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Exploring the Secrets of Recruiting

Internships Nov 15, 2020

Do you always get rejected when applying to a job?

Don’t take it personal. It’s not you. Well it’s not you personally. It’s something you created. Your resume. This one document is your key to success or failure. I don’t like failure, so let’s envision success. Success is applying to a job online, submitting your resume into the Applicant Tracking System. Then getting the email or call asking for an interview. This is the...wait before I go on

What is an Applicant Tracking System?

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is the database that companies use to manage their job openings. They track each application they receive as it goes through the recruiting steps. So if you apply to an open job, the ATS accepts your application. It will take your application and put in in Step 1. Then after the recruiter reviews your resume they will move it either the Yes or No pile. Depending on the size of the applicant pool, all Yes applicants will move to Step 2 in the process. This moves throughout the process until they come down to the best applicant. That applicant of course gets the offer. This is where we want you to be. The best applicant!

Advanced Applicant Tracking Systems

Applicant Tracking Systems are getting smarter everyday. The technology is also replacing administrative tasks that were previously done by recruiting administrators. Before, administrators would review each resume that was submitted and move those that were not meeting the basic requirements into a decline pile. The ones who did pass the eye test were moved on for interview or further review. Today, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the ATS can do the same thing in just a few seconds. Any candidate missing key qualifications is rejected by the system before a human even sees their information.

Automation in the process

Applicant Tracking Systems can take your application from Step 1, and evaluate it for the minimum standards. In example: if a job requires a Master’s degree but you only have an Bachelor’s, it removes you from the applicant pool. In this instance you would be moved to the rejection pile. You then may receive an automated rejection letter 24 hours later. Yup. It’s fairly typical for the system to be setup so instead of sending out rejection letters right away it’s set on a timer. The recruitment team usually adds this delay so it doesn’t seem like you were rejected immediately. They do this to alleviate questions coming in to their inboxes, and it makes the applicant feel like an actual human reviewed their resume.

Almost Intelligent.

As good as artificial intelligence software is getting, there’s still room for error.Bad applicants can be moved forward, and good candidates can still be rejected. However, you want to ensure that you move through this first step with flying colors. To ensure this applicants have been “keyword stuffing” their applications. In this process an applicant puts white text with the job description into the footer of their resume/cv. This text is copied and pasted from the job description. So for example if the job description asked for Project Management experience and a PMP certification. The applicant who did not have this would put “project management, PMP certification” in white text on the bottom of the resume. It wouldn’t appear to the human eye, but it would get them past the AI that would think the person had this experience because it showed up on their submitted document.


Companies are improving their AI algorithms to be more accurate. The most advanced Applicant Tracking System will read your application more like a human. It will analyze your resume for trends and will scale your “Project Management” experience. It will then take that rating and give your application an overall score compared to the job description. It can then rate you against the other applicants, giving the recruiter a top 5 list of all applicants. And of course this happens in a few seconds. This saves large companies millions in operating costs as it will take one recruiter the same time to fill jobs as it would a team of five coordinators.

If companies automate the process, why not the applicant?

Loopcv gives you the power to automate these administrative tasks of your application process. Set up your profile once, and we get you in front of the top hiring managers.
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George Avgenakis

CEO @ Loopcv

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