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How To Win More Clients as a New Freelancer

Freelancing Mar 27, 2021

wFreelancing is the best way for you to be independent.

When you are a freelancer, you have the freedom to make any decision you think is right, be creative and do (almost) whatever you want.

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But of course, it's not as easy as it sounds; it takes devotion, patience, hard work, sacrifices and risks. However, probably the hardest thing, is to get new clients.

And to win clients as a new freelancer, you will need something more than just low prices. That's why, in this article, you will find 7 ways to increase the number of your clients.

Build an online reputation

Today that technology has taken over, reputation means everything. As a new freelancer, not many people will know you.

Your first clients will probably be your friends, relatives and generally people who you are close to. But how do you win new clients and grow your business?

You start building a reputation. But building a reputation, isn't of course that easy. How do you build a reputation when you are new at freelancing?

As I mentioned before, nowadays technology has taken over and we are living in a "digital" world. That's why, your reputation depends on a great level, on the reputation you have in the online world. And the key for that, is connections with influencers.

You have no idea, how much effect on people's beliefs and thoughts, influencers have! Even if a kind of famous influencer promotes you on their online platforms, you will immediately have new clients or people who at least know about you and your brand.

So don't be afraid to ask people to promote you online. Tell them about you and your brand, and ask them if they would like to help you win new clients.

Use your connections to win new clients

Other people recommending you to possible clients, is probably the most efficient way to win more clients as a new freelancer. And I am not talking only about influencers.

Tell your friends, relatives, and everyone you're talking to and think that they would talk nice about you to other people, about your company and what products you produce, or what services you provide. Ask them to recommend you to their friends, relatives, clients etc.

It is like free advertising!

Plus, people who don't know you at all and haven't heard of your business will more easily trust you if a friendly person of theirs recommends you.

Finally, here's a great tip!

If a friend of yours owns an office or works at one, give them some of your cards so that their clients will see them and get one, or even ask about you.

Make it personal

The most obvious things are usually the ones we forget about.

It is very important to have a personal relationship with your clients.

That would be a lot easier if we weren't living under these conditions, and covid-19 hadn't made thousands of freelancers work from home.

But it is up to you, not to let that influence your relationship with your clients.

I think you will agree, that when an employee, a waiter/waitress, or generally a worker of any kind, is friendly and nice to you, you will have a whole different image of them in your head.

That's why -especially when you are new at freelancing- you need to show your clients that you care about them. Ask them about their day, about their kids, parents, siblings or friends, and genually be nice and social with them.

You should be friendly and approachable, and make them feel like they can talk to you about anything. You could also tell them to email or message you if they want to ask something!

Follow this step-by-step guide on how to create an email address using your own domain name, and learn how you can send and receive emails with Gmail.

Make your online platform look friendly

Nowadays, your online platform, matters a lot more than you might think.

And especially now that the pandemic has forced many people to work from home, it is necessary, that their online platforms look nice and friendly.

How do you make your social media accounts look friendly?


Firstly, -as obvious as it sounds- you need to make sure that the content which is posted on your platform, is directly relevant to your products -or your services-.

You really shouldn't post about a football game, the birthday of a relative, or a high school classmates reunion you went to a week ago, on your business account..

Be interactive on your social media accounts

A great tip on how to make your online platform look cozy and friendly, is to be interactive. It is extremely important that you show to your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram followers and people who check out your page, that there is an actual person behind this account.

Of course they know that you control the page, but it is necessary that you show them you are there for whatever they need.

Always respond to messages and comments, post "polls" on your Instargram stories to give them a chance to interact with you and genually be active and friendly.

Post regularly on your social media platforms

It is necessary that you post on a daily basis -or day after day- on your social media accounts. It is very important, that you remind people about your products / services.

It is the same as when you see an advertisement on the TV over and over again, it might be annoying sometimes, but it will definitely be memorable; the next time you will see the product they were advertising, you will think of the advertisement, and maybe even end up buying it!

That's why it is meaningful to post regularly. The more you post about your products and promote them, the more people will think of them.

Choose a good picture for your online platform

In 2021, many people have to work from home.

That way, they can't meet their new clients in person.

Though, there is something you can do to make your clients feel like they have met you; take good care of your online platform. Most freelancers, don't pay much attention on how their online platform looks like.

Your clients can tell a lot about you from just a picture of yourself.

So, if you want them to have a good first impression of you (and your products or services) you will need to have a good picture on your online platform.

Many people choose a picture of an object, an animal, a drawing, or a random picture from the internet. However, it would be better for you to choose a picture of yourself.

Be careful though!

It has to be a good picture.

Not a selfie you took ten minutes after you woke up, but a professional-looking picture, with good lighting and vivid colors. Yet, the key is to smile.

It makes you look 10x better and it also makes you look more friendly and approachable.

Tell others about yourself on your website

We're all aware that having an active internet presence is essential for any organization. This is especially true if you operate as a freelancer or do not have a physical address.
Even if you have a specialized presence in an online directory or social media accounts, you'll need more to attract clients. A freelance website that attracts clients and spreads the word about your brand is what separates a good business from a remarkable success story. As a result, you'll need to create a website that highlights your best work. You may break past any creative barrier and develop your own stunning web portfolio with the right tools. If you have a portfolio on your website, other expert peers in your field will be able to find you. Working together allows you to build a creative team or develop into an agency or brand. Consider customer service and implement customer support software that will collect all interactions from your potential customers across several media (for example, social networks like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter) in one spot - in one inbox.

And if anytime in the future your business grows or will navigate towards communication via calls, you may find a call center management software to be extremely useful.


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