We make job seekers stand out! (a real example of how Loopcv made Dominic create a great first impression)

job Nov 28, 2020

This is a real example of how Loopcv makes the job seekers Heroes!

One of our users just got this email from a company!

The company just mentioned how sending an email made him stand out!

Guess what!

Dominic (a great user of Loopcv) never sent this email manually!

What steps did Dominic follow?

Dominic created an account at https://loopcv.pro

Then he took extra care on the selected email template! If you don't know what this means let me share more light on it.

Loopcv offers an automation service for job seekers looking to find a job. Which means that our users can select their desired job title and location and select an email template (or a cover letter) that will be sent to companies.

There are various templates that a user can use! A lot of our users just create their own custom email in order to create exactly what they like!

So that was what happened also with Dominic. He created a great email template and started applying every day automatically (zero involvement from him during the process)

What can you do?

Start by creating your own loop. If you have already one that is great! Spend some more time improving your email template. Make it reflect your personality and your skills.

Would you like to give it a try?

Share your experience with us

Many thanks,



George Avgenakis

CEO @ Loopcv

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