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How much time do you spend applying to jobs?

job Nov 15, 2020

Do you feel like you spend too much time on applying to a job, only to wait for weeks without any feedback or response from recruiters?

Hours spent on applications. Zero responses from recruiters. Right?

Look, I have been on the job hunt many times before and I can relate. Your first few days are great. You’re excited to get that perfect job in the perfect place working for the next Google. Then, reality sets in. You’ve applied to dozens of companies, but all you’ve received back is two rejection letters. Or worse yet, it’s been a few months and nothing. Zero. No communication from any company, good or bad. Your application basically went into a black hole.

Depression sets in. Is it something I did?

No, it’s not something you did It’s the process! A typical recruitment process from job opening to offer takes two to three months! Yup. You’ll have to wait through two to three months before you are through one job cycle. If you didn’t get a job in that cycle you have to re-apply again!

Why is it so long and tedious?

Sorry to say, this is just how it’s been. And yes, the time to move through a job pipeline is getting better. Each day, more and more companies are using Applicant Tracking Systems that automate the resume review process. However, there are many companies out there that still do not have automated tools for reviewing resumes. So once you apply a person could be manually looking at your resume. Yup. Very old fashioned.

This just in! - The world is changing. If you were living under a rock.

Technology has never developed as fast and as far reaching as it is today. The internet is bringing the world closer together than you even realize. While companies are competing globally for market share, you too are competing globally. Yesterday, you would apply to a job in the nearest city and you were competing with your next door neighborhoods for the job. Today, you will apply to the same company alongside applicants from Africa, Europe, Americas, and Asia. The competition is much tougher. You need to think smarter, and...

Apply smarter.

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George Avgenakis

CEO @ Loopcv

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