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How to get clients for your recruitment agency (Guide)

Recruiters Mar 5, 2022

LoopCV's goal is to help people get clients for their recruiting agency (Find more here) . The company is constantly working to make the hiring process as simple and efficient as possible. LoopCV is a one-of-a-kind, automated job search platform that allows you to find clients, prioritise them and push them in your CRM in only a few clicks.

Follow these simple 5 steps to get clients for your recruitment agency.

STEP 1: Use Loopcv to help you find companies that hire often

Worldwide, the number of employees hired directly from platforms is higher than those hired as self-employed. Use Loopcv to help you find the companies that hire most urgently based on the daily collection of data from multiple platforms. This way you are more likely to find clients for recruitment agency.

STEP 2:  Use crunchbase to find companies an startups that are hiring

Use the crunchbase to help you find companies / startups that are raising funds and will need to hire new people very soon to fill the required positions. crunchbase wants to improve its existing data and expand its capabilities and filters to better serve its customers, such as providing an analysis of the type of positions companies occupy and not just the number of people. This way will be even easier for you to find a new position.

STEP 3: Define your new scoring model

It’s very  important to define your new Lead scoring model and to have a potential customer rating system in place to identify potential buyers in order to conduct successful demand-driven programs and keep marketing and sales in sync. Loopcv can help you score your leads and push your leads on your favorite CRM such us hubspot, pipedrive and other popular CRMs in the market

STEP 4: Continue helping your existing customers

Keep in mind that a stable network produces new high quality customers for staffing companies. This includes things like building a strong social media presence, attracting referrals and having open lines of communication with every company and applicant you meet. This also means maintaining a positive relationship with your existing clientele that will help you check for open positions. Do not lose the clients you already have while seeking new ones. You do not want to miss the opportunity before your eyes!

STEP 5: Use linkedin search navigator

LinkedIn is a popular corporate networking platform. It has online groups for many types of businesses and companies. If you’re trying to get clients for a recruitment agency, it’s an ideal place to start your search to target CEOS of companies that hire. By contacting current clients on LinkedIn, you can use recommendation methods. Join the groups they're a part of, or ask them for suggestions for new groups to join. While you're at it, polish your own LinkedIn profile to make yourself stand out. Joining the same LinkedIn group as a potential new customer puts you in common with them right away. You can leverage that common ground to establish a rapport. Find additional things you share in common if at all feasible. Using LinkedIn's messaging system, send a message to the customer, introduce yourself, and explain why you think they should work with your recruitment agency.


George Lambdus

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