How to find a job faster in 2021 using automation

job Nov 17, 2020

Finding a job is still challenging. Hundreds (if not thousands) of platforms, job boards, tools, social media groups exist. Each one offers a slightly different approach to a general problem: What is the best way to find a job.

Well, there is no clear answer. There are multiple ways to land your job. Networking using Linkedin, sending your resume by email to a company, meeting someone in a coffee shop and during the discussion you realise that his company is looking for new employees. All of the above (and of course a lot more) are ways that you can land your job.

The theory

In this post we focus mostly on ways that you can use in order to find a job faster leveraging technology, automation and tools. This is something well known in the HR industry. Companies use a wide variety of tools to search for relevant profiles, filter CVs based on specific keywords, and automate popular emails that normally say something like:

We have had an overwhelming response for this role and are always honoured when someone like yourself with strong experience is interested in working with us. However, after very careful consideration we regret to inform you that there were other applications that were an even closer fit for this position.
We thank you for your effort, so please don’t let our rejection discourage you and please feel free to apply again in the future.

Rejections can be a factor that discourages a lot of jobseekers to try more and more companies.

But this fact is well known in other industries such as Sales. And this is another reason why automation and technology can be used. To limit the amount of repeated work, free time for creative and meaningful work and remove the disappointment of any negative results. In the end:

It is a numbers game.
If you send 100 emails as a salesman, you will get 5 companies interested to buy from you. If you send 1000 you will get 50... and so on. The same applies to finding a job as a graduate or junior employee. The more applications you send, the bigger the changes to land interviews. Of course the quality of  your CV is important, but so does the number of the job applications that you submit...

The tools

A lot of tools exist to help you find a job faster. In the following paragraphs we list some of them, to help you skyrocket your job search

1. Resume (CV) improvement tools

If you don't know what this is, you have to definitely have a look. There are a lot of free tools to help you create professional resumes (CV)

skillsyncer and JobScan are examples of tools that can be used to help you identify the correct keywords for your CV

In those tools you normally have to upload your resume, then paste a job posting and finally view the results (i.e is there a good matching between your profile and the job that you are targeting?)

A tool where you can find if your CV has the correct keywords - Loopcv

2. Job search automation tools

This category includes tools that you can use in order to automatically apply to jobs with your CV. Most frequently you have to first upload your CV, define exactly what kind of job are you looking and what kind of Location are you targeting, and then after setting up your preferences a tool like Loopcv will automatically apply on your behalf in opportunities that match your predefined criteria

Loopcv - a job search automation tool

Using automation tools can help you skyrocket your job applications and apply to more jobs than what you could normally handle yourself.

Next steps

Well, if you want to make your job search a success here are the first things you should do

  1. Create a resume with a resume building tool like Novoresume (hint: use this link to get -20% discount). This will give you a large variety of templates to chose from! (Remember: The first impression matters)
Novoresume is a resume building tool to help you create a great resume - Loopcv 

2. Create a profile at Loopcv in order to start sending your resume together with your selected email template

Start by defining your job title and your desired job location!

Click the following link to signup and start applying for job automatically!

Creating an automated job search (loop) - Loopcv


George Avgenakis

CEO @ Loopcv

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