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6 Different Figures to Include on Your CV to Show What You've Achieved -- That Will Impress Employers

CV May 25, 2023

Your CV needs to wow would-be employers, and one of the most effective ways to do this is not with pithy language, but unambiguous facts and figures about your career to date.

There are lots of potential data points you could include, and of course they need to be relevant to the position you’re applying for in order to earn a place on your CV, so here are a few examples to add to your shortlist and feature as needed.

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Did You Increase Your Company or Team's Profit Margin?

Employers are always impressed to see candidates who have significantly contributed to a company's financial growth. If you've helped increase your company or team's profit margin, be sure to emphasize it clearly on your CV.

Start by describing the specific strategies or initiatives implemented that led directly to improved profitability. Quantify results with percentages and timeframes (e.g., "Reduced operational expenses by 15% over two years").

You can calculate just how much you increased profitability with this calculator if you don’t have an exact figure to hand, rather than doing all the working out yourself.

By presenting these figures effectively, you demonstrate not only success in increasing revenue but also showcase skills in problem-solving and strategic thinking.

Displaying concrete evidence of how you made a positive impact financially will set yourself apart from other candidates and position you as a valuable asset any prospective employer would want on their team.

Remember, showing tangible results speaks volumes about what potential employers can expect if they choose to hire you.

Showcasing Revenue Growth Under Your Leadership

Your ability to drive revenue growth greatly influences a potential employer's perception of your capabilities as a leader.

In this section of your CV, highlight the specific roles and responsibilities you held that directly contributed to increasing sales or expanding market share.

Include quantifiable data points, such as percentage increase in product sales, new account acquisitions, or expansion into untapped markets. You can even include this data in your cover letter, so long as it’s handled concisely.

Mention any innovative marketing strategies, pricing optimization tactics, or successful negotiations that played a part in achieving positive outcomes.

Focusing on how your leadership fostered revenue growth will demonstrate your strategic mindset, which is an essential trait for top-tier candidates. If you don’t have these examples to provide at the moment, then set out to create them in your current role.

Prominently Highlighting Project Success Rates and On-Time Completion Percentage

Having a track record of successful project delivery is highly attractive to potential employers.

As such, it makes sense to emphasize your ability to consistently manage projects within the agreed-upon deadlines and showcase the quality standards maintained during the process.

Quantify your achievements by reporting success rates (e.g., "Delivered 95% of projects on schedule") or indicating how often you exceeded performance expectations. Also, don't forget to mention challenges overcome in achieving these objectives.

Displaying your strong project management skills will make an impactful impression on hiring managers seeking reliable and efficient candidates. Just remember that your CV needs to reflect this efficiency, both in terms of its composition and how it reaches recruiters.

Quantifying Customer Satisfaction: Testimonials, Ratings, and Repeat Business Figures

Impressing potential employers goes beyond showcasing your internal successes. Illustrating your direct impact on customer satisfaction speaks volumes about your ability to maintain strong relationships with clients.

Highlight figures such as positive testimonials received, high customer ratings, or an impressive rate of repeat business.

If applicable, showcase how you increased customer retention through improved communication strategies or solving pressing client issues effectively.

By quantifying the level of customer satisfaction under your watch, along with instances where you've turned around troubled accounts, you demonstrate a strong sense of commitment to delivering exceptional results.

Demonstrating Personal Efficiency Improvement with Time Management Metrics

Efficiency is crucial in a fast-paced work environment, and employers value candidates who actively strive to enhance their productivity.

You can therefore use data to demonstrate how you've improved your personal efficiency through specific time management practices or implementing innovative organizational techniques.

Quantify the impact of these changes by detailing time saved on routine tasks (e.g., "Decreased report preparation time by 30%") or showing an increase in task completion rate.

Emphasizing your proactive efforts to improve efficiency not only exemplifies your adaptability but also signifies that you're constantly seeking ways to deliver better results consistently.

Don’t be shy about mentioning the particulars of the tools or tactics you used to hit these milestones, either. It could show would-be employers that you have a broad range of skills and experience that can be put to work right away in your new role.

Detailing Cost Reductions Achieved Through Process Optimization Techniques

Effective cost-reduction efforts have a direct and positive impact on a company's bottom line.

Showcase your ability to identify inefficient processes and implement optimization strategies, such as streamlined workflows or negotiated vendor contracts. Quantify these accomplishments with specific figures (e.g., "Reduced annual department expenses by 20%").

Illustrating how you've successfully minimized costs while maintaining output quality will position you as an invaluable candidate who possesses both strategic thinking skills and financial acumen.

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Wrapping Up

All this indicates just how powerful the right figures can be on your CV, so long as they are used precisely, and support your application in the right way. Don’t just cram them all in, but be choosy.

It should go without saying, but you also need to ensure any data on your CV is both accurate and honest. There’s no room for using a bit of artistic license to jazz up your claims, as you could easily be found out.

Lastly, think about whether there is a way to highlight key facts about your past achievements creatively and visually.

You don’t want to attach tons of charts and graphs, of course, but using a bit of visual flare to point recruiters towards your vital stats will go a long way to ensuring they aren’t overlooked.


Zoi Kotsou

Copywriter - Content writer - Content Strategist

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