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7 Benefits of Working With a Recruitment Agency

recruitment agency Apr 10, 2023

Does your company struggle to find the perfect hires who will input their skills to elevate your businesses?

Let's just look at the survey that states top candidates are only available for only ten days before approving a new job offer.

Fortunately, recruiting agencies can make the entire recruiting process for businesses much easier and faster, regardless of their types and sizes.

Therefore, many organizations choose to collaborate with recruiting agencies rather than build in-house recruiting teams.

In the article, we will convert the reasons why companies should consider working with a recruitment agency.

Definition of recruitment agency and its main goals

Before diving into the advantages of recruiting agencies, let's completely understand the definition of those organizations.

In simple words, businesses pay those organizations to help them to find perfect employees.

Basically, recruitment agencies have a crucial role in building a bridge between employers and candidates. Moreover, the goal of third-party recruiters is to establish and enhance relationships between employees and great talents.

They help job seekers to land their dream job by implementing effective strategies. On the other hand, they help other companies find suitable candidates.

And companies that consider cooperating with the recruitment agency when they have to fill job openings as soon as possible and don't have enough resources for that.

Another reason is that those companies need the help of an agency recruiter to find employees for hard-to-fill positions, as they are specialized in specific niches.

Moreover, the next crucial factor that makes companies choose an agency instead of building in-house recruiting teams is the size of their budget.

Lastly, it also depends on recruitment and general business goals that companies have and finding which version will be more suitable to accomplish those objectives.

Seven advantages of collaborating with a recruitment agency

There is a debate about whether businesses should choose to create an in-house team or work with a recruitment agency.

After discussing what recruitment agencies are, we will join this debate and speak about the perks of using those agencies' services.

Increases chances of finding great candidates

One of the most significant advantages of working with a recruitment agency is that it gives simple access to high-quality job applicants.

Typically, recruitment agencies have an extensive database of great talented jobseekers and highly skilled professionals.

Moreover, they have a talent pool of professionals who trust them to find their new great career opportunities.

And great recruiters analyze whether their experience is relevant to the organization's needs and consider their soft skills as well. The reason is to ensure their suitability to the company culture.

In this stage, the recruitment agency will regularly connect with candidates and eventually find the applicants that will be perfect for open roles.

Thus chances get higher that companies will reach the top job seekers on the market if they work with an agency recruiter.

It's essential to consider that not all professionals are actively seeking a new job. Recruiters dedicate more time and effort to discovering and reaching those passive job seekers and ultimately help businesses find highly skilled employees.

Saves valuable time

One of the most excellent perks of working with a recruitment agency as it gives simple access to high-quality job applicants. Typically, recruitment agencies have an extensive database of great talented jobseekers and highly skilled professionals.

Moreover, they have a talent pool of professionals who trust them to find their new great career opportunities.

And great recruiters analyze whether their experience is relevant to the organization's needs and consider soft skills as well. The reason is to ensure their suitability to the company culture.

Business growth is an evolving process, and during that stage, companies may need to find new employees who will help to reach higher goals.

But as that process is quite time-consuming, trusting agencies to do that shortens the time to fill open job positions. As a result, companies can use that time to focus their efforts on other objectives.

In that matter, companies will have more time to launch their eCommerce chatbot and other solutions that enhance customer relationships and guarantee business growth. Businesses can gain valuable insights from ecommerce podcasts to stay ahead in the competitive market.

In that matter, they may consider employing onboarding tools and more affordable  Walkme alternatives that provide a better onboarding experience and ultimately increase customer retention.

When companies share their requirements, agency recruiters quickly reach those who fit companies' expectations. Recruitment agencies also input time to verify candidate information. Thus HR department doesn't spend days examining applications and resumes.

External recruiters also guarantee effective communication with potential hires and schedule interviews with them in a short time.

Moreover, they can also implement a digital marketing plan to promote job positions on different platforms like LinkedIn or job boards.

Lastly, great recruiters will share their knowledge and give valuable tips to company leaders to make their hiring process more efficient. They inform about salary rates, career development expectations, and even market trends.

Moreover are familiar with strategies on how to use LinkedIn for recruitment and can leverage the power of biggest professional network.

All these factors make the hiring process faster; thus, companies save valuable time to focus their business growth.

It is a cost-effective tactic

Another great benefit of working with a recruitment agency is that it can also save your company budget.

First and foremost, most companies can use the service of this type of agency when they need to fill certain job positions. Obviously, this way, they can decrease recruiting expenses. On the other hand, keeping an in-house team will be much more expensive.

If a company decides to work with agency recruiters, they have to consider the sales prices of their services.

Typically agencies charge a percentage of the annual salary, and the percentage they take increases depending on the skill levels. Cost can also vary depending on the fact a company looks for temporary to permanent employees.

