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How To Create a Better Home Office Space [Step-by-Step]

Workplace Mar 20, 2021

The pandemic has forced many people to work for home but, for most jobs, it is still necessary for workers to have a clean, calm office for optimal productivity.

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Even if it's your choice to work from home, some inspiration can help.

Find 5 useful tips that will help you create a better home office in the sections below.

Home Office Tip #1: Organise Your Space

You know what they say; organisation is the key!

If the room you choose to turn into an office and work in it, is clean and organised, it will be easier for you to focus and clear your head.

The room you want to turn into a home office, might be small, so using the space creatively will help you make the most of the space you have.

Buy many storage boxes and cabinets.

Try to fit everything that you don't use often or don't want to be where you work, in a closet, a cabinet, a shelf, or a storage box under the furniture.

If you have some space left in a corner, it would be a smart move to install a cabinet or a desk dedicated to storing your stuff.

The less there is on your desk, the better!

You can also add other useful things, without them taking too much space.

For example, placing a calendar on the wall helps you keep a better eye on your planning needs and feel more in control of your time.

Home Office Tip #2: Consider Natural Lighting

Researches have shown that natural lighting is better than artificial lighting in many ways. Firstly, workers exposed to natural light sleep longer and better than those who aren't exposed to natural light. That helps them at their jobs, since they're more relaxed.

Natural light also helps workers to be healthier. It boosts vitamin D and it reduces health risks of fluorescent lighting. The more time you spend in a source of natural light, the less time you’ll likely spend in the unnatural light of fluorescent lamps.

Some of you might not already know that fluorescent lamps increase stress levels and make you more anxious. But on the other hand, if you spend a good amount of time in natural lighting, you'll feel more relaxed.

That's what you have to take into consideration before you decide the room you're going to turn into a home office. You'll still need additional lighting for darker hours of the day, but keep in mind that you also need natural light in your office.

Home Office Tip #3: Create a Comfortable Space for You

You will need, for sure, a desk in your office, where you will be doing most of the work at. But besides from that, you will need a space for you to relax and take a breath after working. A space where you can drink your coffee or use your coffee maker to create great smells to relax

A comfortable couch at the corner of the room, an armchair or a piece furniture of your choice. You could use that piece of furniture to read at, drink or eat something and generally do what makes you feel happy and relaxed.

You can also buy a neck Hammocks for Pain Relief to ensure that you are working in relaxed setup where you can read and sleep

That way your office will feel like home, apart from a working place.

Home Office Tip #4: Create a Cozy & Happy Atmosphere  

Your office doesn't have to be boring and depressing, just because you work in it! You can make it a happy place for you by adding stuff that you love.

I know what you're thinking; these things are going to take a lot of space.

But that's not true.

You can spice up your office and keep it simple and organized.

Jazz up your home office by adding colourful wallpapers, posters, pictures of your loved ones or of things that you like, and boom! Your office is full of things that cheer you up!

Home Office Tip #5: Add Some Plants

A few green plants will not only add a dash of color to your home office but they can also increase happiness and reduce stress. Even a few plants can increase productivity!

You could choose some of the following indoor plants: spider plant, aloe, calathea, philodendron, snake plant, rubber tree, ZZ plant, and more. All of these are easy to water and take care of, indoor plants that you definitely need in your office.


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