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3 things you can do to study more efficiently (that you are not doing)

study Jan 27, 2021

Studying, or more correctly, effective studying can sometimes be time consuming and tiring. Distractions such as electronic devices and the internet, hanging out with our friends, sleep, and so many more, make us want to give up on our studying, to have fun and rest. But fortunately, there are some things we can do to make studying less tiring and boring, but not any less effective!

Pick a quiet and organised space to study in

The key to concentration, is a calm space. Its impossible to stay focused on your study, when your parents, siblings and everyone who lives with you keeps talking to you about what you'll have for lunch, or when you're going to go out. Soon, you'll give up studying. The place where you study is very important. Try to pick a room that noone else is in. Make it calm and relaxing. Try putting classical music of your choice if it helps you concentrate, otherwise make sure you can't hear anything that could possibly distract you. Secondly, organizing your desk would be very helpfull. Put in the desk only the essentials : pens and pensils, your books and notebooks, highlighters, a glass of water and anything that you need. It would also be good to not have your mobile phone in the same room where you study, because it would be hard to resist to just checking your notifications and ending up spending hours on your phone.

Take good care of your body and mind

It is very important, if you want to study efficiently without getting tired and sleepy, to have taken care of your body and mind. Before you start studying, make sure you're well rested and have had a snack or a meal. You can't study if you're tired and hungry, because your mind won't stop thinking about having a nap and eating something. Have you ever wondered why you study better in the morning? That's because your mind functions better after a good nap. It is also very good for you to take breaks while you're studying. Try taking a fifteen-minute break, every one hour, to relax a little or eat a snack.

Also buying some nice and comfortable  clothes always helps

Make a plan - organise your time  

The last but not least tip to study more efficiently, is organisation. When I say organization, I don't mean just your desk. I also mean your time. Before you start studying, try writing down everything you have to do and how long its going to take you. If you make a plan about how you're going to study and how long it will take you, you won't have to worry about not having finished in time.

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