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10 Best Business Tools To Try in 2024

business Aug 4, 2022

The difference in running a successful or failed business is all about having the right tools for it.

Getting to choose the right business tools is no less than an achievement. An efficient business is run with the help of the right combination of tools, and this is no secret.

Finding an appropriate tool is just like finding a needle in a haystack of so many software platforms available these days.

Here is a list of a few of the best tools for business tools you can try without wasting much time and resources.

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1. Slack

Communication is a must for each and every organization, and Slack is an app that is very popular among start-ups. For the success of any business, brainstorming, idea sharing, and coordination is required and Slack is one of the best tools for business on the communication platform.

It lets the teammates create different chat rooms organized as per departments, projects, and interests. This allows a streamlined chat among the colleagues of an organization. Video and voice calls are provided with various other functionalities like search messages and/or files, etc.

2. is a modern documenting editor which enables you to create, share, manage and keep a track of all the documents in one place.

The teams of this modern world are able to organize the content in various folders and workspaces, collaborate and chat with their co-workers in real-time, create interactive documents, and are also able to store all media assets in the content library, all this using, a powerful platform.

3. Google Meet

Google Meet is an app that is a faster and cleaner version of the Google Hangout app for video calling, so is considered a very good tool for business. Though the people are working remotely, yet the need for face-to-face communication has not gone.

In Google Meet, setting up a meeting and sharing its link is simple. Google Meet allows around 100 participants in the meeting, which is unified with G Suite. Google Meet is very secure and gives you a very good experience in video conferencing every time.

Mavenlink is a top-ranking project planning and management tool in the category of project management tools on G2crowd, it manages the resources, assigns tasks, tracks project deadlines, and last but not the least helps in the successful delivery of projects with an automated all in one software.

The platform combines all your projects, resources, tasks, and then assigns, and yields efficiency to its max with Jira, Salesforce, Slack, and many more. Monitoring the tasks, resources, and projects in detail with task lists, and Gantt charts is an awarding experience.

5. Miro

Miro is a digital whiteboard that is specially designed for distributed and remotely working teams for brainstorming and bringing ideas to life. This whiteboard can be used just like the physical whiteboard, you can add the text, images, drawings, diagrams, sticky notes, spreadsheets, etc. for the sessions.

Working on templates is also an option for a quick start. Miro allows the free flow of creative imagination by integrating with other apps like Jira, Invision, Confluence, Google Drive, etc. Real-time asynchronous collaboration has made it the best tool for business.

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Business in today’s world has to have an online presence so that one can reach out to their customers and engage them. is a content curation and marketing tool that gains you fame and success over the traditional market with the help of digital marketing. enables the content creators and the marketers to make web pages, embed the content with the web links, and publish the email newsletters in an easy and fast manner using amazing templates. More than 30 ready-to-use responsive layouts ensure your focus on content without worrying about the designs.

7. Microsoft Teams

Teams is an organizational chat app by Microsoft, so it is among the apps of Office 365 suite. It has a huge lot of daily active users from the companies, who not only use it for messaging but also for video and audio calls.

Teams allow meetings with up to 250 participants. Sharing word documents, Excel sheets, PowerPoint presentations helps manage the workflow in one room with ease as mobile apps are also available.

It gives you a free trial, backing it up with affordable monthly plans as per the feature usage. All this makes Teams another one of the best tools for business.

8. Google Drive

A close-packed team with limited documents to deal with can be handled with Google Drive. It has a free content storage and document collaboration suite. It offers office apps for the creation of presentations, documents, and spreadsheets.

Google Drive gives you 15 GB of free storage with its free plan along with smartphone applications compatible both for iOS and Android and Al-enabled search as its key features. Extra drive space can be added with Google Drive Pro plans.

9. ProofHub

ProofHub is a business management software cum platform that has effective task and project management features. Streamlining the processes, storing and sharing of files, sharing feedbacks, time tracking is all under one name ProofHub.

10. Upwork

Getting outside help from freelancers and contract employees is good when everything is not possible to be done by you only. Upwork is a platform that gives you access to talent according to your business needs.

One can manage job lists, interviews, hiring, and payments using this platform. Project milestones and progress of both short and long-term contracts can be easily managed with Upwork.

11. 3veta

With the advent of remote and hybrid work, many teams are looking for modern solutions to level up their remote work game. 3veta is one such tool that combines scheduling, video conferencing, and payments all in one place.

Teams use it to get booked for demos and discovery calls by clients, easily appoint interviews with new candidates, or simply schedule team meetings with its advanced scheduling capabilities.

The best part is that its native video has another perk – white labeling. Therefore, if branding is an important aspect of your business, with 3veta you’ll be able to place your own logo and colors directly in the video call.

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There are many alternatives in tools, technology, and platforms that can assist you in expanding your business.

Once the goal is set, you must take time to look for the options which can be helpful for you achieving your goal.

Above-mentioned list of a few of the best tools for business in different areas of the business working. Each tool has free versions worth a trial for your business to flourish in today’s world of speed and technology.

About Author:

Amit Kakkar is a digital marketing consultant who helps clients generate leads, drive site traffic, and build their brands. He is an innovator & wants to explore more, learn more and try different tools. Follow him on LinkedIn.


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