As we mentioned, professional agency recruiters know the expected salary ranges of candidates in different job positions; therefore, they can provide businesses tips to find the best employee and give offer them the expected salary.

What is a great factor is that recruitment agencies usually have a free replacement warranty or a rebate policy. This means in case a new hire stops working within a set period of time, and then an agency suggests a refund, partial refund, or replacement for the candidate and finds a new one with no extra cost.

Moreover, working with recruitment agencies' companies don't need to spend money or promote job positions on different marketing channels.

Agency recruiters  post job alerts on job boards, share them on social media forums, and promote the positions in their network. They also research the best freelance websites and other platforms to find perfect candidates and discover their expertise.

In other words, not only working with these agencies not only saves a huge amount of time but the company money as well.

They have great knowledge of the market

Recruiters are industry experts who understand how to reach out to perfect candidates and are familiar with their career expectations and skill sets.

They also know the latest recruiting trends and industry standards. In addition to that, they also implement effective tactics on how to reach candidates and how to communicate with their clients.

The greatest recruiters learn a lot about the industry they work in through talks with both clients and prospects. They are also ready to share tips and give guidance to the HR departments.

Therefore, in case a company chooses to trust recruiting process to external parties, they can be sure that they will find the perfect employee.

Give access to expertise in niche recruiting

Reaching the perfect candidate is already challenging, but finding candidates with specific skills is even harder.

In this case, also, working with recruitment agencies can be an excellent solution, as recruiters have the knowledge and network of specific industries.

Partnering with industry-specific recruiters who are specialized for specific industries can be a great solution.

As industry experts familiar with the latest market trends and know the perfect strategies to reach and attract the best candidates. Because of their concentration on a single subject, recruiters have a large database of individuals who are suitable for their chosen specialty.

In addition to that, third-party recruiters are great at pitching the job to the candidates. They can interest them in the job offer and encourage them to submit and be. They are usually aware of what is happening within the industry and promote job openings ins industry-specific events as well.

Another significant benefit of working with an agency is that they can engage candidates who are not actively looking for a new job. It's hard to reach and attract senior It specialists who don't actively look for new job opportunities and aren't available to the general market.

They guarantee a high offer acceptance rate

Not only do great recruiters help companies to find a great candidate, but they also employ effective tactics to guarantee that candidates will accept a job offer. They can provide guidance and also participate in contract or salary negotiations.

This way, recruiters ensure the expectations of the company and employees are met, and this way guarantees that won't stop the final stage of the process. Ultimately they help to increase the offer acceptance rate, which is a crucial metric that calculates the percentage of people who accepted a job offer.

Recruiters can offer acceptance rates by knowing candidates' career goals and sharing why new job offers can help them to accomplish those objectives. Another crucial factor in increasing the offer acceptance rate is learning candidates' salary expectations beforehand and ensuring that both sides are on the same page.

Great agency recruiters follow the right tactics to improve the offer acceptance rate. First, they will effectively persuade the candidate to accept the offer by emphasizing the values of their offer.

Recruiters also share the perks of the new role and highlight the benefits of offered career opportunities. To achieve that, they create html5 banner ads, short videos, and other types of content that emphasize the benefits of the job offers.

Also, they actively listen to all concerns the candidates have and give them the necessary information. Recruiters should also be great communicators, as they must keep candidates updated about the recruiting process.

They also help with the paperwork so that the new hires don't get overwhelmed and have smooth application and interview stages.

Agency recruiters schedule meetings using SharePoint group calendar to discuss key tactics with their colleagues on how to make the interview process effective.

Help to find fard-to-fill roles

Agency recruiters have successful strategies that help them to achieve this goal. First, in case they have to build a strong candidate network, it will be easier for them to fill highly demanding jobs.

Another factor is learning about potential candidates' motivations and expectations. As the survey shares that company culture is a crucial aspect for 46% of job seekers; recruiters should highlight their client's positive work environment; this way helps them to hire a for the highly demanding role.

Bonus point

They support business growth

In case businesses manages to find a great external recruiter and have established a strong relationship with them, they can help your business grow and prosper. Recruitment agencies help to find talents eager to help their new companies to prosper.

To sum up

High-skilled and young professionals are the backbone of company success. But in the highly-competitive job market, finding the perfect employees that will help businesses to accomplish their goals isn't an easy task.

And the company that has an open position and tries to fill it may consider cooperating with a recruiting agency to find a suitable employee for them.

In this article, we defined recruiting agencies and discussed their main benefits. Also, we gave the reasons why companies should consider this option instead of building in-house teams.

An external recruiter not only helps to find great talent but also makes the process faster. This and more benefits we discussed proved that businesses should definitely work with agency recruiters to discover candidates who will help them to skyrocket.


Zoi Kotsou

Copywriter - Content writer - Content Strategist

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