time.

Another thing that will make your description more appealing is the tone of voice you use. Try to be more casual and conversational with the audience.

New generations, especially, prefer someone that understands them, is more friendly, approachable and has a sense of humor. In addition, be honest and bring to surface important details such as salary, requirements, or other extras.

Don’t spare many words about the company. Candidates are looking for this information before interviews. Giving them beforehand, will attract more applicants. Finally, you need to be gender-neutral with your words, so that you can attract the same percentages of male and female profiles!

2. Improve your own brand as a recruiter & the company’s brand

The second step in order to increase the number of applicants you receive is your own brand as a recruiter and the company’s brand.

If you wonder why, then the short answer is that people tend to research you before applying to any job. So, I guess you would like to give a trustworthy first impression. The way to do it is by following all LinkedIn guidelines.

Have a professional photo on LinkedIn, a descriptive and creative summary. Your work experience, volunteerism, education, skills & recommendations are vital. The company’s profile must also have all the blocks filled.

And an active content presence so that interested people can have one more reason to apply. Relevant and up-to-date posts with all the keywords and hashtags included can attract a massive pool of people.

Share this with your employees and encourage them to re-share the content with their network.

3. Engage with your followers and connections

What’s more? To reach out and engage with your followers and connections. It’s really important, as it is in sales as well, to give value to your audience.

By posting valuable content on your profile is one great step. Interacting with them is the big jump ahead. It takes time and effort, but it’s worth it as they will be more open to hear for your job openings in the future.

Give your audience labor market updates, insights, tips, motivation and inspiration, and they will appreciate that practically. Just be patient. Otherwise, you can engage with them more directly.

Start conversations or tag them and remember them when something relevant comes up. That will fire up your brand!

Keep in mind that already employed people are quite open to new job opportunities. So don’t look only for open-to-work profiles but keep it general.

Have some ideas: Other than industry-related content.

  1. Post photos of the company and the employees that consist of it.
  2. Showcase all the job positions.
  3. Give some details and information about their day to day processes.
  4. Post Testimonials that are super helpful and give a sense of truthfulness.
  5. Write about the culture that exists in the company. Candidates care a lot for the working environment.
  6. Write about other events and gatherings that take place there.
  7. Post frequently company achievements, milestones, awards and recognitions that can easily bring the prestige to new levels.

4. Improve your hiring posts and call to action

Then you can move on to attract candidates with hiring posts. A so-called call to action posts. Invest time in order to make them look professional and convincing. Use high quality pictures, either stock or your own.

Make simple visuals or have better fonts in the photo using AI photo editor or easy editing platforms like Canva. And please don’t be flat, on the contrary be creative with your headline. Imagine that you want to grab their attention among so many other posts. Your headline, the clear description in the post.

The call to action, provided with the link of the job position and the image, are the key to the recipe of getting more applicants. Now promote it as much as you want. Use other social media as well in order to get traffic and awareness.

All of that can happen on a free option. But, as a last tip, we have also to tell you that there is a paid option as well.

So, based on your budget, you can decide what to choose and how to move forward. The extra benefit that the paid one gives is access to more features on the posting part. Maybe we have something better for you.

Wouldn’t it be easier if all of these were into one platform that connects with LinkedIn and can attract more applicants? Well, this is your lucky day, as we have created a platform called Loopcv.

How can we help you attract more applicants on LinkedIn?

Loopcv has a big database of candidates and can help you with reports and analytics to improve the way you are sourcing candidates with a unique matchmaking platform that uses machine learning in order to identify the best candidates for your new job openings.

Loopcv also offers automations so that you can segment and reach-out to the candidates that are a great fit for your job posting

Feel free to contact us to learn more about us and have a chat on how we can help you

We are also advising you to try our job-seekers platform and draw your own conclusions for the results.

Click the link here.


Zoi Kotsou

Copywriter - Content writer - Content Strategist

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