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5 tips on how to check the status of your job application

job Apr 3, 2022

Did you just send in a job application, and you want to check the status of it? Wondering how to find out if the hiring manager got your application and how they are processing it?

In the following article, we are providing the best tips on ways you can check the status of your job application and following up to ensure that the recruiter or the hiring manager received your application.

Let's start with a pretty basic email that you can send

Subject: Application Status
Email text:
Hi [Hiring Manager],

I'm wondering if you have received my resume and cover letter. I would really appreciate it if you could let me know what your decision is as soon as possible.

I am interested in knowing if the position has been filled yet or not.
Thank you very much!
Sincerely, (Your name)

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How to check the status of a job application (over email or phone)

To check the status of a job application, you will first have to find out which company the application was submitted to.

Once you know the company, you should visit their website and find a job search page. The company may have a way for you to check your status on their website, or it may be in your best interest to call in. You can call the company and ask if there is a way to check the status of an application that has been submitted.

In most cases, the job search page will have information on how to check the status of your application.

However, if you cannot find any information on how to check the status of a job application, you should call and ask.

Another important question that you have to ask or research is how long does it take for this specific company to hire someone. This is a common question that many individuals ask when they submit an application.

The answer is that it depends on a lot of factors. Every company has a unique process, but it typically takes 1–3 weeks and thus checking the status of your job application in the first day it is normally an overkill

What is the point of sending email requests to check the status of a job application

Before you email your potential employer, it's important to check their website first. Many companies now have an area where they list job openings and the status of applications, called a "job board."

If there are no openings available online, then you can still check the status of your application by sending a simple email or voicemail. You should do this after three weeks of hearing nothing from the company. How to Write an Email Status Update

An email status update should be sent to the person who screened your application for the job. This is likely someone in Human Resources, though it could be a specific person in the department that you applied for.

The best way to find this person is to look at the job posting and see who is listed as screening resumes for that position. Address your email "To whom it may concern" or "Dear Recruiter." You can also use first

What should be in the email when checking the status of your application

When submitting an application for a job, it is important to submit it immediately. What should you do after that? If you are waiting to hear back from the company, it may be a good idea to write the company and ask formally for an update. "I hope this email finds you well! I applied for the position on _____, and I was wondering if you had any updates?"

This will show that they are still interested in the position, and they're waiting patiently. A cover letter is an important part of a job application.

A cover letter can also be referred to as a motivation letter, job application letter or simply work application. It is sent along with the CV (curriculum vitae) and list of references to the potential employer in order to apply for a specific job vacancy. A good cover letter can help you land your dream job and get your desired salary.

How to ensure that you will get a reply when checking the status of a position you applied

Use a professional email address, not a free account.
Proofread your application before you send it to make sure there are no errors
Apply in person if possible, it shows you're more serious.

Be as enthusiastic and excited about working there as you can be. Give something extra that isn't exactly required. You may find this article on key points in an application useful.

In case you would like to stand out, you can also call the company in order to check if they received your application (sometimes your email might land in the spam folder, and thus it might not even land on the recruiters main inbox)

What if I don't get any reply when checking the status of my application?

If you don't get any reply on the phone call or on the email that you will send in order to check the status of your job application, you can follow up in 4–6 days in order to check.

But! Don't become very creepy, sending an email every 2 days to check the status of your application. You have to act professionally, otherwise even if you have the right profile, the recruiter might get mad at you.

In any case, it is not bad to show that you are passionate about this specific job, but make sure that you don't present yourself as someone that can't find another job. Continue your job search and move forward with other interviews meanwhile.

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