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10 simple ways to find clients for your recruiting firm

agency Mar 9, 2022

In the last few years, the competition in recruiting firms has increased a lot. So, it’s logical to state that they are trying to have a unique selling proposition and differ from the rest. How can they actually achieve this? Mostly through their customer service. By having supportive, quick and successful recruitment processes. You can think that this sounds cliche, but in practice, it’s not the easiest thing to happen.

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In addition, the demand for high-skilled and highly educated employees has increased. This puts a lot of pressure and anxiety on everyone in search of a job. Either way, this search can be easier through recruiting firms. Below we have gathered 10 simple ways to find clients for your recruiting firm. Be ready to stand out in the highly competitive recruiting market and grow in numbers.

List of 10 ways to find clients (for your recruitment firm)

  1. Use Loopcv to identify and create a score for each company hiring. Loopcv has a unique algorithm to identify all the companies hiring today and give high scores to the companies that have multiple open positions, or look for jobs urgently (we identify this by using machine learning and data analysis by connecting our tool with multiple job boards and checking how frequently different companies post online). Contact us here to learn more or book a call with us to discuss here.
  2. The most important thing you need to do is to research and plan your ideal clients. Your personas will help you understand how to approach the clients that are the right fit for your firm. When you know who exactly is your client, then your sales will be targeted and relevant. The conversion rate from a stranger to a client will be radically increased. And also, your brand will never be connected as a spammer that approaches everyone in order to make sales.
  3. The second step is to make your business profile optimized and stand out. Other recruiting platforms are investing a portion of their budget into digital marketing strategies which help them grow both in awareness, reach and network. So our advice is to optimize your presence in the social media accounts you run and invest in them as the future will only be digital. This will have as a result the return of your investment in the long-term period. As long as you optimize your business profile, you will be the most relevant and up-to-date profile to show in results.
  4. Testimonials are always an ace up your sleeve as they showcase the success of your services and the client’s satisfaction. When your potential future clients will be looking to your past client’s referrals, then don’t be surprised to see your clientele increasing.
  5. Looking to improve some of your skills? Better be your network skills. As a business owner, it is very important to know how to network with other businesses or competitors and with clients. Becoming a recognisable business in your area and further maybe in the whole country, gives you an incomparable prestige in your niche.
  6. Don’t shut the door on cold-calling. Might seem an old fashioned way to find clients, but it still brings a very good amount of results and is faster than others. Cold calling is one of the most affordable ways to win clients and have a cost-effective profit for your firm. We know what you are thinking now. Yes, it’s a very boring procedure to call a list of possible clients, start conversations with them and try to convince them. Dedicating some hours of your day though to have these calls and hit a target goal will change your mind.
  7. Have a re-approach routine with your past clients. Getting new clients is super important. Keeping your past clients is what will make your business thrive. Imagine it as an after-sales strategy. So even if you are done with them, always be interested in how they're doing, where they are at, if they need any extra help. They will definitely appreciate this move and in future occasions will refer and promote your business. They will also be your number one source of testimonials. So be careful with their management.
  8. Make LinkedIn your number one resource as an outside platform. LinkedIn is becoming the most important social media to find a job or to find the best candidate. Another option is to create a sample text which you can send to possible clients through LinkedIn. Make them more personalized for each person you send to. It requires time from your side, but as with all the steps you will directly boost your results.
  9. Another idea to implement is email marketing. It can be a headache if you don’t have a marketeer in your team. But, it’s a channel that can take the shape and tone you desire. Professional, casual, funny, informative, direct and many more. Email marketing is for sure not dead as communication is thriving day by day.
  10. Attend relevant events. Networking can be really beneficial for your business. Approach other people, get to know them. Showcase your services by giving value to the audience. Imagine that you have limited space and time to impress them and convert them to clients. Practice your sales pitch like the elevator method!

All the above will make you feel overwhelmed at first, but take the steps one at a time. Accomplish them and move to the next ones. A recruiting firm isn’t only about sales, but about marketing as well. The psychology of marketing is the one that will maintain long-term relationships with your clients!

Overall you can:

  • Create a beautiful and trustful digital presence
  • Create useful and valuable content for your audience
  • Approach relevant clients yourself, don’t expect people to approach you by themselves magically.
  • Own social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn, as these are ideal for your kind of business.
  • Keep in mind that every client is a unique person, so treat her/him likewise and never forget to re-approach and gather testimonials.

Lead generation for recruitment agencies

You can do lead generation for your recruitment agency by using the data of Loopcv and the powerful integration that we have to gather insights on the companies hiring, their open opportunities and roles and how frequently the update them (what is the urgency of hiring additional people in existing or new roles). We also see which companies get funding and thus we know which companies are in an urgent need of talent (which means that the are the ideal leads for your recruitment agency and the lead generation process should put a priority in those leads to be contacted and converted into customers.

Talk with us at Loopcv. We can help you find which companies are urgently hiring based on data that we collect every day

Good luck, your success is getting closer sooner than you might think.


George Lambdus

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