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What to write in an Email to Accept a Job Offer?

Job interviews Jul 4, 2022
Congratulations – Welcome to our Company X Family! We are glad to have you on board, your job offer has been accepted!

This is one of the best emails one can receive when actively job hunting. Now, all left to do is; accept it. While accepting a job offer seems relatively simple, there are a series of formalities to abide by.

These job offer acceptance formalities can result in a few potentially confusing questions, how to accept a job proposal via email remains a top concern.

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How to accept a job offer via email?

Here are simple yet effective steps that one must follow before accepting the job proposal:

1. Evaluate the Job Offer

While this may be the job you have been seeking or your dream job, accepting the offer without a thorough read of the job aid can be the biggest blunder that you must avoid.

Understanding the agreement and evaluating if it aligns with your expectations is important. Here are a few things one must evaluate:

  • Are training hours and working hours as per the interview discussion?
  • Were the benefits and salary as discussed in the job interview?
  • Does the offer letter align with your expectations?
  • Do I have to be physically present in the office or work from home? If physically present in the office, then how many days a week?
  • How many annual leaves are acceptable? Do annual leaves carry on if unused?

There can be numerous questions like these as per your job that one must have an answer to before accepting the job opportunity. In case you have it officially, verbally via a phone call, you must ensure to have one in writing. This ensures transparency while being on the same lines regarding negotiations, expectations, and terms and conditions.

2. Should you accept the offer right away?

While most employers grant time to think the offer through, it is best to make a decision and revert within 1 or 2 days. Instantly accepting the opportunity without going through the terms and conditions just so that you don’t lose your spot in the company may not be a wise decision. Always ask for time before you make up your mind!

“Always ask necessary questions and clear doubts before accepting the job offer.”

3. All about Negotiation

After going through the offer letter, if you have any negotiation points, then go ahead!

While most employers are willing to accommodate a little more than the initial offer, maybe 10-15% but not more than that. Ensure you have realistic negotiation points (salary, number of working days, etc.), and chances are the employer will accept them.

4. Job Position Acceptance Letter

Once you have made up your mind, it is a no-brainer that your acceptance letter must be well-structured, formal, and error-free. Also, it’s better to type the letter to ensure it’s easily legible.

Accepting the job offer via letter or email is dependent on how you received the offer in the first place and whether the company is more traditional or belongs to a tech-savvy industry.

Here are a few steps to ensure a great accept job position email. You must ensure to include the following in your email.

i). Subject Line-

Your email must have a precise and concise subject line, clearly stating what the email is about. For instance, “Job offer Acceptance email- {Your Name}.”

ii). Express Gratitude-

Begin the acceptance letter by acknowledging and thanking the employer for the offer. The ideal way to do it is by stating the position and the company’s name. For instance, “Thank you for offering me the position of {job title} at {Company Name}.”

iii). Accept the job offer-

After thanking the employer, you must accept officially accept the job offer. You can also mention that you’re looking forward to joining their team and getting started.

iv) Clarify anything unmentioned in the offer-

If all the details about the agreed salary, benefits, and working days have been received in written form, then you can use this space as an opportunity to agree with the terms officially.

However, if you first received an offer and then negotiated certain terms via phone or separate emails, you must use the acceptance letter to document those terms in writing. For instance, “As we agreed, my starting salary is [Amount] with [revised benefits] as part of the offer.”

v) State your starting date-

To avoid miscommunication or misunderstanding, re-confirm your starting date in the acceptance letter. In case you’re switching jobs, bear in mind that you are required to serve out a notice period. However, it’s best to inform your future employer in advance, rather than mentioning it in the letter.

vi) Conclusion-

You must always end the letter on a positive note. For instance, “I am looking forward to working with you and starting my new role.”

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Job Offer Acceptance Letter - Template

Once you have a written job offer, it’s only polite to respond to it via email or letter, even if you have verbally accepted the offer.

A job acceptance letter must be fairly brief, with the above points mentioned appropriately, whether the document itself takes the format of a simple email or an interactive PDF.

Here is your opportunity to prove that your employer made the right choice by offering you the mentioned position, so use it wisely. It is imperative to ensure it is a well-constructed and formal job offer acceptance email.

While accepting your job offer, one must ensure the use of appropriate language and tone. Always address the email directly to the hiring manager, and proofread the email to check any grammatical errors.

Here is an example of the job acceptance letter:

Subject line: [Job Offer Acceptance- *Your Name*]

Dear [Name],

Thank you for offering me the position of [Job title] at [Company name]. I am incredibly grateful and delighted to formally accept the offer, and looking forward to joining the team.

As discussed, my starting salary will be [State the amount], rising to [Increased Amount] following a successful probation period of 3 months. I will be eligible for [days] annual leave and private health insurance post probation.

I hereby confirm that I will join the company on [start date]. If there is any additional information or initial paperwork required before joining, please let me know.

Once again, thank you so much for the opportunity, and I look forward to working with you.

Best regards,

[Your name]

A formal job offer proposal email littered with errors and poorly written won’t leave your new employer the best impression. Hence, download grammar checking apps if necessary to ensure an error-free letter.

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Bottom Line

Here is everything you need to bear in mind while drafting your job acceptance email or letter. All of the above points will help you leave a great first impression on your employer!

“Happy Drafting!”


George Lambdus

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